Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fight HST to hold rally outside BC Liberal leadership vote gathering on Saturday February 26 calling for HST elimination

Crowd of 5,000 protest the HST in Vancouver, September 19, 2009
Fight HST, the grassroots group formed to get rid of the Harmonized Sales Tax, will hold a rally Saturday afternoon outside the BC Liberal leadership vote gathering at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday February 26 from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

The full media advisory is below:

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Fight HST Rally

February 24, 2011– Vancouver

Fight HST, the group that lead the successful Initiative petition to repeal the HST will hold a rally this Saturday adjacent to the BC Liberal Leadership Convention to let the Candidates for premier know that the people of BC want an end to the HST.

Date: Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time: 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre – West Building

Meet by Olympic Cauldron – Jack Poole Plaza

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Anonymous said...

Old news.

Same crowd.

Ron Sward said...

We'll see anonymous. Your comments also apply to the participants for the LIbERal leadership. We are going to rock their boat!

cherylb said...

Give it up guys. We done good, but all good things must come to an end. People want to wait for the referendum.

DPL said...

Without the anti HST group there would not be a referendum, and Gordo would probably have tried to tough it out and stay on as Liberal boss, or assorted Liberal candidates would not be offering the referendum earlier than first announced, and Gordo decided to lower the percentage to pass it to a simple majority. WE must thank the folks who did all the hard work of setting up places to vote for the referendum. That includes Bill Vanderzam, Chris delany and Bill Tieleman and so many other spear carriers all across this province

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dead horse? I still pay hst on everything I buy, so I don't think the horse is dead. I think it's foolish to believe that the HST is definitely done for. That's what the bc libs and the media want you to think. Thats what christy wants you to think. And the pab.

Anonymous said...

I hope they raise HST by 2%. We need more taxes to help pay for the deadbeats in society. Especially those following Vanderscam and Delaney. I guess yo're in that category too Tieleman. How's business

Anonymous said...

We'll see anonymous. Your comments also apply to the participants for the LIbERal leadership. We are going to rock their boat!

Same thing can also be said for the NDP.

Anonymous said...

I don't vote. Voting for crooks is worst than voting.

Have to agree with raising HST and all personal taxes. Hope more people move away from BC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah great idea, lets tax the poor more. Let's also change the minimum wage rules, we'll abolish the training wage and simply set min wage at $6. Then we will remove all corporate taxes, while raising personal income tax and user fee's. Let's really get those freeloaders.!

Sounds like a wonderful place to live eh.

Pravda Pete said...

Wish I could be there to laugh in your face (0 for 3 on the Recalls?) but I have a real protest to attend at The (Olympic) Village. Here's a clue how you can tell who they are more afraid of, a bunch of rich whiny NDP'ers or the homeless and their supporters. How many police will be patrolling your protest making sure it doesn't get out of control? Report on that next week Tieleman, I'll let you know how many we get as soon as I get back to the internet. Remember if you're not a threat, there's no reason for them to listen.

Anonymous said...

what happen to RECALL Survior tieleman? Those attending rallies all should be voted off the island.

cherylb said...

@ DPL - really?

Anonymous said...

Cheryl - We should never give up until the tax is defeated. We must stay in the face and pressure government - if not we the people fall asleep again and government gets away with murder again. Read and reflect back and then ask the question if we should go to sleep again

Outsourced again said...

The trolls are at it again. There must be something they are really scared about. Otherwise, why would they take time to write. For example, why do trolls (e.g., anon at 3:43 etc) repeatedly write that they are bored reading about the lying Liberals and why the BC Rail sale was corrupt and who should be charged, why the HST should be repealed and who backs Christy?

It just seems incredible that a rationale person would take time to write to complain that its "old news." A rational person would simply google something else to read. Why keep returning to a site you find boring? Just doesn't make sense.

Keep up the good work Bill. I find the site informative and lively. Maybe I am biased, but I just can't stomach the MSM drivel so I don't buy it and seldom read it.

I was surprised last week to read the transcript of one of the RCMP surveillance tapes. I think it was Basi offering to take a bribe from a high placed liberal as a donation to the lying liberals for influencing a public official. Surely this is a criminal offense.

But this was only one of the people involved in making and receiving bribes. Yet only Basi and Virk were charged. Why? It is ridiculous that this is not a MSM news item. But we know why it isn't - its all about the undue influence corporations have over the "news" companies that print papers and have licenses to broadcast. The lying Liberals were bought and sold and now they are selling us out again with an oil pipeline deal and a new Porcupine Lake proposal.

Fortunately, the news business has changed. Wikileaks and social media have changed everything. At some point someone is going to dump those electronic files BY MISTAKE and then we will have all the proof to make Good, Palmer and the rest of the lap dogs whine.

In fact, I bet they have already set up a few more sacrificial lambs. But it will be harder for Campbell and Christy to avoid the truth. Who leaked Cabinet discussions if, according to Hansen, Bas and Virk were not there? How did Christy's brother come by confidential BC Rail documents? Why was the investigation so restricted?

KeepEmStraight said...

Video coverage for the latest HST Rally on Feb.26th 2011 may be viewed here:
copy & Paste: More than just the HST is at risk

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you're right 2:21. They failed again.