Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tennis superstar Andre Agassi blasts Whistler highway as "shocker" after driving it

Agassi aghast


Former tennis superstar Andre Agassi showed his grand slam style while visiting Vancouver last week, calling the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler and the 2010 Olympics "a shocker" after driving it.

Agassi spoke to a crowd of nearly 5,000 at GM Place for "The Power Within" event along with style diva Martha Stewart, music producer Quincy Jones and other speakers.

But don't count on him driving to the winter Olympics despite B.C.'s $600-million highway improvement project.

"I like everything up here but one thing," Agassi said Wednesday about Vancouver. "We drove to Whistler yesterday and - what's up with your highways? That's a shocker! And it was that way a year ago."

Earlier at the event Toronto comedian and emcee James Cunningham also joked about the Whistler highway, calling it "so relaxing" to drive with "a sheer drop off to the sea on one side and guys packing dynamite into rock on the other."


Budd Campbell said...

I have to take issue with Agassi. The work being done is world-class, and it's the first time I have ever heard Americans marvel at a Canadian highways project.

I don't know what the politics of the Kiewit company may be, and I don't care. But this company is one that BC Govts in future will turn to for advanced engineering, and which can hopefully market its services around the world. It's a shame that BC's Liberals haven't had the foresight to realize that a similar phenomonon could be occuring in the shipbuilding sector if they weren't so determined to acquire new vessels offshore.

Anonymous said...

Aggasi is one outspoken person. Hmmm. I wonder how many paople are out there that aren't speaking out?

Anonymous said...

Get over it Andre, building a highway in that kind of terrain and winter weather conditions takes time!

Anonymous said...

I think when this highway is done, there needs to be a $10.00 appreciation fee charged to all who drive on it.