Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tieleman to MC South Fraser Perimeter Road town hall meeting in Delta Wednesday October 22

I am pleased to have been asked by Delta North MLA Guy Gentner to MC an important meeting Wednesday night in Delta on the South Fraser Perimeter Road project and its negative environmental impacts.

MLAs Corky Evans, Guy Gentner, MC Bill Tieleman and MLA Charlie Wyse at the Delta Town Hall meeting.


October 22, 08 7pm - 9pm

Firehall Centre for the Arts - 11489 84th Avenue

MC: Bill Tieleman - Journalist and Radio Commentator


Don Hunt, Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Eliza Olson, Burns Bog Conservation Society

Corky Evans, MLA

Stephen Rees, Transportation Economist

Eric Doherty, Transportation Planning Consultant

Questions and Answers: Open Mike

Conclusions: What now?



Anonymous said...

Are attendees going to be required to 'pre-register' and present photo ID at the security desk to gain admittance?

The taliban is out there!! That's the excuse harper used!


Anonymous said...

The discussion around the perimeter road is a critical one. It raises very clearly the need for effective transportation modes and corridors, but that shouldn't mean more roads and concrete. There needs to be alternative forms of transportation and less reliance upon automobile transport in our regional transportation systems.

These large scale road projects are also instrumental in reducing valuable farmland from production.

The entire gateway proejct is really a throwback to a mid-20th century vision of progress and transportation. We really need to be generating plans that allow people to live and work in their home communities, rather than building systems that are really more about real estate values than about sustainable living.

Anonymous said...

I rather doubt that your tongue in cheek comments would apply. But your Harper co0mment is close to the mark. Tieleman and the MLA's involved simply wouldn't show up. Hope they get a big crowd and I expect someone will tell us how it turns out

Anonymous said...

The meeting was standing room only, over 150 people packed into the hall -- a lineup to get "No Truckin' Freeways" signs -- people were uniformly pissed off and calling for civil disobedience. Delta is waking up!


Anonymous said...

Bill Tieleman did a great job as MC. A rousing good time was had by all.