Thursday, March 27, 2008

BC Lobbyists Act violator and ex-Deputy Minister Ken Dobell to help judge "Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100"

Ken Dobell, the former deputy minister to BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell who pled guilty to violating the BC Lobbyists Registration Act and repaid $7,000 in lobbying fees, will be a judge instead of being in front of a judge later this year.

Dobell will be one of the judges for "Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100" an event sponsored by the Women's Executive Network (WXN). Winners will be announced Tuesday, November 25 at Toronto's Metro Convention Centre.

Special prosecutor Terence Robertson investigated Dobell's failure to register as a lobbyist for the City of Vancouver and in his report said he considered whether Dobell had also violated Criminal Code Section 121 regarding "influence peddling" and concluded the evidence supported a "substantial likelihood of conviction."

Robertson said prosecution of Dobell on those charges would not be in the "public interest."

An announcement by the Women's Executive Network this week states that the 2008 Top 100 Advisory Board consists of: JoAnne Caza, Sylvia Chrominska, Paul-EmileCloutier, Ken Dobell, Bonnie Dupont, Dr. Jim Fleck, Blake C. Goldring, Tim Hockey, Robin Howlings, Wanda Kaluzny, Sue Lee, Lois Nahirney, Ian Pearce, The Hon. David Peterson, Sarah Raiss, Carol Stephenson, Kirsten Tisdale, LouisVachon and Janet Yale.

Winners in 2007 included: Cheryl Doiron, Deputy Minister, NovaScotia Department of Health; Hélène V. Gagnon, VP Public Affairs &Communications, Bombardier Aerospace; Dr. Louise Cloutier, Chair, Board ofDirectors, Canadian Medical Association; Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion; Kim McKenzie, EVP IT & Solutions, Scotiabank; Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information &Privacy Commissioner of Ontario; Christine Magee, President & Co-Founder,Sleep Country Canada; Author and TV Host Dr. Marla Shapiro; Paddy Meade,Deputy Minister, Alberta Health & Wellness; Monique F. Leroux, President &CEO, Desjardins Group; Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior Vice President, TDWaterhouse Canada Inc.; Cassie Campbell; Hannah Taylor, Founder, The Ladybug Foundation; Sandra Wilson, Founder, Robeez.

There are three categories of awards: Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs and Public Sector Leaders.

NOTE: A version of this story was published in 24 hours Friday.


Budd Campbell said...

What's your problem with this thing, Bill?

Ken Dobell can give these women more effective advice that most people on how to bust your way through the glass ceiling without getting caught, or if you do get caught, ... getting away with it! What better advice could these up and coming women executives ask for?

BC Mary said...

Good grief, what the heck is "ignorant stupidity"??

Is Anonymous 4:46 actually blaming the New Democrats for Ken Dobell's predicament??

Phone your mother, 4:46.

Ask her to repeat the rules for deciding, on your own, how to stay honest. Ask her if it's really OK to blame somebody else, every time you get caught doing something illegal.


Anonymous said...

Are these 'women executives', the same women executives that Norm Spector mentioned at his testamony in the Molroney scandal?

kootcoot said...

Bill, the fact that you allow the drivel that passes for a comment by anon at 4:46 certainly proves to me that you are very fair at not restricting comments on your blog. I didn't really know what "ignorant stupidity" was, but I think I'm getting it now!

If I'm not mistaken the "ignorant...current legislation" that is referred to was passed by the same ignorant government that can't seem to comply with "ignorant legislation" that they themselves draft and enact. But maybe I'm being picky...............

I wonder if anon 10:56 is the same clever fellow and if so, will he learn to spell the names of past Prime Ministers someday?