Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pat Tieleman - gone but never forgotten - my mom.

My three sons - Bill, Ralph & Jack with Pat Tieleman in the middle

Pat Tieleman and daugher-in-law Shirley Ross

Pat Tieleman with only grand-daughter Erin Ross Coward

My beloved mom Pat Tieleman passed away 2 years ago today - I miss her every day, as do my brothers Ralph and Jack, my wife Shirley and daughter Erin and her many family and friends, especially her dear friend Noreen Rourke, who was with her and Ralph, Jack and I when she passed away from lung cancer after a short illness at Nanaimo General Hospital' hospice. 

Love your moms, don't take them for granted ever and don't smoke. 

We all hoped for a few more years with Pat - an amazing person. 

Here is my tribute to her from 2010:


DPL said...

A loss not soon forgotten. And will not be forgotten

Anonymous said...

Mothers are the glue, that holds family's together. When they are gone, there is a gap in your lives, that you can never fill.

That you cherish and love the memory's of your Mother means, she was a wonderful Mother.