Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is that really it? Premier Gordon Campbell's free-time political broadcast shows lack of common sense in lame approach to fiscal crisis

Is that really it? That's all Premier Gordon Campbell had to offer British Columbians facing the biggest economic crisis in decades?

Hopefully voters will be able to cut through the guff and see the Mcguffin in Campbell's freetime political broadcast.

Accelerated timing for previously announced tax cuts as we head into recession? Does anyone really believe that cutting government revenue will produce anything but a lot of red ink on the balance sheet?

Fortunately some commentators have crunched the numbers and seen the reality behind the TV address - most notably Will McMartin in the Tyee and David Schreck.

Interfering in the operations of the allegedly independent BC Ferries? Wasn't that made completely improper by the BC Liberals? Ooops, not if there's an election of the horizon.

I expect to see BC Ferries CEO David Hahn's resignation on Campbell's desk shortly to protect his independence.

Recalling the Legislature? You mean to have the scheduled sitting you previously cancelled?

Increased deposit insurance for credit unions? Was there a run on VanCity last week that we didn't know about?

Doubling the commission for businesses collecting GST and PST? Wall Street is responding favourably to that huge economic stimulus.

I suspect the Premier's new pension plan - can I have his MLA pension instead please? - is written on the back of a napkin like his post-secondary education grant of $1000 per baby a few years ago, as Sean Holman exposed.

Let's see the details - and I might even support it.

Meanwhile, I'm just waiting for the second TV address Campbell will give around July 2009 if he's re-elected: "The fiscal situation has turned very grim indeed - we'll have to severely cut government programs. Who knew?"

You read it here first!


Unknown said...

Oh Bill. You silly person. You obviously haven't been paying attention. Vaughn Palmer says it's sensible, so it must be. And the Vancouver Sun thinks it's just terr-ific, so it must be.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a one-trick pony.

* The first thing Campbell did when taking office (before even looking at the books): Tax cuts

* Soaring global commodity prices and real estate bubble over-heats the BC economy? More tax cuts

* Global financial meltdown? Why, more tax cuts, of course

Gee - the guy is a genius! This is the kind of "steady leadership" we want in the coming storm - someone who stays the same pig-headed course no matter what the challenge or the consequences.

Or how about this:

* Oil tops $140 a barrel: Impose carbon tax

* Oil drops below $64 a barrel: Cut BC ferry rates for 2 months

Gee, the guy's a genius - he really knows how to get out ahead of the curve and react to changing conditions with expert instinct!

Or how about this:

* When the Asian meltdown dragged BC down - it was the NDP's fault.

* When the global bubble took us back up - he claimed it was all his doing.

* Now that we're on the downside again, he's the first to get on TV and flap his hands and protest that it's all beyond his control.

OK, this is where the guy really is a genius - it's all about manipulating political perceptions and jumping in front of the right parade.

G West said...

Don't hang on for Hahn's resignation Bill.

He was on CBC Victoria this morning and said he'd 'take' money from anyone.

In fact he got quite exercised when the interviewer suggested there was something a little off about an independent 'private' corporation taking $20 million from their political masters and there might have been some back room discussions about why they 'needed' the money.

In fact, he called the government BC Ferries' 'customer'....

Pretty funny stuff - but I don't think he'll be asking for a severance package because Campbell has impugned the corporation's 'independence'.

Maybe someone should ask Kevin Falcon if he should try a different approach the next time he has a problem with the boats or the 'Board'.

Hand out a little cash - you get exactly what you want.

I think there's a lesson here.

Anonymous said...

CKNW was prating on about a possible Mini-Restraint program coming out of the legislature this fall.
Sounds likely to me, too.

And is the carbon tax a straw horse?
Gordo sound like he's gonna grant Carole James her greatest wish and cancel that 'hated tax' before the election.
Then what?

BC Mary said...

You want to see outrageously ill-informed pandering? Check out today's Globe and Mail with its lede editorial headlined A Premier Who Planned Ahead.

Don't miss the two alleged examples of the excellent work being done on Campbell's behalf by our Media Monitors, too.

Or the high-octane rebuttals of some other British Columbians.

What I can't figure, though, is why a respectable old Ontario newspaper would make such fools of themselves. Why? Anybody?


Anonymous said...

"Does anyone really believe that cutting government revenue will produce anything but a lot of red ink on the balance sheet?"

YES.... the NDP .... they have have promised another $570 million in tax cuts on top of Gordo's tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

It was simply brilliant politics by Campbell. The guy get’s 15 minutes of free air time on Global and then dominates the rest of every evening newshour and get’s headlines in papers all across BC in the morning. Naturally all of the media crowd loving every minute of it.

Carole James got completely and unfairly shellacked on Global. Did anyone else hear the question to Carole James “but you can’t be against pensions for workers can you” How can anyone respond when painted into that corner ? That was crap on Global’s part.

I rode the Ferry back home today and believe me people were happy to hear the rates were coming down. Same story when I drove across the Coquihalla; you would not believe how quickly the toll booths have been removed. I was surprised I didn’t see a big huge “The Campbell” billboard up there as well. Mind you I didn’t miss paying the $ 20 bucks round trip either.

With gas down so cheap again people are more concerned with Luongo’s goaltending and Carole James sounds like a broken record whipping a dead horse over the Carbon Tax.

Jim Sinclair did a better job slamming Campbell than Carole James did. I hope for Carole James sake they kick ass in the by elections and give Campbell a haunted Haloween. That guy is an election machine.

G West said...

Quick question: What's with Dan Miller and his recent spate of speaking out for offshore exploration?

Who's choreographing the recent 'much higher' visibility of the former premier in the media?

Anonymous said...

How about removing all this carbon bs from government - I'd love to know how much has been spent to date on cheques, contractors, consultants, websites, 'research', papers, white papers, junkets, advertising, polling, and additional government employees and additional layers of managers and directors and executive directors?

Where the hell is the opposition? Can someone get a sharp stick and wake those lazy buggers up PLEASE!!??!

Anonymous said...

Dan Miller was talking off shore oild drilling before leaving government. His rational appears to be that other folks do it, why not here? not a bad question but lets get some more qualified folks to study the idea.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is a guarantee with Campbell is that during the incoming economic storm he will provide shelter for the monied class. Everyone else will be out in the elements.