Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adrian Dix wins BC NDP Leadership!

Adrian Dix wins the BC NDP leadership vote!  - Bill Tieleman photo
CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend Adrian Dix, the new BC NDP leader!

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My very best wishes to Adrian Dix in today's BC NDP leadership vote!

The event is being broadcast live on the BC NDP website.

Adrian will make a great leader - energetic, smart, compassionate and dedicated.

Good luck, Adrian!



cherylb said...

Yet another bad choice by the BCNDP. When we will ever learn?

Anonymous said...

After a decade of fondue parties and limp-wristed appeasement the NDP finally have a leader who knows what he wants to do and actually has the gonads to kick BC Liberal butt!

No surprise the Beautiful BC Media (following orders from the Fraser Institute) wanted anybody but Dix . . . since they want Queen Christy to rule BC forever.

Remember Adrian . . . NO PRISONERS!


DPL said...

Adrian is the new NDP Leader, and congrats to him and his workers.

Henri said...

So long as this guy has no ties,or affiliation's to James,I may just vote for his party.

Anonymous said...

Extremely disappointed with the election of Dix. The people of BC are screaming out for a fresh, moderate approach to government and we pick the most doctrinaire, extremist retread on the menu. We've basically abandoned the centre to Christy Clark in the vain hope that maybe the BC Conservatives will split the vote. Plus we've handed the Libs and the media a stick to beat us with. Great job, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many times I will have to endure "Memo to File" between now and the next election (which I'm sure CC is now dying to call.)

The shortsightedness of today's vote saddens me to no end. For a party of so called progressives, we sure seem to be in love with looking like we are right out of the 70s.

Bill, you have one chance to redem yourself--work like hell to expose CC and her BC Rail ties. It is the only shot we have at victory in the next election.

Outsourced said...

The NDP has lived up to its promise again. I for one am relieved and motivated. Let's get on board with Adrian!

The real effort now is to support new media approaches to letting people know who Adrian really is. (The MSM would never support the NDP no matter the leader - well except Milton Friedman and the Chicago school of economics.) The MSM message is cooked. Readers of the Sun and Province are probably already decided and have closed their minds to new information. Its time to turn to sources that will set out the facts and embarrass all those to tired to think what is happening to democracy in Canada.

For example, check out new media approaches to setting the record straight on Harper at:

The following website also went online last week and has apparently received more than 2 million Canadian visits:

Obviously, this is not all that can be done, but it would be good to focus on youth as one important part of the demographic and its totally free.

Youth are definitely not reading or watching the MSM unless they are also surfing - like what I am doing now. Let's get them involved, if they are not yet.

Grant G said...

A Tip of the Hat Mr. Bill T.

Cheers from the Powell River Persuader.

Grant G

Anonymous said...

Liberal landslide. Carole Jame is thrilled

Anonymous said...

Adrian Dix is an excellent NDP MLA but he is not the MLA that should be leading this party. His ultra left wing rhetoric will alienate voters and throw the party into the opposition once again. I have always been a supported of the BC NDP but unfortunately I don't think I can support a party that has shot itself in the foot. It's good to see that Dix has such a strong set out ideology but in the end it will not return the votes necessary to take power in the legislature.

Mike Farnsworth is in my mind the most dignified, hard working and most experienced MLA in the NDP and would have led the party to victory in the next election. Now we have led Christy Clark to victory, so let us say goodbye to any vision that Dix may have had of well functioning health and education systems.

At least Christy Clark talks to people and isn't spouting off political rhetoric and ideological jargon.

Anonymous said...

An antiquated political party right out of 1972. It's unfortunate to see the CCF, err, I mean NDP act this way in 2011.

Bill Tieleman said...

This is a free speech blog and I am very tolerant of comments contrary to my own views - but I have to say that the BC Liberal trolls and sore losers are not helping their cause here by posting nasty comments the very night Adrian Dix wins.

No one shoots at a dead duck, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled for Adrian. But the biggest thrill of the night? Neither Jenny Kwan nor Lana Popham got their way in the end. Hope they've learned their lesson: the party chooses the leader - not you!

Outsourced said...

Exactly Bill. The Liberals trolls are just mad that they couldn't fix the vote like the Liberals did with their leadership election.

However, anon says on Sunday, 17 April, 2011 11:07:00 that:

"At least Christy Clark talks to people and isn't spouting off political rhetoric and ideological jargon."

Well, that has to be the funniest and most ridiculous statement that anyone could make. If Christy Crunch is free of rhetoric and right-wing free enterprise jargon, then the moon is made of cheese.

Anon, did you actually listen to Adrian tonight on the MSM? I did and I heard a responsible man stating the facts about the economy, the province and what needs to be done.

Adrian is the only hope we have for a full and impartial inquiry into the give-away of public assets and the only hope of putting honesty the public good ahead of lies, deceit and the sell out of Canadians.

The people won tonight!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Adrian Dix!

Here's to hoping the BC NDP crawl out from under their shell, and launch a private prosecution against the BC Rail miscreants.

RonS said...

We needed to turn left and we did. Now there is a real choice for BC. We don't need a washed out center politican we need someone that isn't afraid to speak up. Adrian can do that.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dix! As an ousider looking in, fresh air in BC politics has been in short supply for far too many years! BC finally has a people first party again.

I hope Dix quickly moves to establish a new identity for the party, some outside of the box stuff here, inspire our youth and engage our communities. Invest in BC folks and companies first and give them the opportunities - even if it is more costly in the short run because it will benefit us all in the long run.

For example the BC Ferries privatization disaster. You have folks working for BC Ferries who are turning down salary increases with strings because they seem to care about safety and our communities! BRAVO!

BC Ferries should be built in BC and run by folks from BC who live in and care about BC communities. The CEO and his friends get paid how much? How much have ferry prices increased in the past 5 years? What was/is the mandate of BC Ferries? Exactly. This is where you are going to get people engaged, believeing in change and voting for it.


Anonymous said...

"I wonder how many times I will have to endure "Memo to File" between now and the next election (which I'm sure CC is now dying to call.)"

The simple answer is you don't have to. You only have to if you want to.

Time to enjoy late spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

After a decade of fondue parties and limp-wristed appeasement the NDP finally have a leader who knows what he wants to do and actually has the gonads to kick BC Liberal butt!

True enough, but let's give the voters something to vote for.

Presenting the NDP as a bunch of complainers isn't going to help our party one bit.

Offer workable solutions. Constantly stating problems over and over again isn't going to fix anything.

DPL said...

The sky is falling according to the Globe this morning. I was surprised they didn't write"The socialists are at the gate".

Glad to see Adrian won, and we all know he can and will get the other candidates to work with him to improve so many things in BC.

Comments such as anon 6:58 Sunday about leaving the NDP after 40 years would resonate better if the anon actually wrote who she or he actually is.If that person is actually a NDP member it sounds like sour grapes.

The BS that Ms. Perky Chrisy is chomping at the bit to take on Adrian is a bit premature, as she doesn't have a seat. Similar talk back when she decided she was best candidate to be Vancouver mayor.

Anonymous said...

All of the, NDP candidates will work together with Dix, they are all excellent people.

BC is the most corrupt province in the entire country, thanks to the BC Liberals. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, was the most corrupt event in the history of Canada. Do people forget, Christy Clark, her ex and her brother, were all implicated in that crime?

Christy is merely Campbell's clone, she will do as Campbell tells her to do. That's why she was made the leader. Never, never could she govern this province, on her own.

The other Liberal candidates had too many, very dark clouds hanging over them. The BCR crime was many years ago. The BC Liberals had hoped, people had forgotten about, Christy and her family's involvement. But, we haven't. Christy's refusal to have a criminal investigation, into the BCR corruption crime, speaks for it's self.

Ron1 said...

A great leadership race.

I supported John Horgan, but will be 100% in support of Adrian.

Anonymous said...

"Christy is merely Campbell's clone, she will do as Campbell tells her to do. That's why she was made the leader. Never, never could she govern this province, on her own. "

Way off base. She isn't Campbell's clone, Kevin Falcon was Campbell's favourite. Christy had the support of only one MLA, while Kevin had many, and had alot of business support.

She is just as much as being Campbell's clone as Adrian Dix is being manipulated by the Union Bosses.

Let's end this silly contant screeching about Campbell and give the voters something actually to vote for.

The leadership races are now over.

Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill. Thank you for supporting Adrian. I have known him for years and am so impressed with him. He is very, very intelligent, compassionate and tough -- just the sort of person you can rely on. I hope the people of B.C. realize that Adrian is a sincere, thoughtful person. His emphasis is on knowing what's right and getting it done.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Mike Smith this am on CKNW continually slag Adrian Dix tells me just how afraid he and his Liberal friends are. Keep it up.
We need Adrian Dix and what he can bring. Why do you think CC is talking about being real and families first.....cause it hasn't been done for the past 10 years...just guess by whom?????

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the kind of character assault happening at the cbc bc forums as is going on right now. The PABs are working overtime to spin a negative image of Dix.

Is it even legal? How is it fair that a sitting government can spend tens of millions (of our tax dollars) on telling everyone they are great, the opposition are @#$%^ and no other funding for dissenting opinions is available?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Adrian Dix, all of our love any prayers!

Anonymous said...

Elections these days are pretty much personality contests. The most photogenic with the best smile usually wins. Nixon V Kennedy for example. Another example closer to home nerdy humourless Ignatiff against slightly less nerdy, but more photogenic Harper. I'm afraid Crunchy Clarks smiling optomism will beat Dixes dour intelligence

Grace said...

People seem to think that Dix will be taking on Clark for the premiership of does he. The liberals will keep fostering that idea for as long as it suits them. This isn't about Clark/'s about Dix vs. Kinsella/Hochstein/Morgan...the real power behind their CC mouthpiece - and let's not forget all the willing and able cabinet,PAB and bought and paid for media behind her, still being run by the real power behind the throne. Good Luck NDP, the next election will decide the fate of your party for all time in this province.

Jeff Barkley said...

I've been a member of the NDP for 40 years and was supporting John Horgan but am thrilled by the selection of Adrian Dix as leader. I think we may finally be reaching a point where intelligent people are looking for a REAL change. Not just another Obama clone that speaks well and has no backbone in negotiations with the corporatists. Perhaps Adrian's less "smooth" speech backed by true knowledge and morals will be the key to that change.

If we look to the south at Obama and watch what "moving to the center" results in, we should learn that the right wing will never help a moderate government. It doesn't matter what you promise them in return, they will always get more from right wingers and they know that. Compromise is beaten down until its little more than a carbon copy of what the ultra right wing, corporatists want. Look at how the "compromise" to get an extension of unemployment benefits for people worked out for Obama. He gave them the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich in return and now the cost of those "compromises" is going to result in medicare being wiped out, along with many other necessary programs for the masses. So what did compromise with the corporatists gain Obama? It is the same thing here. The NDP can move to the center/right and promise all sorts of business goodies, but the corporatists will just take that and demand more. They spend massive amounts of money with "advisors" etc to come up with ideas to trick working people into no-win situations. Like privatization. Thats a perfect example. Bennett privatized the parks and the deed was done. He signed contracts that were long term and could not be broken without excessive penalties. Each and every change the corporatists make is designed to never be undone. That is why they fear Adrian Dix. He sounds like he will actually DO things to help the working people of this province and, well, the corporatists cannot have that!

He promises to roll back corporate tax cuts of the BC Liberals. In reality that is the ONLY way for the budget to be balanced and not destroy the quality of life for the working people of BC. His ideas are needed now, not some time in the future, which compromise usually promises....and never happens. There is no time left to save the environment. No time left to compromise and "work toward" some pathetic, tiny change. Its the same with economics. We can't compromise now and lose Medicare! If we lose it, we'll never get it back. The corporatists will make sure of that. More long term contracts will be signed and there will never be an opportunity for our children to get out of them. They will be bankrupted by greedy insurance companies and private health care firms, just like in the US.

We NEED Adrian Dix and people like him NOW! I'm thrilled to see this change in leadership....

Anonymous said...

I do not think that the preceding comments prior to your "liberal troll" posts were from liberal supporters. They were likely from NDP'ers that are dissatisfied with the direction the party has taken. We have become a fractioned party and perhaps choosing a more ideological candidate was a bad choice, maybe not?
Adrian Dix has been a hard working politician, lets see what happens?

Bill P said...

Great. Another fibber, and WAY too far left fibber. Good luck with that, let me know how that works for the party. I have no vote now as I won't vote for liars and that describes both leaders.

Is there ANY honest person to lead the way?

Anonymous said...

Is there ANY honest person to lead the way?

There was, Mike Farnworth, but the Dixheads decided otherwise.