Monday, March 04, 2013

Premier Christy Clark gets "100%" backing from cabinet ministers but is it "1000%" like Thomas Eagleton?

Premier Christy Clark has the full support of her cabinet colleagues - according to them, at least, for now at least.  But full support can be misleading.

Thomas Eagleton

Christy Clark
And if you read between the lines, the endorsements are rather amusing. 

“We are as unified behind our leader as we ever have been,” Energy Minister Rich Coleman said.

BC Jobs Minister Pat Bell: "I'm as committed as I've ever been to Christy."

Of course, neither minister noted that just a single  BC Liberal MLA supported Clark in her leadership campaign, the hapless Harry Bloy.

Nonetheless, after meeting with Premier Christy Clark on Sunday, March 2, BC environment Terry Lake said cabinet ministers are “100 per cent supportive.”

But there are past historical notes that come to mind.

In 1972 U.S. Democratic Party Vice-Presidential candidate Thomas Eagleton was beset with doubts about his ability to 

Presidential nominee Senator George McGovern insisted on July 25, 1972 that he was “1,000 percent for Tom Eagleton.”

On July 31, 1972 McGovern forced Eagleton to withdraw. 



Richard Hughes said...

She is done. Her exit strategy could be resigning after the investigation.

Cabinet stands behind her and this might be the best that they can manage.

She could then hold her head up and not have to personally face the drubbing that lies ahead.

Gawd, I hope that I am wrong. I so look forward to the Liberals riding into the Sunset on the eve of May 14th and taking Christy Clark with them.

She could be the only women Premier that was never elected Premier nor suffer defeat in an election.

DPL said...

Question Period was mostly quiet on the Liberal side of the house. I figure there is some more paper out there and both sides know it. The NDP will drop them in the house when it suits them. At least the one Cabinet Minister bit the bullet and stepped down

Keith E. said...

Following on from DPL @ 7.48 the libs. have painted themselves into a corner, and both sides know it. If cristy gets the old heave ho. then what.?

Who, with any credibility and in their right mind would want to take on that nightmare at this time to be stuck with the most appalling of people both in the Leg. and the even worse puppet masters behind the curtains.

Anyone presently in cabinet can't stop this runaway disaster. Although Falcon and Abbot have been conspicuous by lying low while this gong show unfolds circling like vultures, I can't see either of those doing much more than shoring up support with the liberals still wearing blinkers. A couple of historical clips of them pounding the desk and guffawing whilst gordo or cristy are selling out those who didn't pay to play should bring back reality pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

Actually Christy Clark was the second. Rita Johnston was Premier, but her party was never elected as her as an "elected" Premier.

Rita Johnston was made Interim Premier in April 1991, elected Leader (and subsequently made Premier) in July 1991. Later than year in October, Social Credit lost the election.

Under our system, there is no election of Premier (Miller and Dosanjh) were never elected as Premier even though both had that role. Clark moved into being Premier first from February 1996 and later in the 1996 provincial election (being "elected" despite the NDP receving less of the popular vote than the BC Liberals, but never had any renewal but it was more of electing the NDP than it was on the basis of Clark (Campbell lost the 1996 election because of his policy positions). Same thing happened with Harcourt in 1991.

Anonymous said...

Neither Abbott or Falcon are running again, and neither had anything on the Ethnic Outreach. Falcon has no profound interest in shoring up the BC Liberals.

Neither would take on being replacements for Christy Crunch. There's no value for either of them in doing so.

It's a runaway disaster with the MLAs and Ministers aboard, the locomotive has lost any brake power and on the turn ahead next to the tracks is a large storage yard full of above ground tanks of politically flammable materials The train doesn't make it around the turn.

The obvious results happen.