Monday, August 04, 2008

Tieleman & Spector on CKNW AM 980 with guest host Michael Campbell at 9 a.m. Monday August 4

The "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" segment will be on an hour early this BC Day - at 9 a.m. with guest host Michael Campbell. Tune in!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

Great company you keep . . . a Faded member of Oak Bay Royalty and the Butt-Kisser-in-Chief for the Howe Street Mafia.

All that's missing is the Hon. David Anderson PC, MP. to round out the polo-club set.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
As one guy once said "I'd rather have the enemy in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in". As a life long CBC listener I found the commercials interrupted the flow somewhat but the discussions were worth it.The price one pays for commercial radio I guess. If we all ignore the other folks opinions we are doomed to miss a whole bunch of what is going on. Thanks for letting us know your program was on earlier. Norman actually credits Carole James for her performance , quite often in assorted places, and like him or not he has been around for a long time and pretty sharp and in my view as a leftie , he is usualy worth listening to. As for Campbell, well he was the moderator only. He is tainted by being related to the likes of King Gordo.

Anonymous said...

Regarding DPL's comments about guest host Michael Campbell's relationship to King Gordo, remember we choose our friends, we are stuck with our family.