Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Will Premier Gordon Campbell resign this morning?!!! "Significant Announcement" at 11:30 A.M. in Vancouver news conference

BC Premier Gordon Campbell may be resigning this morning!

The premier's office has called an immediate news conference for 11:30 a.m. at Vancouver's Pan Pacific Hotel for what it calls a "significant announcment" by Campbell.

The odds of his resignation continue to go up by the moment, with National Post Ottawa political columnist John Ivison posting on Twitter that "Parliament Hill sources" say Campbell will quit.

Rumours have been swirling for weeks of major caucus unrest with Campbell over the HST, the Basi-Virk trial guilty plea bargain deal and the premier's seeming indifference to the BC Liberal Party's disastrous drop to just 24% in the latest polls, with his personal approval rating at just 9%.

The latest rumour - reported on air by CKNW's Victoria bureau chief Sean Leslie, is that a letter is being signed by BC Liberal MLAs demanding that Campbell resign.

And an "emergency" BC Liberal MLA caucus meeting is scheduled for Thursday in Vancouver, a move that started speculation of Campbell's departure but was dismissed by caucus chair Ron Cantelon.

The October 27 televised address announcing a 15% income tax cut did nothing but harm to the premier's position according to an Ipsos Reid poll that found viewers had a much worse opinion of Campbell after the show.

It found only 11 per cent of viewers had a better opinion of the premier after seeing his show while 43 per cent said their opinion had worsened and 45 per cent said it had no real impact.

Other non-resignation possibilities include Campbell attempting to overturn the federal government rejection of the Prosperity Mine or moving up the date of the HST referendum.




Anonymous said...

I'm not going to waste time checking this announcement out. Wake me up when it's over and tell me if he said anything interesting.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell won't be resigning this morning.

Bill, you need to cut down on the political caffiene.

and work on what the NDP will actually put together as an alternative to the crackpot Randy White Conservatives and nut case Delaney BC First Party.

terrence said...

It will be wonderful, if true - but one cannot trust the Fiberals in any way.

I will wait and see - if King Gordo really does resign, and does so in shame and ignominy, WONDERFUL!

But, even if he does resign, I am sure Gordo will try to spin it as a problem with, for and by the peasants, not him.

Ed Seedhouse said...

It's official, he's gone. Never lsten to anonymous posers, folks.

terrence said...

MY GAWD! Bill Good just said this is an unexpected, STUNNING announcement! Does Good have NO awareness of what the people of BC think about King Gordo, and the continuous, growing pressure on the Fiberal Party to get rid of the vile loser Gordo.

I also heard King Gordo say politics can be nasty - and no one is more vile and nasty than King Gordo.

Anonymous said...

IF . . . Campbell goes it will only be after getting his Swiss Bank Accounts and his various energy & transport company Directorships all lined up.

IF . . . the "Greatest Leader in the History of the World" can't leave beloved and respected he will depart . . . FILTHY RICH!

IF . . . the "Despot of Cascadia" does go who fills the ON THE TAKE JOB?

IF . . . you are patching a hole in the sewer pipe and Carol and Dianne don't want to be the rotor-rooter-girl then that leaves such great leaders in waiting as Kevin Falcon and Rich Coleman.


Anonymous said...


I didn't think he'd do it but he did

Anonymous said...

It's official; he's resigning!

Can't happen soon enough.

cosmicsync said...

Way to call it, Anonymous 11:25. You must work for the PAB (or maybe the finance ministry).

Anonymous said...

"IF . . . you are patching a hole in the sewer pipe and Carol and Dianne don't want to be the rotor-rooter-girl then that leaves such great leaders in waiting as Kevin Falcon and Rich Coleman."

IF B.C.'s highest quality Devilled Ham comes up with comments that acutally make sense, it would be a mircle.

Anonymous said...

"Way to call it, Anonymous 11:25. You must work for the PAB (or maybe the finance ministry)."

Way to call that one. Are all left wingers that idiotic in their speculation?? I work in business as a manager, way off from politics

deeby said...

Clearly a long way off from politics, Anonymous 11:25/12:18. Perhaps you need to drink a bit of said caffeine, or chow down on some crow.

No apology for Bill? Classy....

Full disclosure said...

Anon 11:25/12:18...Please, let us know what business you're managing - It would be a good time to sell your company short.

Anyone that 'closely attuned' to the pulse of the province won't be in business long...your future would have been more secure with the Public Affairs Bureau.

Anonymous said...

So, Campbell resigned. However, we still have the detested BC Liberal Party. I doubt anything will change. The ministers backed Campbell up, to the hilt. I saw on another post, 61% of the BC people, have already said, they will not vote Liberal, in the next election. BC citizens are still angry over, Campbell's corrupt sale of our BCR, and more angry, De Jong refused to allow further investigation, into that crime. However, the RCMP, refused to investigate as well. The RCMP are out of favor among the BC people. Some say, they don't even want the RCMP, as an icon of Canada. Fury, over the trial of the corrupt sale. The corrupt court, the corrupt judge, the brain dead witnesses. We people are far from satisfied. This is the work of the BC Liberals. Our rivers are sold. Our hydro is a costly mess, which, the BC people will have to pay for. The lies, deceit, regarding the HST. Well, we shal wait and see.