Saturday, December 01, 2007

One year of Bill Tieleman's Blog - thanks for 68,384 visits!!

This blog has just celebrated it's first anniversary and I want to thank everyone who has visited in the past year!

Bill Tieleman's blog has had 68,384 visits in the past year from 23,196 different visitors!

Quite appropriately on our blog birthday we celebrated the most hits ever in a single day - 1,317 on November 24 - due to an extended article on the latest developments in the never-ending Basi-Virk case in BC Supreme Court.

I want to also thank several websites that have kindly referred their visitors to this site, in particular The Tyee online publication - David Beers, editor, where I also regularly write on Basi-Virk and other topics; Public Eye Online - my 24 hours colleague Sean Holman's excellent must-read website on political news; Bourque Newswatch - where Pierre Bourque has put together the best ongoing compendium of what's news in Canada and the world - and where I got a tremendous boost November 24 when my blog story was headlined; The Legislature Raids, where the indefatiguable BC Mary holds court - literally at times! - on the Basi-Virk case and more; The Gazetteer, another tireless blogger on BC and other politics; David Schreck's Strategic Thoughts - where you can find the best number crunching debunking in BC; and the wonderfully named House Of Infamy, where Kootcoot presides.

So thanks again and please stay tuned to this website for even more news and of course, my 24 hours columns and Tyee articles.


G West said...

A huge tip of the hat and a very happy anniversary celebration to you sir - Thank you!

RossK said...

Hey Mistah T!

Congrats and thanks.

I, for one, really appreciate the expanded format/updates to your published stories on the blog.

(ie. it's kind of like the bonus features on a good CD/DVD).



Anonymous said...

What a great year!! Many more, Bill. Thank you

BC Mary said...

Many happy returns of the anniversary, Bill, and a tip o'the tuque to you for the generous help you've given me and my blog.

To celebrate, and to brace yourself for Monday back in Supreme Court with the Basi Virk team, will you be dining at the Vila del Lupa this evening? With ... er, ahem ... RCMP surveillance behind the potted plants [pardon the expression]? And if not, why not? It wouldn't really mean anything, would it?

I hope you are pleased with the way your first web-year has gone. I know the rest of us are.

Allen Family Blog said...

Thanks for all your great work. I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
It's always nice to read a blog where one can be failry sure what's there is correct and not wild speculation, something that uses up space on some other blogs.

As adults most of us see rather quickly who is worth checking up on and your numbers are pretty good. Numbers brought up by assorted political parties checking in regularly. Your understanding of the treaty process sure helps the folks who really have no knowlege of the process, which is really big time for all of us in the province. I can't recall writing to tell you that you are not explaining the process in a fair and even manner. Wonder what the next year will bring us? To you and yours, our family says "Thanks for reporting the news and not making it up" D. Love.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next year and beyond. Your blog is high up on my trapline of must reads for the day. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

thanks Bill for all your good work, especially Basi-Virk and treaties and ALR.

Your blog is a regular read for me (and other BC political junkies!)

Budd Campbell said...

Bill, a great first year to be sure.

For next year, it would really make my day if you'd tell us all what the NDP needs to do to get some better off donors, you know, some leftish thinking engineers, accountants, doctors, dentists and lawyers. I am sick and tired of shilling old age pensioners and the average slob who's got lots of bills and high mortgage costs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my friend.

I wish you well, as always.

That averages out to almost two hundred visits per day!

Well done indeed.

My best to you and your readers.

Anonymous said...


Congrats. Your site is definitely on my list of must-reads. Keep up the good work.