Monday, July 28, 2008

BC Premier Gordon Campbell makes secret changes to mistreat young people with disabilities

Bill Tieleman's 24 hours column

Tuesday July 29, 2008

Gordo's changes just plain rotten


I firmly believe that ordinary British Columbians would not want their government to act in such a cruel manner, which is why this has been done so secretively.

- Disability activist Dawn Steele

Underhanded, deceitful, disgusting and downright rotten.

Those are the only ways to describe one of the most despicable moves by the B.C. Liberal government when it comes to mistreating people with disabilities.

And with their record, that's really saying something.

Without notice to anyone affected, without consulting the public or disability groups, Premier Gordon Campbell has made changes that will have profound negative affects on adults with serious developmental disabilities.

Campbell and Children and Family Development Minister Tom Christensen secretly signed a July 18 Order-In-Council making an IQ of 70 or less one of the criteria for receiving disability services.

It lets the government evade a 2007 B.C. Court of Appeal ruling that the province cannot deny services to a disabled person simply because their IQ is over 70.

Dawn Steele, whose teenage son has autism, is shocked.

"This is a disgraceful, inexcusable move. It is not the way a civilized society operates," Steele said in an interview. "It will exacerbate the homeless crisis and it will not save taxpayers any money."

But it's no surprise that the B.C. Liberals are attacking people with disabilities - they've done it for years.

Gordon Campbell promised before the 2001 provincial election that a B.C. Liberal government: "Will increase emphasis on early childhood intervention programs for families with special needs children."

But in 2002, it appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada a B.C. Court of Appeal decision that the government was constitutionally obligated to fund behavioural therapy for children with autism.

The government's special need to save money was more important than special needs kids.

Also in 2002, I revealed a secret government document showing the B.C. Liberals planned to cut off benefits to 9,000 people with disabilities by forcing more than 18,000 of them and their doctors to complete a 23-page reassessment - with the goal to eliminate 50 per cent from getting social assistance.

Several suicides were reported by desperate individuals who feared they would be homeless and abandoned. The government eventually dropped most of the plan.

In this latest case, the Campbell government has completely reversed its own previous position.

"The easy response to the ... court decision would have been to respond by simply legislating IQ," Christensen said last year. "We didn't think that was an appropriate response."

But now they do.

And, as a result, young adults with serious developmental disabilities and an IQ even a point above 70 will be cut off from government help, leaving them potentially helpless and on the street.

And that's just disgusting.


Anonymous said...

This government brages about surpluses as does their supporters, but get them by cutting many programs.This latest move is disgusting. More people have become throwaways. How many will end up on the streets? How many families will break up from the stress? How many will add to the overcrowed Emergency Room waiting rooms? How many will end up in jails as they cannot cope with their new position in life? All because King Gordo figures the polls show him he can do just what he wants. He is a cruel man and people who support him seem to figure its all OK. It makes me wonder what our society is becoming when the ill are simply written off for the sake of money, money we already have?

tinaz said...


Should we be surprise on how Gordon Campbell runs this province?

Its a catch 22 because if someone's IQ is less than 70 than he or she can be considered mentally not fit, thus such person is more easily abused by the system, and those with an IQ of over 70 and are physically disabled, won't be given the benefits they require.

The liberal government and namely Gordon Campbell and his stooges are, without doubt, a bunch of unaccountable facists.

It is my considered opinion that Gordon Campbell qualifies for disability services, because in truth, no one with an IQ of higher than 70 would think of doing what Gordon Campbell has done to this province, from the time he was a Mayor to now.

Perhaps Gordo wants to keep all the money for himself and his other stooges and let the less fortunate fend for themselves.

Question Bill is whether Gordo and his party will be voted in again at next election. If so, all his voters should be collecting a disability welfare cheque too.

Tina Z

Gary E said...

I don't think we could expect anything less from this Premier. I suggest you all that his IQ is less than the "standard" he has secretly and arbitrarily set.

Enough is enough. Campbell Resign.

worker who cares said...

I'm not shocked by this latest move by the government, just really angry yet again. I work in Social Services for adults with disabilities and unfortunately have seen these arbitrary "deals" happening since the Liberals came to power. So many supports have been removed from the adults I work with that it is shocking. The government conveniently forgets that they are dealing with other peoples lives or they just don't care!
Cheryl Tidd, Oliver, BC

Anonymous said...

Bill, thank you for writing today about this sociopathic move by Campbell and his 'team' - it is beyond belief that this man - this Premier would attack special needs British Columbians in this way! I agree with dpl and tinaz, and thank them for taking the time to post their views.

Life is a challenge at the best of times; never mind when people are faced with added hurdles that most of us are fortunate enough to not expereince - including Gordon Campbell and his band of thieves who will follow him like lemmings over the edge with no moral compass whatsoever. I find the whole bunch of them dispicable and reminescent of the VanderZalm era.

(P.S. Bill . . I am at a loss as to why you would want to associate your Bog with pics of the Zalm and Campbell? They have both wreaked haved on British Columbia.)

To deny these citizens a helping hand while the Campbell players line their own pockets, travel the world like royalty and bilk the public out of billions of dollars via the Olympic fiasco . . . . is the final act of treason by this bunch.

The voices of the majority MUST be united to stop the evil now.

Specifically, can a petition site be set up?

Where is the unified outraged voice of the NDP???? Why aren't they moving mountains to stop this man and his gang as they destroy life in British Columbia for anyone outside of their Club?

The entire situation in unbearable and perhaps it is time for a new Party of the People to emerge based on ethics, democracy and a moral conscience . . .

tinaz said...

In reference to igetit's comments.

The NDP or any other parties, are unfortunately not working with the people and for the people.

I would be the first to sign a petition to get Gordon Campbell out and get the liberals out of office however electing the NDP is not the solution because they are a very weak bunch. Just got to look at Mike Farnworth's when all he does is rant more than taking action.

I am disappointed in the recent move from Campbell, as it shows clearly that he is a psychopath in a suit. God knows we have many of those around in every businesses and every government.

Tina Z

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for the comments Igetit - to respond regarding the photos: Bill Vander Zalm has been outstanding in his efforts to defend BC Hydro, BC Rail and BC Ferries building ships in our province - all causes I have worked with him on.

While I have strong political views I also have friends and acquaintances from all political parties, not surprisingly given my role as a political commentator.

I can vehemently disagree with someone but still discuss issues in a civil way in a democracy like ours.

Anonymous said...

I don`t know what you expect the NDP to do--They voted against every and almost all contencious bills only to have them pushed through by the Liberal majority,in fact many bills were stalled and rammed through with closure in the last hour of the spring legislative session.
The list of Campbells crimes is long and growing--WCB comes to mind,Campbell has corrupted that outfit and stopped paying any compensation,WCB has a 11 billion dollar surplus,in 2003 there were 0 disability pensions awarded to permanately injured workers,2004 -- o --2005 --o ----2006--60--WCB is now just an employer/employee funded taxation center---
The changes to WCB are so vile it is beyond compare,BEWARE,if you get seriously injured at say 60 years of age with a permanent injury your disability award would end at 62years of age.

Campbell is the most despicible man(mouse) ever to hold office in BC

I wonder how large his personel security detail is?

He eventually will cause someone to snap!
Campbells crimes against humanity and the enviroment will be written in the history books.

Anonymous said...

Don`t be so sure of any surpluses in the BC budget,last years alledged 4 billion dollar surplus which Carole Taylor crowed about in the throne speech immediately turned into a 2.75 billion dollar surplus, 1.25 billion went to the previous years budget in what is called a supplimental budget,so if this year is anything like last year the 2.9 billion dollar surplus will turn into a 1.5 billion or less surplus,since 2001 Campbell goverment has payed zero towards are BC debt and in fact has added nearly 2 billion to that debt not to mention that we haven`t paid for any of the P3s,they have been put on our BC credit card and have not been counted towards our debt--
To give you an example #1--sea to sky highway improvement,total cost 3.6 billion dollars--880 million for construction,the remainder for road maintenance to the private road builder to be paid over 25 years years,it comes out to 300.000.00 a day for road maintenance for 25 years.
The new Bennett bridge 560 million 150 million for construction the remainder for bridge maintenance over 25 years(its 0.9 km long ) the maintenance works out 20.000.00 a day for 25 years.
The new abottsford hospital is a p3 that has had it ownership flipped 3 times since construction started,and again with long term yearly payouts.
Olympic security bill will be close to 2 billion dollars,so one of the reason Campbell is robbing everyone left right and center(except his freinds)is because he has spent and squandered all the money like a drunken sailor(or should I say a drunken premier)

So with the economy in the dumps,tourism being crushed,the billion dollars plus a year from reality sales drying up(transfer fees) exports down,logging finished because of goverment interference and raw log exports,his smoke and mirrors hide the debt game is coming home to roost,and the last item--WITH SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL FROM RAILGATE TO KEN DOBELL,TO JOHN LES,HEU,CHILDRENS MINISTRY,ICBC,BC LOTTERIES,BC FERRIES,TRANSLINK,SURREY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,SENIORS CARE,EDUCATION CUTS,FISH FARMS,RUN OF RIVER,PRIVITIZED BC HYDRO,TAWASSEN POWER LINES,CARBON TAX AND ANOTHER HUNDRED SCANDALS,CAMPBELL IS GOING TO BE TOSSED OUT ALONG WITH HIS BUNCH OF FEEBLE MINDED FOLLOWERS------i HOPE HE ENJOYS THAT GIANT GOLDEN PARACHUTE PENSION IN MAUI

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sriting this powerful column. When I first heard about this from activist Dawn Steele last Wednesday - I was absolutely paralyzed with anger. After a day or so I got active. I have written the premier, and ministers Coleman and Christensen. No response. I wrote letters to the Sun and Province and have set up a Facebook group "Denying support to those with IQ's over 70 is reprensible.".
The response the issue has received from media commentators has given me hope. I believe we can shame this government into reversing the decision, and creating a reasonable definition of developmental disabilities.

danr said...

Here is Mr. Coleman's absurd letter to the Province:

I would like to clarify a recent change to an eligibility regulation that outlines IQ 70 or below as one of the requirements used to determine if adults receive services from Community Living BC.

The change is in response to a recent court decision that said eligibility criteria should be legislated.

Nothing has been changed. Everyone previously receiving services will continue to receive services. This is a temporary solution and our actions maintain the status quo.

Rich Coleman, Minister of Housing and Social Development

Now here is my response:

In his letter to The Province published July 29, 2008, Mr. Rich Coleman has just added insult to injury. If the “recent” court decision he is talking about is that of Mr. Fahlman, the decision was handed down January 9, 2007. Furthermore the court did not rule eligibility criteria “should” be legislated, instead it pointed out that the eligibility criteria “could” be legislated but the government chose not to. In the decision, the court relied on Hansard extracts dated March 26, 2003 and found that “legislature decided against imposing an IQ criterion due to community concerns with a rigid guideline and the need for flexibility.” Read between the lines Mr. Coleman, when B.C.’s highest court refuses to a uphold government policy, it is a pretty good indication that it believes that the policy is not in the people’s best interest.

By “maintaining the status quo”, you are simply continuing to deny support to those in need. An eligibility criterion, based on IQ, has been an issue since before it was debated in the Legislature in 2003. So please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming this is a “temporary solution”. The rigid guideline you’ve imposed is not a “solution” to a problem that needs flexibility and the people of British Columbia are not so gullible as to believe it is “temporary”.

Get a grip on reality, Mr. Coleman. There is overwhelming opposition to this half-baked decision. It isn’t going to be pacified with some lame excuse that the court made you do it or that continuing to do a bad thing suddenly makes it good.

I don't know if it will be published, but it needed to be said.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

It ranks as the most disgraceful act this govt could have ever committed to in seven years of running this province.

i am so very ashamed of them.

This isn't about politics, it's about people.

Sanity having fled them, upon it's return, they should let humanity lead them.

If they had any left.

What an outrage.

Anonymous said...

This is the same autocratic pathological nonsense we saw Gordo exhibit when he was first 'crowned'.

The court ruling simply dragged the sociopath out of the closet. Let's face it we all knew the wacko factor had to come out in the open again eventually. I can just imagine the rant he let go.. I'll show them 'employees' who is indeed the King...

The NDP who is our only hope of keeping BC a democracy had better be planning a historic campaign. One that uses all the current technology to its advantage to bring in the youth vote for example. One that is both graphic and shocking in demonstrating the lieberal legacy. Also one that attacks the msm before they are attacked by the msm...cause you know they will...

Carole James are you listening? It is time to take off the gloves and kick some serious ass. Forget appeasing the msm they already have their marching orders, so just tell it the way it is and that is that the msm masters have not served the public properly (Google it)...

Budd Campbell said...

I don't know the details of this situation, but I do know that demands for health services can place the government in a financially perilous situation.

Parents demanding Lovass therapy for autistic children is an example. Professionals who aren't employed by the Lovass movement have doubts about its validity, but proponents and their attorneys have successfully persuaded judges and politicians that their therapy is uniquely preferable to all others. It's an expensive approach involving suprisingly low paid, lesser trained staffers working round the clock with the patient. The big incomes go to those organizing the training.

What exactly is at stake here I don't know, but perhaps the general answer is that if governments allow treatment of an affected group to become deficient, they risk intervention by the courts, with rulings they may not like.

Anonymous said...

This is not government in Victoria, these Erectile Dysfunctions are another Enron that are running about disguised as Liberals. No matter how bad we think the NDP have been in the past, these E.D.s in power are thousands of times worse. I promised myself to never knock down the N.D.P party ever again or let me be run over by an impaired Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Tinaz wrote:

"I would be the first to sign a petition to get Gordon Campbell out and get the liberals out of office however electing the NDP is not the solution because they are a very weak bunch."

Ok my friend, I will be the second on that petition. This is a good start.

Who will be the third?

You further wrote: "The NDP or any other parties, are unfortunately not working with the people and for the people."

Yes, I agree and therein lies the problem with why BC is in the mess we find ourselves.

What about a new Party/populace movement that is founded from all of the independent, decedent voices of BC, I would say the majority, that feel as you and clearly so many other people do, who have 'had it up to here' with the game of poltical corruption that has existed in BC for too long? We the people have lost conrol of our systems don't you think?

Anonymous said...

When I first learned about the government's decision to pass the order in council restricting benefits to those developmentally challenged adults with IQs less than 70, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.

When I told my high-functioning 23-year old autistic son about the decision, he said after a very long pause, "does this mean I won't be able to go to my job study [at a non-profit] and won't be able to go to my [once a week] job-preparedness seminar?"

I didn't have an answer for him.

These two scheduled things in his life have been such bright lights for him, filling him with confidence and hope about his future.

Do the government ministers and the Premier realize the fear and anxiety that they have caused individuals, like my son, who want so much to have a future and just need a little help and compassion from those of who are in a position to do so?

I'd like an answer from the Premier. My son deserves an answer and an apology.

kootcoot said...

If Rich Coleman could preside over the destruction of the forest industry in our province, just think how much pain, suffering and general mayhem he is likely to cause for the disabled and dis-advantaged. They should be easy targets for his malevolent touch compared to an industry that was once the backbone of the province.

Anonymous said...

“We welcome fascism when we do not openly confront it.”

MAI & Democracy

Canadian paper

Igetit said...
Tinaz wrote:
"What about a new Party/populace movement that is founded from all of the independent, decedent voices of BC"
Has anyone checked out the CAP Party? Canadian Action Party!
A real ray of hope, read CAP's whistle blower platform on SPP, TILMA, NAFTA, MAI, ATLANTICA etc.
Globalization means the same as corporatisation the Corporate Militarization of OUR world. SLAVERY, PRISON, TORTURE, etc.
When push comes to shove WE must get off our asses and take these idiots out by boycotting our addiction to consumerism, buying useless stuff.

CanWest bankrupt

Radical Press

Council of Canadians

BC Mary said...

I feel kinda proud of British Columbians as I watch them acknowledging the truth of what Premier Goddam Campbell is all about. And asking: "What do we do next?"

I say "Good luck!" And I think there is an A.B.C. option.

Granted, Big Media has made a career out of trying to destroy the New Democrats.

Granted, the so-called "B.C. Liberals" (made up of old Reform, C.C.R.A.P., Alliance Church, Socreds, real Conservatives and a handful of actual Liberals) made it their business to chop down and destroy as many New Democrats and NDP projects as possible.

Granted that the Campbell Gang kept suing the New Democratic PARTY and not the New Democratic GOVERNMENT for bogus complaints which kept getting thrown out of court ... but which cunningly forced the New Democrat PARTY into near-bankruptcy for lawyer fees.

Granted all that ... when I hear people say "But what is the alternative to the Campbell Gang?" I believe there really is an option.

Well, I mean: what's so awful about a group of honest folk who do a whole lot of nothing much? Led by Everybody's Favourite Aunt?

It's a start. It's an option. And when I think about that, I think it's not such a bad option.

We've been forced to learn Citizen Journalism, and to learn a whole lot about how our province works -- and how it oughta work.

OK, we could tell the NDP what WE expect without waiting (bags over heads) for them to announce their plan. We could pretty much give an NDP government their Civics 101 courses. We sure as heck could stomp their toes when we detect them wandering into forbidden territory.

Not such a bad option, when you think about it. Imagine: they're good people!

But for a certainty, Premier Goddam Campbell must be sent far, far away. Soon. A.B.C., Anybody But Campbell.


Anonymous said...

Let's get6 real about other parties. The NDP came back from 2 seats and almost downed Gordo last time round. Any other group would have to start from zero, and only hurt the NDP as they would beleed off votes. James is my MLA and she gives me a pain in the ass for some of the dumb things she has done, especialy the taking land from the ALR, ( a long established NDP policy blown out the window)and of course massive pay raises and a pension the rest of us would give assorted body parts to obtain sucha gravy train. But folks, its time to fish or cut bait, whatever that means and dump King Gordo while we still have a province .

Anonymous said...

Bud raises an interesting question about ensuring that funding provided for people with disabilities is spent effectively - not always an easy thing to ascertain, granted, with the many perspectives to be found out there.

However, the IQ 70 decision primarily affects young adults with autism and ASD, so debates about cost/benefits of various therapies for kids aren't really at issue there.

Worst hit are youth in care with autism and/or FASD and IQ just over 70, who are cast out onto the streets at 19 with absolutely no support - basically, it's a one-way ticket to hell for as long as they can survive on the Downtown Eastside.

It would cost perhaps a couple million a year to at least provide supports for those who clearly and desperately need some supervision in their life and who have no families to keep them out of trouble.

It was therefore doubly troubling to learn last week about another of the Premier's backroom decisions, in which he has "committed" $20 million in public funds help some friends of his construct a new building that they want to create a centre of excellence for autism. The Premier's $20 million commitment was made with no needs assessment, consultation or competitive process. It will provide no new services, just a building. Facilities under discussion include a swimming pool, gym and playing fields for children with autism, and perhaps things like a hair salon or coffee shop to be used for training.

I've been polling parents of children with autism around the province, who overwhelmingly challenge whether a high tech building, a special swimming pool or hair salon for our kids is needed or more important that expanding existing services - for example, to support those vulnerable young adults with IQ over 70.

We don't carry much weight against the Premier's powerful friends who insist this is a great thing to do. But I think ordinary taxpayers have some very legitimate questions to raise in terms of whether the Premier's unilateral backroom decision-making style is condusive to sound decisions that ensure scarce tax dollars are spent on the most pressing needs.

Anonymous said...

Talk and text is ultimately ineffective on this and all the other Campbellite Scandals.

The time for real action is at hand.

Fifty thousand to one hundred thousand citizens "in the streets" would be hard for Premier Norman Bates, his Bates Motel Cabinet and his polo-club butt-kissers at CanWest Global to ignore.

If other democratic societies can actively protest, why can't we get our butts off the stools at Starbucks and mobilize too ?

That also means also getting some backbone and courage out of the BC/NDP social worker in chief.


danr said...

In response to Ms. Steele's post:

At the risk of calling you a liar; is that really true? Does the premier really think a $20M rec centre is what our kids need to grow into adulthood?

Where did you get this info? Cause I'd really like to beef up my letter to my MLA.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people sticking up for either the Libs or the NDP.

They both play political games with BC'ers.


Vote for anything... anything... but these two old-line hypocritical and dishonest parties!

Don't let history repeat itself.

BC Liberals Suck said...

There is a lot that we can do leading up to and at election time.

There is a BIG problem with the NDP. Namely, they don't even seem to know what the hell they stand for at this point. There are great and smart people and very hard working MLA's and others in the party. However, their executive leadership run their caucas not unlike the Liberals, inner circle Silverback bullies. It's old & tired and the world has changed. Get over it and transform, or your party is dead.

There really is no mistaking the swing of the NDP either. Here is an excellent video interview with John Shields and and Bryan Evans that discusses the neo-liberalism of the state and how the NDP have also lost their edge (and voter support) due to their swing to the neo-liberal side. As they state, the left has a fractured (and I would say poorly defined, or non-existent) agenda that fails to offer an alternative to the clear cut agenda and platform of the right (the Liberals). Unless of course the real objective is to lose the next election? Then this will be a successful strategy.

So, what to do? Here are some suggestions:

The leadership of the NDP wise up and stop muzzling the smartest and most effective among you. MLA's, speak up. I know there is pressure to stay quiet, voters will respect you more if you stand up and speak out on the crap going on.

Parties and Candidates: Start to define your platform & what your MLA's have done to earn their keep since they've been in. Tell the people what you stand for. They will not vote for you if you keep silent about why you offer an alternative. There is a provincial election in 9 months, where the hell are you all? A few organizers from the BC Fed & the unions are not going to win this election.

Campbell has no problem taking credit and getting photo ops all over the place. It's called "impression management" the left has to get better at it. Use the internet. There are brilliant multi-media artists on the left, start creating political art and sending it around BC.

The left has to start using the web more. If the mainstream media won't let you in, you can appeal to the populace through the Internet. Some blogs are literally read by thousands of people. And blogging is one way to get around Bill 42. Why don't the NDP MLA's have blogs? Newsletters are fine, but inadequate in this day & age. You aren't just fighting for your riding, you must fight for your whole party. And this goes triple for independents, and greens. An effective media campaign could make you a household name in your community.

For citizens: get involved in politics, fundraise, join a party, nominate someone who is a real leader. Which means they have an actual record of service and action on behalf of a broad base of constituents (ie. not just real estate developers, or business owners, corporations, or union buddies etc.).

Citizen journalists: blog away about your MLA's. Don't slander, or libel them, just give people a clear idea about where they've stood, how they've voted and what they've done, or not done to support _all_ of their constituents.

It is tiresome to continue reading about splitting the vote. One of the reasons we're in this mess is because of the partisan and polarized political climate (sorry for the alliteration). I don't care if you're an independent, a green, NDP, or Liberal. What voters _should_ care about most is whether the candidate in their riding has a history of service in the riding, a credible, history of ethical conduct and action. No more bloody career politicians. That's one of the reasons why it's become such a dishonourable profession.

Finally, we must get a more diverse of people interested in voting, young people, older people, people of colour, GLBT. People are uninterested in continuing to vote for rich, white middle aged men and the obedient women who are allowed in the door.

The left needs to get the word out and tell everyone the grocery list of how the Liberals have harmed us all, for generations to come. That's why we started our blog in the first place. Most citizens get their media from CanWest and they believe what they are given.

Let's call this the "Commonsense election." Because that's what this is. It's a return to politics "by the people, for the people." All I know is, if you have vermin in your house, you exterminate them because they are disease ridden and bring sickness to your home. That's what we're doing, only on a bit of a different scale. And for all of those vermin who've been living off the spoils of our house, you are history in the next election, better get yourself some work lined up, because your name will be mud if you've done harm to the people. Find out here how your MLA has voted on issues of importance to your riding:

Anonymous said...

danr--check out this story in 24hrs:

Anonymous said...

To Danr - please see today's 24 Hours for more on the Premier's commitment of $20 million for a new building to house a provincial autism centre (the Premier's parameters, we were told, include project approval and groundbreaking before Spring 2009 or the funding commitment will expire).

We are conducting an informal online poll to assess what families and professionals in the field think about this and views so far are running about 12 for the new centre vs. over 300 so far who would rather see the funds go to other things.

We have hundreds of half-empty schools struggling to stay open in communities around BC, so questions have been raised over whether it would be a better use of tax dollars to use existing facilities and put this $20 million towards desperately needed services for people with IQ over 70 for example.

There are also questions about why the Premier is personally meddling in provincial autism policy, which falls under MCFD, and why he would have committed $20 million to one group in a private backroom deal without a needs assessment, public tender or public consultations - this was done completely outside of MCFD and the normal policy process - even the Minister responsible wasn't involved. It all raises serious questions about responsible governance, transparency and public accountability.

tinaz said...

It looks like Gordon Campbell is getting some of his cues from the terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, who today eliminated jobs for an estimated 10,300 temporary state employees and reduced pay for about 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour.

I would not pass it by Campbell for pulling the same fascist move, however such move is bound to back fire eventually, as the people once faithful, may end up turn against the government.

Is there any hope at all? Is all of our Institutions corrupt? I say yes.

Tina Z

Unknown said...

according to the twisted logic.....lets set up a sliding scale of compensation according to the IQs of various Cabinet Ministers

Bill good on you to be so on this!

Unknown said...

in fact lets demand disclosure of LIberal IQ's before the election!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for these Liberal spies who demand that we don't support the NDP and start a new party...that's exactly what will keep Gordo in power forever.


It will get better. They will get a stronger leader than Carole James. My vote is for Mike Farnworth or Adrian Dix.

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum,

Its a long BC Day holiday ....... does anyone remember this
Gordon Campbell's press release of Feb. 8, 2005 - Office of the Premier - THRONE SPEECH SETS OUT GREAT GOALS FOR A GOLDEN DECADE

"Premier Campbell set out a five-point plan called Great Goals For A Golden Decade:

Make B.C. the best-educated, most literate place in North America.

Make B.C. a model for healthy living and physical fitness.

Build the best system of support in Canada for persons with disabilities, special needs, children at risk, and seniors.

Lead the world in sustainable environmental management.

Lead Canada in job creation.


The throne speech outlined important new initiatives, including:

A World Trade University in Chilliwack, and a One World Scholarship Fund to build new relationships with the world.

"This week, after months of inactivity, excuses and stonewalling, Mayor Hames and provincial politicians finally acknowledged that WTU is a bust.

While not unexpected, the failure reflects badly on the B. C. government. In its rush to promote WTU, the province unwittingly propagated misconceptions about the school's provenance, its operations and its founder, who once claimed in a news release to have been nominated for a knighthood.

In legislative debates and Throne Speeches, Gordon Campbell's Liberal government lauded "Dr." Chowdhury. It billed WTU as an "elite" institution that would attract a thousand students from around the world. The school had campuses in operation elsewhere, and was affiliated with the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, or so thought one senior minister at the Cabinet table, Chilliwack-Sumas MLA John Les, once WTU's greatest champion.

WTU was made a legal, tax-exempt entity via a private member's bill that was introduced and swiftly advanced by Liberal MLA Randy Hawes.

As he now recalls it, Mr. Hawes merely acted on "a request from the Chilliwack boys" in Cabinet, including John Les. A more painstaking route, using B. C.'s new university enabling legislation process, was not taken."

Anonymous said...

Gordon really gets into goals when he has visions on thr "Best Place in the world" He doen't often carry through to completion unless of course he is making life more dificult for others. Grmps mentions the golden gaols. So why chop folks with low IQ's off benefits? Unless the family can afford it, one more person on the streets, and possibly another family split. One gola down the tube. It's a little tough to make BC the best ecucated when closing schools like the one up the street. It was brought up to earthquake standars a few years ago at great expense, but now has no students. Protests by local business and of course parents were ignored. Aonther success story is a little school called a univerity replaces a local school. It started with around 40 students and doesn't seem to be much bigger now. The kids who used to walk a half a block now walk a mile or more up a busy street. The man is a disaster for for average working folks. Begone Gordo while we still have a province.

Anonymous said...

He does not care, my question

is why do people put up

with him and his government

we live in a democratic country

we have the power to get him

and his bloody heartless

buddies out of office.






James Bender said...

Nothing new here.
I have a son with Autism in Ontario.
They don't do anything here at funding, no speech services, no sign language services...nothing.
In fact, our provincial lieberals took parents of autistic kids to order to prevent the accessing of educational services.
Why I am expected to pay taxes in this stinking place is beyond me.
The government refuses to provide help...unless you have a trendy disability like downs or MS or CP or something.
I think things will change when these elected pricks have kids like this on their own and realize how difficult it is to do anything but be a full time caregiver for these kids.
until then, we're on our own.
I recommend not paying your taxes to support the thieves in office.Keep the money for yourself and spend it on your kids.

Martin Campbell said...

Just a little side note on the campbell government and disabilities. I don't want to downplay the importance of this IQ threshold for benefits business, but if you look at the larger picture of how people with disabilities are treated in this province - it just gets worse.

Another example: The BC Public Service numbers show that they number of people with disabilities working in government as permanent employees is just over HALF the number of people with disabilities in the general population.

Also - the number of people with disabilities who are permanent employees is HALF what is was prior to the liberals coming into power.

This government is not a reflection of the population, nor does it work for the people of BC.

Shame on us for allowing them to be elected twice.

The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick and the needy, and the handicapped.
~Hubert Humphrey

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell has two (2) agendas period. First and foremost is his legacy: The 2010 Olympics, absolutely nothing gets in the way of this. A prime example is the cleaning out of the homeless from Oppenheimer Park within three (3) days of his being embarrassed in Beijing.

The second is making money for his corporate friends. This is a far right Government (the Liberals), which is clearly evidenced by the enormous cutbacks in social programs, seniors programs, health care, Workers' Compensation Benefits (I cannot help but notice the ommission of the term COMPENSATION from the new name WorkSafeBC), and pretty much anything which would cost his rich buddies money, and to hell with anyone else.

He, or his staff are constantly reminding us of what the Liberals have given to us. Are we supposed to be so stupid that we don't remember that it was the Liberal's who took it all away in the first place, and what they are "so gratiously giving back" is such a minute fraction that we should be grateful for it? Give your head a shake Campbell, BC citizens are not nearly as stupid as you think, but then that doesn't matter anyway does it, because your the boss, and you can do anything you want to?

Everyone is screaming about the recent disgusting pay raises, well combine that with the numerous Campbell Cabinet shuffles and what do you get? You ensure that everyone who ever did the bidding for Campbell gets the maximum pension available based on their positions and service.

No bones about it, he couldn't care less about anyone who does not fit into the top two categories above, and there is not a damn thing we (BC citizens) can do about it, and he knows it.

The most important thing about this entire sad scenario is, we don't have a party to vote for, on any level of government in this country, which is not going to continue to run rough-shod over the citizens, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I am 54 years old, and as long as I can remember, every election has always come down to the lesser of the evils at election time.

Prior to every election I can remember, whatever government, whether sitting, or in Opposition, in Canada throughs out some hot topic which is never addressed after the election as a misdirection from the real topics, and we fall for it everytime.

We have become a nation of sheep, don't get me wrong, I think Canadians as a whole are not this stupid, but we keep doing it over, and over. I am proud to say I am Canadian, but if we don't start sending a message to our politicians that we have had enough, and we want Democracy restored to Canada, we are going to have to continue to put up with the same old crap.

We need to somehow get the message across to the politicians in this country, that they work for us, and in our best interest, we don't work for them.

Unknown said...

It is too bad that Gordon Campbell has everyone so lulled. He has had a devastating effect in my life. If one realized that this secretive man may also belong to a secret society, then they would not be surprised be his vindictivness toward the poor.

I have struggled to make ends meet, raise a son and work for the frozen minimum wage, until the stress has become too much for me. Gordon Campbell arrogantly doubled the wages of he and his cronies while freezing wages of the hard working minimum wage earners FOR SO LONG that he has finally won the battle with me. He has pushed me to do what his father did. It is too bad he does not do the same. I choose SBC.

Perhaps he feels that by making everyone else in the province, except he and his cronies, so destitute he will reduce the surface population by pushing them to suicide. Perhaps he is "getting" even with a province he feels pushed his father. If so, he is avoiding the realization that it was HE who forced his father's hand, like he has forced so many unfortunate enough to try to live under his mandate. Like his father, I would not have wanted him for a child either.

I wish it back on him.

Lisa said...

further proof that the Campbell liberals haven't one decent bone in their bodies - Gordo is evil and has no compassion. Every word used in a campaign promise was a lie every single word. I knew it and did not vote for him - why did any of you? It is as obvious as the drunken smirk on his mug shot that he is a lying sack of excrement - A thief of govermentment coffers on the scale of Nixon. He really thinks we're all that stupid that we will not question his lies...I dunno are we? I'm not ...are you?

moonwalker said...

Has any one checked out the Western Block Party. The east has always been their own country. The west has always funneled out tax dollars to the east. The east is now very fascist. campbell is busy setting up the standard for the rest of the country to follow suit. Harper is clapping his hands in glee. The entire country stood by while campbell committed his crimes. campbell should take his stolen money from the illegal sale of the BCR, and just go away down to the east, where his cohort Iggy is. He is selling our rivers. He put the carbon tax on an already taxed to death province. His lying deceit about the deficit, just so he would be re-elected, so he would be able to carry on his pillaging. He lied about the HST, that he said would not happen. He commits a felony of a DUI. This person should be in prison. Every time he opens his mouth, what he says is automatically considered a lie. What is worse, our Prime Minister approves campbell's crimes by his silence. However all Canadians know, corruption pays well, especially at the top of the food chain. Yes, the west needs to be free of the east.

Greg Cameron said...

This is what the words 'disgusting' and 'loathsome' were invented for. Shame on everyone involved in this morally revolting move. And shame on Gordon Campbell for not having the balls to say what he's doing in public. The whole thing shows what these people really think about democracy and an 'open society.' To paraphrase a Pope, if these folks are so enamoured with truth, why do they so fear the light? Do the handmaidens of transnational capital really need to skulk around in the dark? Apparently, they do. Shapes of things to come, folks...Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C.