Monday, June 07, 2010

Tieleman at Basi-Virk case Monday morning June 7

UPDATE - 12:45 p.m. More legal issues discussed this morning but the jury is expected in the court room at 2 p.m. today. I will report fully on what can be reported later today - stay tuned!

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Just a note to let readers know that I will be attending the Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid trial on Monday June 7 and reporting here as possible given the publication ban on any courtroom discussions in the absence of the jury.



BC Mary said...

Good morning, Bill ...

Very pleased to know you'll be in the courtroom this morning.

I assume you're an "Accredited" journalist and have a recording device which is allowed to "Accredited" journalists? For purposes of accuracy?

But of course, the Publication Ban won't allow you to say anything about ... well, you know.

Just askin'. It sounds like a crazy world inside BCSCourtroom 54.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Bill it is nice to have you back on the case !!!!

steve dockeray
milner bc

PS .

While you were away Mr Good called your work on the Ledge Raid Trial - Pure Politics & Nadda More !!

Anonymous said...

Steve that's not a problem ,what bill the pill has to say is no longer relevant,you can add baldry and palmer to that list and smyth likes to throw rocks and run away but still hides behind the veil,can't figure him out guess he just wants to continue his gig with n double skew.

BC Mary said...

Well, I never thought I'd start reading the day's reports on the BC Rail trial by falling off my chair laughing.

Our esteemed citizen-colleague at Pacific Gazette reported from outside the Vancouver Law Courts that "At 11:00 AM, nobody had been seen running out screaming ..."

And this ... nutty as it sounds ... is Real Good Newz for British Columbians, I think. Not entirely sure, and if I was sure I couldn't legally say so, but I think it's good news.

Anonymous said...

"Well, I never thought I'd start reading the day's reports on the BC Rail trial by falling off my chair laughing"

Like to thank BC Mary for that comment. Given a choice between Bill and BC Mary, I'll follow Bill Tieleman, since he is more serious about the coverage and more mature, even though he is a bit prejudiced in his views. But to his credit, his reporting will be such that it would almost be like being there, rather than the cut and paste content of BC Mary's supposed credible blog.

More interestd in the procedure, subject and content of the trial rather than the nauseating rhetoric.