Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Basi-Virk case secret BC Supreme Court hearing - decision on Thursday whether to exclude defendants, lawyers from court


Strictly hush-hush


The results of a secret B.C. Supreme Court hearing that excluded both the media and public in the case of three provincial government aides charged with breach of trust, fraud and money laundering will be announced Thursday.

Justice Elizabeth Bennett said yesterday she will decide whether even defence lawyers and defendants David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi will be allowed to hear secret material to be presented by the Crown in an in-camera application.

A temporary publication ban imposed by Bennett restricts much of what can be reported.

The case involves allegations that confidential government documents related to the $1 billion privatization of BC Rail were given to lobbyists for a bidder.


Michael Bolton, lawyer for David Basi, was concerned about possible exclusion of defendants and their legal counsel.

"It goes well beyond an in-camera hearing. It's very, very, very unusual to the point of being almost an unconscionable concept to exclude the accused person from part of his trial," Bolton said outside court Monday.


Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court of Canada, if my memory serves me, allowed cabinet documents as evidence. IS that what we should expect with this deal? Keep an eye on htem Bill

NRF said...

I fully expect Justice Bennett to make appropriate rulings, free of partisan bias. The public interest is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we are becoming a corrupt third world country where intimidation and the gun rule. All I can say Bill is protect yourself. Mr. Hayer spoke out and look what happened. I never ever thought our country would come to this.

Anonymous said...

'Sorry to hear about the break in. (Looks like an RCMP operation to me.)

In any event I have a couple of questions/comments:

1. Who are the beneficial owners of Omnitrax? It's a publicly traded company in Oregon? Colorado? There should be some kind of registration for the largest shareholders.

2. Why hasn't the company been charged?

3. Interesting that the British Imperial Crown, i.e. Queen Liz II is the beneficial owner of both B.C. Rail and CN Rail. 'Sort of an accounting juggle from one hand to the other. (All Crown corporations are ultimately owned and managed the the Crown, literally, not figuratively. If you don't believe me ask Treasury to declare who actually owned BC Rail.)

Keep up the good work. (And watch your back around Mr. Hall. He's not the straight arrow you think he is.)