Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kitsilano resident protests plans to axe 45 linden trees along West Broadway

More than 125 Kitsilano residents gathered on West Broadway Saturday to protest plans by Vancouver to cut down 45 mature linden trees in their neighbourhood.

Community activists, arborists and local business owners all spoke out strongly against the city plans, saying that the city refuses to consider alternate ways of dealing with tree roots pushing up the paved sidewalk between MacDonald and Alma.

West Kitsilano Residents Association representatives Mel Lehan and Alayne Keough urged the crowd gathered outside the Hollywood Theatre to contact City Hall to demand the linden trees be saved. Arborists and landscape architects say that at a maximum only 15 linden trees need to be replaced instead of the 45 scheduled for the chain saw starting in early April.

You can email Mayor Sam Sullivan and all City Councilors at once with your concerns.

Contact the West Kitsilano Residents Association at


Heather said...

I have been pushing hard to save the trees on Broadway and will continue to do so when the revised staff recommendations come to us in Council.

I see this as an opporunity to add some "eco" to EcoDensity. If we are going to add more housing into smaller spaces, we must find a way to preserve green spaces, surface permeability and canopy cover. These qualities will be even more important as we see more rain and bigger storms that accompany climate change.

Heather Deal
Vision Vancouver City Councillor

Anonymous said...

Give us a break Clr. Deal! "Surface permeability" and "canopy cover"??? Nevermind cutting greenhouse gases by stalling the Canadian economy for five years, a la Jack Layton, how 'bout not making such absurd pronouncements to cut down on the hot air? You illustrate that you know nothing about climate "change" except how to sensationalize a real world problem that we need to understand before we can comment on it. There are absolutely NO guarantee of "more rain" or "bigger storms" as accompanying climate change.

Trying to save trees to help your pal Mel Lehan (long-time NDP hack), is one thing, but sexing up the issue to throw empty haymakers, is quite another.

Be serious, for once.