Sunday, March 09, 2008

Federal Conservatives will block loophole allowing kids to import tobacco products, as revealed by 24 hours

Feds revise tobacco rules


The federal Conservative government says it will plug a legal loophole revealed Friday by 24 hours that lets children import tobacco products into Canada from foreign countries.

A Canada Border Services Agency internal document obtained by 24 hours last week said border guards had no legal right to stop children from bringing tobacco into Canada, causing a national wave of anger.

But Melisa Leclerc, spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, told 24 hours news services the government will end the practice.

"It is not the government of Canada's policy to allow children to import tobacco products into Canada," she said. "Minister Day has directed Canada Border Service Agency officials to work with Health Canada and provincial and territorial counterparts to determine if and when legislation could be amended to address the issue."

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