Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Basi-Virk - the mysterious July 3rd secret Supreme Court session explained!

The blogosphere on the case of the BC Legislature Raid and charges against former BC government aides David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi has been buzzing somewhat about an allegedly secret session of BC Supreme Court on July 3rd.

Now the secret can be revealed!

I have learned from highly reliable, nay, impeccable sources that the appearance of both staff from the Special Prosecutor and defence lawyers in front of Justice Elizabeth Bennett in open court was neither secret nor auspicious.

The session dealt with administrative issues regarding court records of proceedings with the longstanding and often confusing case.

While the short appearance was in open court it was, I'm told, of no significance to the conduct of the case but was likely of great assistance to BCSC officials.

I have also been made aware that the defence Charter of Rights application which could see testimony in court by Premier Gordon Campbell, former Deputy Minister Ken Dobell and current Deputy Minister Jessica MacDonald, plus other top bureaucrats, was slightly amended on July 2nd.

That hearing will begin on July 14. No other court appearances are planned until then.


Anonymous said...

BCSC. It this the BC Security Comm.? If so, can you report more on this.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks Bill, it's nice to get the ungarbled message rather than the "what if" one

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your hardwork in getting the information.

Anonymous said...

I will predict that the government will fold. The mere chance of the Premier and senior bureaucrats having to testfiy will have a "chilling effect" on them and therefore they will seek to find a deal with the defence in order to prevent them from having the hearing next week.

A deal will also be offered to end this entire affair.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that the BC Liberals could do, right now, is call a snap election. and please don't give me the come-back line that we now have fixed (no pun intended) elections dates.

If there were ever a vote of no-confidence..... how has the BC Liberals worded the new election laws..... the in-coming government would only be there for the balance of the four year term?

Gary E said...

Thanks so much for looking into this for us Bill. I'm afraid not living at the coast, in this case, has some drawbacks.

Now if we could only find a way to get Cameras in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

I sort of wonder why the repeated comments here and elsewhere about TV in court rooms. Do we want to be a clone of the US justice system? Watching stuff like the Simpson court circus would put most people off any subject in a hurry. The courts are open to observers, when it gets started more media will be there to report. Professional analysis can sum up events rather quickly.

Gary E said...

DPL and others who may be wondering.
Re: the use of cameras in the courtroom.

As many of you know, there is a large population outside the lower mainland. We are unable to get to the coast to attend these hearings (and eventually, we hope) the trial.
Everyone who reports on this fiasco has a different slant on what is going on. Spoken words have a great impact on our thoughts. Just reading them does not have the same effect. (Read hansard, then watch the video stream.)
Contrary to what the MSM would have us believe there is a great interest in this case not only in this province but across the country. And recently evidence has shown me some from the USA.
BC Mary is trying very hard (and some of us are helping) to find a way to get this trial broadcast for the benefit of others. Especially those of us along the BC Rail corridor whose lives this is impacting more and more every day.
The type of camera Mary is looking for (and I support) is the fixed camera. The same as in the Legislature. Originally I had suggested Court TV. She rejected that immediately for the same reasons DPL has said above. We don't need a US style gong show. Just information.
So in order to solicit help on this we sometimes insert it into a conversation.
The more interest generated the closer we will get to making this happen. I hope this explains the situation for you. BC Mary may be able to explain this better if need be.

Anonymous said...

Keith Baldrey just reported that the Appeal Court dismissed Bill Berardino's appeal.

Chief Justice Finch agreed with Justice Bennett that the defence legal counsel are able to attend secret witness hearing.

Berardino will either delay this case again or drop altogether as reported on this blog in June.

Another milestone for the case as we enter year 5 of this saga.