Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell's chief of staff Martyn Brown finds out in court today Blair Lekstrom quit BC Liberal cabinet & caucus


Premier’s chief of staff shocked in court to be last to learn MLA Blair Lekstrom quit cabinet and caucus

By Bill Tieleman, 24 hours columnist

There was a shocking disclosure in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday – but only to Premier Gordon Campbell's top political advisor – when he learned that MLA Blair Lekstrom had quit the B.C. Liberal cabinet and caucus last Friday over the government’s handling of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Campbell’s Chief of Staff Martyn Brown was visibly disturbed by the information – which he said he was not aware of because as a witness for the past two weeks he has not read any newspapers, watched television reports or spoken to anyone in the premier’s office.

“That comes as a complete revelation to me,” a clearly stunned Brown said. “And a disappointment.”

The dramatic moment came when defence lawyer Michael Bolton, representing David Basi – one of three former B.C. Liberal aides facing corruption charges related to the $1 billion sale of B.C. Rail in 2003 – asked Brown about Lekstrom.

“Blair Lekstrom is a B.C. Liberal MLA and cabinet minister,” Brown replied.

But defence lawyer Kevin McCullough, representing Bob Virk, said loudly from his desk: “He was. He resigned from cabinet and caucus.”

Brown is still unaware that the HST is the reason for Lekstrom’s resignation, as it was not raised in court.

In earlier testimony Brown admitted that B.C. taxpayers may be “on the hook” for up to $550 million in the B.C. Rail deal if the buyer – CN Rail – is not allowed to use tax losses incurred by B.C. Rail prior to its sale.

And Brown said he and then-Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon were both “very surprised” to learn in 2004 that B.C. Liberal Party election campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella had been hired by B.C. Rail in 2001 for more than $6,000 a month.

Brown said Falcon told him he was surprised and was “planning to terminate the contract.”



DPL said...

Its hard to believe that Martyn wasn't aware that Leksrom quit. sure he is a witness but to have us believe he has spoken to no one is almost beyond belief.wonder if he remembers when payday is to happen.
Do you figure he knows who Gordo is, or where the legislature is located. we live in a pretty small town so unless Martyn has been living in a cloister he must have heard something

Anonymous said...

Is that clown for real does he really think he's fooling anyone?

Stan Mortensen said...

Since I am not one for swearing, I will abbreviate what I am thinking WTF (that's fig and not the other word).
Martyn has been around the game for a very long time from Social Credit to Reform to Liberal. Supposedly he is one the key insiders in government. It seems this man has a completely bureaucratic mentality - keep your head in the sand (or up a certain body opening).

The supposedly the eyes and ears and at times the mouth of the boss. I find his testimony and statements to be severely lacking of something.

There is truly something really very wrong with this crew in Victoria and now we are starting to see the problems. From my own experience staff are usually reflective of the boss.

Anonymous said...

Keep at it Bill. Excellent stuff.

kootcoot said...

I can't decide whether to admire Gordon Campbell for hiring the obviously mentally handicapped or to be stunned that Mr. Brown would think anyone is dumb enough to buy his line of fertilizer!

Doesn't Mr. Brown know the difference between being a witness and a member of the jury. While it is true that witnesses aren't supposed to watch other witnesses testify before they testify, so that they won't try to keep their story in alignment with the previous witness, it is perfectly acceptable to testify by day, and read the paper or watch the news by night.

Justice MacKenzie, when are you going to deliver the lecture that Mr. Brown so richly deserves, or are you in on the game? Lecture, heck, I think we're getting well into contempt of court territory after days of this foolishness!

Anonymous said...

The only way this kind of "disconnect" could honestly exist is if there was/is wide spread chemical abuse inside the Government of British Columbia.

I think Martyn Brown should be ordered to provide urine and blood samples to the RCMP, sorry, a US agency like the FBI since we all known cops in BC are totally dirty.

No wonder when they raided the BC Legislature on 28/Dec./2003 they were looking & testing for drugs.

I can imagine a scene fron Scarface with "Premier" Al Pacino snorting inch wide and foot long lines of Cocaine in the Premier's Office.

As the statue and fountain proclaim Gordon . . . THE WORLD IS YOURS!


Kim said...

Would that be "wonderful Wednesdays?"

Henri Paul said...

If this guy is one of the brighter lights, its incomprehensible to picture the dim ones.

Anonymous said...

When does the "I don't remember" and "this is a revelation to me" approach become contempt of court?

Kam Lee said...

The continual bleating of Brown, " I can't remember, I can't say for sure", is pure crap! Gordo has, and had his grimy little fingers in all of this. At least they are starting at the right end. Start close to the top and work upwards. Any trial, that takes this length of time, shows not only contempt of the system by gordo and his gang, it shows utter disrespect for the people of British Columbia. It is amazing, that aside from yourself Bill and a few others, the MSM see that "There is nothing going on". Poppycock!
WTF, mainstream media, DO YOUR JOB, do not hide the truth.

Bill Tieleman said...

WARNING NOTE - A post has just been rejected by me because it referred to events and information disclosed in pre-trial hearings - that is subject to a publication ban during this trial.

Secondly, the post contained statements I believe are libelous.

I caution all posters to avoid making allegations that might break the ban or bring other legal action.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming a farce of a trial. How can anyone get a fair trial when no one can remember what happened during the BC rail sale??

Anonymous said...

This is becoming a farce of a trial. How can anyone get a fair trial when no one can remember what happened during the BC rail sale??"

Give it time. DOn't expect any TV type drama that you see on US TV shows. There won't be any explosive turn of events that would have Bill running down the steps of the courthouse to the nearest phone or internet connection.

The trial is for a court case, it's not there for political entertainment.

Bill Tieleman said...

CLARIFICATION - on my warning. While reports on pre-trial hearings continue to be available here and on dozens of other websites, the publication ban imposed by Justice Anne MacKenzie clearly states:

"Pursuant to s. 648 of the Criminal Code and the inherent jurisdiction of the court, there shall be no publication in any document or broadcast or transmission of any evidence, submissions, rulings or Reasons for Judgment given in these proceedings in the absence of the jury until the jury renders its verdict or until further order of the Court."

I read "publication" as reprinting or reposting past reports that contain any of the above.

Anything I or others have published in the past is not covered by the order, in my opinion.

I don't agree with the sweeping nature of the publication ban but that's what it says.

Anonymous said...


I think you must be referring to me.

I was doing an unrelated search and came across the links I submitted - I thought they would be of interest, but had absolutely no idea that they had been banished by the Judge.

My comments accompanying the submission were purposefully bombastic, but I didn't think they crossed the line - I've had my wrist slapped here before for going too far. I definitely didn't intend or want, to get you in a libelous situation.

Anonymous said...

Has Martyn Brown, sequestered himself from his family? Does he actually speak to no-one? Seems, there is a lot of, el torro poo poo going on. However, if I am ever in court for anything. It is well taken, not to recall anything, and deny, deny deny. What works for Brown, should then, work for everyone. How can you be taken to task, if your mind is a sieve, and remember nothing?