Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tieleman on CBC TV Sunday News - Sunday October 12 at 10 a.m. on NewsWorld, 11 a.m. CBC main channel on election

I will be on CBC TV's Sunday News at 10 a.m. Sunday October 12 on CBC NewsWorld and 11 a.m. on CBC TV's main channel as part of a feature story on democracy and proportional representation in the federal election.

The item cnn be seem online at:

Hope you can tune in!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

I notice good old CANWEST finally tells us we need a firm hand in Ottawa due to the economy issue. So Harper and the cons are their choice and they need a majority government to do the job. Bull feathers.
He broke his own legislation when the US economy started to tank and hoped to get a majority before most folks up here caught on.

Harpo about two weeks ago said the US mess won't affect us, then he told us he is the only guy qualified to sort things out. Then a large amount of money to stabalize the economy that a week earlier was running just fine. What a BS'er. Now it seems the guy tried to mmislead us about the Cadman tape. He has no credibiity in many folks view.

I wouldn't trust the guy to mow my lawn and he wants to keep his hands in our pockets. One other newspaper has been selling his great talents for weeks. My God, no wonder people don't trust that group. Having never voted Conservative in my life I'm sure not about to change direction now, or ever as they dig up some more useless folks to"Lead the" but not us. Speaking of CANWEST, my T/C didn't show up again this morning. will hear you on the CBC

Anonymous said...

Watching the CBC event it was very evident that Canada's legal elite at THE HALL and the CanWest Global "Grasper Empire" know what is best for all of us.

Throw in the Ding Dong Bell's media empire call for a Harper Majority and "we" are all being feed the truth from the same sewer pipe.

That said, either voting option is flawed . . . so as usual on 14/Oct. all we are really doing is just urinating once again at tax-payers-expense on "The Post".


Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry - it appears I was given the wrong time for the item by CBC TV. It did run, however, and there are comments on the piece at:

I hope the actual story will be posted for video viewing at some point.

Anonymous said...

Scott Reid was on CBC news sunday this morning going on about how there is a really good chance that Harper is going to get his majority. Bullcrap! I hate it when I can see this tactical crap so clearly. Harper is the worst. So blatant about his wanted absolute power.

I did see you on to, and thought it was a great.

Anonymous said...

I saw you too, Bill.

Good comments.

BC Mary.

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate your pithy comments Bill.

Nicely done.