Monday, May 21, 2012

West Star Communications celebrates 14 years in business!

14 years of cheers - from Bill Tieleman!
Today my firm, West Star Communications, celebrated 14 years in business!

I want to thank all my current and past clients for their strong support over those past 14 years!

It has been a privilege to serve you all and I deeply appreciate being entrusted with your strategy, communications and other consulting needs.

It also marks - by far - the longest I have ever held a job!  I guess that's because I'm the boss and can't fire myself.

Being in business can be very challenging and nerve-wracking at time but I really enjoy it and love working with so many different clients - well over 100 - and on so many different projects.

So thanks and all the best!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bill!

Anonymous said...

Most memorable moment: Fight HST or the BC Rail ransack?

John Twigg said...

Write on Bill! Only about a year until you'll become someone's deputy minister?? Anyway, kind regards and best wishes and thank you too for all of your courageous journalism!

Bill Tieleman said...

Many thanks rockit & John Twigg!

Anon 9:20 pm - my most memorable positive moment was without question the success of both the HST Citizens Initiative petition and the binding referendum.

Sadly, the Basi-Virk/BC Rail/BC Legislature Raid case is the most frustrating memorable moment. That this case was not heard after 7 years is enormously aggravating and yet, I believe the truth will eventually out.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

good on you!

Anonymous said...

First off congratulations, Bill. Fourteen years of slogging it out independently is tough. Many upstarts implode never making it past their 5th year.

Will admit you did well on the HST took a rare opportunity and handled it.

and remember, despite being "the Boss", you're also a working British Columbian. Just like the others who run their own businesses and those who help the business owner. "Working British Columbian" means you and anyone out there who works for a living.

Think John Twigg is out of it if he thinks you should become someone's Deputy Minister. That's the top end of the public service, and shouldn't go to an obvious NDP politico. That would reek of patronage and special privilege and hypocrisy.

If there's communications projects within a new Adrian Dix government, let the NDP PAB handle it. Otherwise hypocrisy sets in, big time. Best to let the NDP PAB handle that, and leave yourself for the good work needed "out here".

and Bill. Anyone who can stand working with Bill VanderZalm gets an extra 2 year "time served" credit. Many on the right side of politics couldn't stand the guy 2 years after he became Premier. So congratulations there too. I'll also add in "credit for time served" for working along side the other many on the right side figure as a fool, Chris Delaney.

So here's to 14 years. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Bill.

You have dedicated a lot of, time consuming hard work, on behalf of the BC people. For that we are grateful.

Perhaps you could squeeze enough time, to run for political office. We would be grateful for that too.

May you have many more years of success, with your business.