Friday, April 29, 2011

NHL lawyers go crazy - demand radio station & car dealership drop "Go Canucks" signs - but what about Canuck Security Services?

It doesn't say "Go Canucks!" but this sign from Canuck Security Services at a
constuction site at Fir Street between 6th and 7th Avenue in Vancouver might be in violation of the NHL's draconian copyright laws & goonish enforcers!
NHL copyright goons and enforcers threatening businesses for supporting Vancouver Canucks! Demand they take down signs saying "Go Canucks!"

What idiots the National Hockey League executives are.

How else to explain their crackdown on a Vancouver radio station and a car dealership for urging people to rally on the Vancouver Canucks in their exciting playoff series on the way to the Stanley Cup.

Rock 101 has been told via an NHL lawyer's letter to cease and desist with a promotion that raises funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by offering fans the chance to take a sledgehammer to a van with the Canucks' opponents logo on it for $10 a pop.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps seriously ill children by granting them a wish - like a trip to Disneyland - with the support of donors

Vancouver Kingsway Honda also got an NHL lawyer's letter demanding they take down "Go Canucks Go" and "Honk for the Canucks" signs - probably because Honda isn't a Canucks official sponsor - but really!

These boneheads need to encourage fans - not threaten them.

So I ask this question - will the NHL lawyers send ominous warnings to the owners of Canuck Security Services, whose sign is pictured above at a construction site on Fir Street in Vancouver? 

Will any company who has "Canuck" in its name or "Stanley" or "Cup" be told to shut the puck up?

And send me a letter too because I say "Go Canucks Go!" and I'm not an official sponsor either - just a fan!



The Skeptical Guy said...

once again you took the words outta my mouth...

DPL said...

Those guys must be somehow connected to the idiots that did the Olympic advertising who tried to copyright most ever thing in sight.

piker said...

Do the Canucks pay TransLink for all that "Go Canucks Go" advertising BS on the bus route reader boards?

Anonymous said...

It was Harper's call

This copyright and trademark mess is just Harper's way of sucking up to Americans.

"Harper personally promised U.S. President George Bush at the SPP summit in Montebello, Quebec in 2008 that Canada would pass copyright legislation [...] cables even reveal Canadian officials encouraging the U.S. to maintain the pressure and disclosing confidential information." -

Just wait until Harper gets his double majority on Monday for the real fun to begin...

Crankypants said...

What I find interesting about this story is that this isn't the first year the Canucks have been in the playoffs, and many businesses have displayed signs such as these. There were no such dictates from Bettman's legal beagles before.

I am also curious as to how the NHL got wind of this in the first place. Do they employ trolls to scour every nook and cranny in North America searching for breaches of trademark laws.

I think that there is more to this story than we have been told so far.

RossK said...


I think you may have to go a little deeper here.

What do the radio station concerned and that particular car dealership have in common?

Hint: Think BC's longest running talking sports show that is most definitely NOT on the current house station.


Bernard said...

I wonder if the push comes from the Team 1040? More people still listen to Dan Russell than the talk shows on the Team?

RossK said...

Bernard - the answer to your second question is a most definite 'Yes'

Overall, Mr. Russell still kills in his time-slot.

(and regarding your question #1, it is worth remembering which Media conglomerate now owns the house station)


Anonymous said...

"Those guys must be somehow connected to the idiots that did the Olympic advertising who tried to copyright most ever thing in sight."

Wrong, but the mentality is the same.

The idiots who blocked copyright would have had a fun time in Olympia, Washington.

On behalf of all of us fans in British Canuckistian, Go Canucks Go.