Friday, March 16, 2007

Premier Gordon Campbell - Missing In California after meeting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

While BC Premier Gordon Campbell has recently found religion when it comes to "green" issues and the environment, he has apparently gone missing in California after allegedly meeting with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

At least, the Premier is missing completely from any U.S. media coverage of his big trip to meet the former action movie star/bodybuilder to talk environment with Arnie.

And while Campbell's visit may be a big deal for British Columbia media, it is non-news in California.

A thorough search of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, including its Sacramento state capital political coverage, shows that as far as California is concerned Premier Campbell may as well be a fictional extra in one of the Governator's old movies!

There were some promising entries in the LA Times that might have referred to Campbell's visit. For example:

In the political murk lurk a few really foggy ideas

Perhaps the Governator had asked Campbell why just weeks ago BC was planning to allow two coal-fired power plants to open? But no.

Or this item:

Liberal lawmakers may sway key vote on Iraq war

Could Campbell have convinced U.S. politicians to get out of Iraq? Unfortunately, no.

Or could Campbell and his sidekick, Environment Minister Barry Penner have got themselves in real trouble with inappropriate financial support for Arnie?

Schwarzenegger opens his Brentwood home to deep-pocket donors
By Robert Salladay
A mere $250,000 buys entry to two receptions and a dinner -- and, critics say, influence.

That might have been money well-spent by Campbell if it resulted in some good face time but also, no.

Finally, it looked like the story I had been seeking in the LA Times was at hand - this had to be the headline:

March 15, 2007
Drifters sure get around

But again, disappointment, this item was about the old 60s musical group, not Campbell and Penner!

One last try - a full search on the LA Times. And here come the results:

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How disappointing for the Premier - his cameo role with Arnie is on the cutting room floor!

BUT WAIT - at least there is a small reference on Schwarzenegger's own California government website:


Governor Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Meeting Today with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement today after meeting with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell:

“I want to thank Premier Campbell for meeting with me today and discussing what we both have been doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the effects of climate change. California and British Columbia can learn a lot from each other’s experiences with renewable energy, building a hydrogen economy and developing a clean energy industry. I look forward to working with Premier Campbell on these and other issues when I visit him in Canada this spring.”

Thank goodness! There's still hope for a Hollywood ending for Premier Campbell!


Anonymous said...

I note he lack of comments . Visiting Arnie, Is an indication in my view to the method Gordon used to get photo ops. When he gets a vision he drops what he is doing, makes grand statements, does a photo op and that's it folks. dl

Anonymous said...

I think an interesting scenario would have been a story something like "Governor Schwarzenegger today met with the Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, to discuss greenhouse gases. Premier Campbell made news some time ago, when he became the first Canadian Premier to be convicted of a crime, and be imprisoned in the US. Due to his prior DUI conviction, the Premier of BC had to be given a special exception under the Patriot Act, to allow him in the country."