Monday, December 03, 2007

Tieleman sidelined by emergency - unable to cover Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing in-camera application

An emergency situation occurred today that regrettably took me out of BC Supreme Court and reporting on a rare secret hearing that took place today in the Basi-Virk case.

You will be able to read about that emergency in tomorrow's 24 hours newspaper and The Tyee online publication, as well as on this blog Tuesday.

I can only say at this point that it does have to do with the BC Legislature Raid case and you will find it quite astonishing.

Meanwhile, the pre-trial hearing on an in-camera application today saw Justice Elizabeth Bennett exclude the public and media.

I was in attendance for part of the hearing and will attempt to update you on Tuesday.

My Vancouver Sun colleague Neal Hall has done an excellent job covering the situation however and you can find a lot of information in his report.


Anonymous said...

Geez, now I have to get up even earlier because I want to find out about the emergency.

BC Mary said...


This is going to be a long night, I can hardly wait to see what you've discovered.

Trying to imagine, but maybe I'd better wait to be astonished.

Good on ya.


RossK said...

Oh boy.

I won't sully you're site with wild speculations, Mr. T.

(but that doesn't mean I won't do so over at my place).



Anonymous said...

The White House Plumbers broke into offices during Watergate, I wonder if you found any Spider Webs in your office today Bill after your break-in ?

Anonymous said...

In or "out of power" . . . these cockroaches and SPIDERS are Un-Stop-Able, I remember when LPC/BC Head Quarters had its SPIDER problems in the late 1990s.
It was so bad they were coming through the ceiling panels and devouring the party memberships on the computer hard drives.
Now that they have graduated to using crowbars is anyone safe ?

BC Mary said...



Are these "Intelligence Break-Ins" a growth industry in B.C.?

When I heard about yours, it immediately reminded me of another break-in at the home-and-office of Bruce Torrie, a Victoria lawyer who was advising the BC Liberal Party on Organized Crime.

Then I remembered #3) a break-in at a Victoria, B.C., law firm -- Heenan-Blaikie -- that's in the midst of a controversy involving the city's police chief (co-leader of the raid on the legislature).

Heenan-Blaikie is a law firm that has a contract to provide services to the Victoria Police Department.

Neither police nor the law firm will comment on what, if anything, was taken.

All these B&Es apparently focused their attentions on papers and documents.

I copied a full explanation by Torrie himself:

And yeah, there was Spiderman coming through another ceiling and gathering membership lists.

And where the perps actually got their comeuppance, there was Watergate.

Pretty clear that the BC Rail Case is very important to many people in a wide range of ways.

So stay well, Bill. We need you and love you.


Taffy said...

If we don't believe that some people in authority - politicians/businessmen - don't avail themselves of "Incentives" (backhanders), some more so than others, then we are indeed naive.
I worked for a period in my life in business and in the import/export fields. Many "Buyers" "Purchasing Agents" "Engineers" all expected goods in the form of tickets,"entertainment", washing machines, T.V's etc., or labor for projects on their homes in exchange for a contract, from their suppliers. In the import/export field everyone that one dealt with was an "agent" and required their 15%. We are stupid if we don't think it goes on at the federal and provincial levels - but how to prove it? Good luck and stay safe.