Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NEW DATE - Basi-Virk case discussion on CKNW AM 980 THURSDAY July 3 at 9:30 a.m. with Bill Tieleman, Mark Hume

Today's discussion about the case of David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi on the Bill Good Show on CKNW AM 980 has been bumped to THURSDAY July 2 from 9:30 till 10 a.m.

NOTE: You can access the online version on CKNW's Audio Vault now.

Globe and Mail reporter Mark Hume, another of the regulars at BC Supreme Court, and I will bring listeners up to date on the case.

Tune in for the latest in political corruption charges related to the $1 billion privatization of BC Rail and the raid on the BC Legislature in December 2003.


Anonymous said...

I expect Bill Good and the rest of the CanWest/Campbell Butt-Kissers will keep their fingers close to the kill-switch as usual when you and the Basigate scandal are on the air.

If this was federal Grit politics . . . Bill Good would be a Senator by now and he would be trading expense account tips with Jim Munsen.


Anonymous said...

"kill-switch"???? (lower case) the great satan.

We've all seen how all of the judges running this public show have been quick to gag those who might hold sway over a satisfactory outcome of this trial.

The reality of who is found responsible won't come to a close until well after SEVERAL appeals, where none of those will be raised by stone wall Opal, a real gem that man is.

Gary E said...

Bill, I think you should have someone ready for the courtroom at 9:00 AM. I'm positive I read That there was a date fixed for July 3rd when I read the "completed court list" after the last hearing.

Maybe you could check with the lawyers. Not sure you'll get a good answer from the Prosecution.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks Gary - I have indeed checked and the next BC Supreme Court date is July 14, for the Charter of Rights application alleging political interference in the case.

But you are right that these dates change a lot and without notice.

Anonymous said...

Just heard your interview, would have liked less Bill Good defending the MSM's lame coverage and more Teileman and Hume on the actual case...

... still better than nothing

Anonymous said...

could someone provide a direct link, to the audio I cannot seem to find it by navigating through the cknw website, thanks

and thanks to Bill for all the hard work!

Anonymous said...

And so what did we learn here today?

Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry for delay - if you want to hear the interview to to:


And type in 9 a.m., then move the indicator on Windows media or your program to about 9:34 a.m.