Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bill Tieleman live tonight on CBC News Network's Connect with Mark Kelley - in Vancouver

Bill Tieleman shares a laugh with Mark Kelley,
host of Connect on CBC TV's News Network

I had a great time on Thursday April 28 with host Mark Kelley on his CBC News Network show Connect - live from Vancouver talking about the federal election. 

Wonderful setting in Stanley Park overlooking the city and the sun even came out for the show!

You can watch a video of the whole show here and see the interview at 38:45 minutes into the broadcast.

Thanks to Mark and his crew on the road and producers at CBC in Toronto for having me on.


DPL said...

There is something wrong with your comment section. Each attempt as soon as the name spot is touched directs to how to set up a blog.
Third attempt so far,

Bill Tieleman said...

Might be a temporary glitch DPL - your comment up now.

Anonymous said...

It was.

Real Hypocrisy here, Many of Bill's bloggers hate MSM, yet here is Bill The Blogger connecting with CBC News.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy Bill is connecting with the CBC. At least he gets to put his opinion out there.

The rest of the media in BC, so far have been totally pro BC Liberal. BC media picks words out of context, to put the opposition and the citizens, in the wrong, over and over. Would they allow Bill an interview? Absolutely not. CKNW radio would cut anyone commenting about Campbell and the BC Liberals, right off. If CKNW knew the caller, they weren't even acknowledged. They got no air time what-so-ever.

Christy Clark's tele Town Hall, will be no different than, Christy on CKNW radio. Bloggers have said, they called in to Christy's radio show, and were ignored or cut off. The tele calls they take, will probably be from pro Liberals. Christy has already said, the HST is here to stay, so count on selected callers.

The BC Liberals know the HST has harmed this province and the people. The HST was designed for big business and big business only. These wealthy company's, paid Campbell mega dollars, to use every dirt tactic in the book to keep the HST. Christy will do as Campbell tells her to do.

Does anyone know, what happened to, Hansen's stacked HST panel?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bill,

Although, seriously, Mark Kelley is pretty much the equivalent of the National Enquirer on television.

I'm not sure you gain much by appearing on his little show - pretty much the news department's response to the Shane Foxman school of pseudo-journalism.

I know I can hardly bring myself to watch the CBC any longer...the only thing which makes it 'edible' at all is the fact that everything else on the viewer's place is rotten.

Bill Tieleman said...

Anon Apr 30 9:17 - have you actually ever seen the show! Because your comments about the "National Enquirer" are absurd! Mark Kelley has toured the country talking to ordinary voters about this election - respectfully asking their opinion.

That's nothing like your description!

I was honoured to be on the show several times to give analysis and never felt for a moment it was "Enquirer" like.

It's always an interesting show & like the title says, Mark really connects with people!

Anonymous said...

Yep! I've seen it and it's awful - the man is lighter than air - much of his content is stale youtube videos gleaned from the internet and forwarded to him on Twitter. He’s little more than a Canadian Anderson Cooper without the Vanderbilt trust fund.

It's awful and a poor excuse for journalism - If I want to know what the idiot on the street thinks I'll ask my neighbour - the CBC used to do serious journalism - now they apparently think nice guys like Kelley - who is constantly moaning about what 'his' opinion is - is a substitute for actually doing real investigative work.

About the only thing worse on CBC TV is the absolutely worthless Lang O'Leary shout out.

I don't want television personalities to 'connect' with anyone - I want journalism that understands issues and does real research.

And there’s none of that on Mark Kelley's show - your own contributions excepted of course...

In fact, both times you've noted here that you were appearing on his show I made a point to watch - sadly, your few minutes were the only thing worthwhile about the experience.

Journalism in this country is in a terrible condition precisely because it spends too much time focusing on 'personality' and making snide personal attacks - SUN MEDIA journalism and the CBC isn't much better these days.

So, sorry Bill, I'll stand by my comments.

DPL said...

It would appear that some folks don't think the CBC has creds. Our radios are tuned to the CBC all day. Their news is more factual than other stations,Anna marie can't be bullied by any politicain on her morning show.
and by gosh their senior weather person Claire, knows her job. Yes they have a couple of TV shows that are not to my liking but the guy interviewing Bill knows his stuff.And of course the harperites want to shut down the CBC,just as the Liberals tried to do a few years back, and that will only happen if many of us let it happen. By the way, statistically as of Sunday noon, the NDP and the Harper gang are close enough to be in the rage of who knows what is going to happen.We will all be experts Monday evening (late)

Anonymous said...

"It would appear that some folks don't think the CBC has creds. Our radios are tuned to the CBC all day. Their news is more factual than other stations,Anna marie can't be bullied by any politicain on her morning show."

It's also the hated MSM. The kind that many including the above contributer constantly whines about (ooo right yea, he doesn't when the MSM is something he actually likes!).

Talk about hyprocrisy.
Either you listen/read MSM or ya don't.