Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thanks! From Bill Tieleman - I feel like a million - pageviews that is!

Thanks to all my readers for pushing this blog over the 1 million page views mark since May 2008!  
Cheers to all my blog readers!  And thanks!
Just a short thank you note to everyone who reads this blog - I was happy to discover that the number of page views since May 2008 has just gone past the 1 million mark!

Now, regular long-time readers will know that I started this blog in October 2006 - and I don't know why Blogger doesn't count all the page views between then and May 2008 - because with the coverage that was featured here on the Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid case there were a lot of readers before May 2008 - but what the heck - a million is a million!

Since May 2008 I have also posted 1121 different articles here - and well over 200 before that.

This is a blog run solely by me, I don't run ads to promote it and I rely on word of mouth and my columns in 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper and The Tyee online magazine to gain an audience.

So thank you again and stay tuned - perhaps I can hit the 2 million mark a lot sooner!  



Grant G said...

Congratulations Bill T

Welcome to the club.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Good for you Bill.

All of your posts, are a wealth of honest information. I don't even have to wonder, if your articles, are stretched a bit? They never are, come hell or high water.

Congrats Bill, you will have no problem winning, the two million reader mark.

DPL said...

Keep the information coming Bill. Your blog clears up the sort of stuff that the BC Liberals and friends keep bombarding us

Anonymous said...

It does, but doesn't clear up the sort of stuff that the BC NDP and friends will be bombarding us with.

Honest Information? Mostly,

Biased from the left? Of course.

Hobby of entertainment? You betcha.

Worth reading? Of course.