Friday, September 18, 2009

Fight HST rallies across BC! Saturday September 19 at 12 noon - please attend!

Please attend the Fight HST rallies across British Columbia on Saturday September 19 at 12 noon - including the major event in downtown Vancouver outside Canada Place!

I will be speaking at the Vancouver event, which features former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, NDP Opposition Leader Carole James, Independent BC MLA Vicki Huntington, BC Conservative Party Deputy Leader Chris Delaney, BC Refederation Party Deputy Leader Jordan Braun and a wide range of community and business representatives.

This is our first opportunity to make a strong public statement against the Harmonized Sales Tax and the 7% increase in the cost of so many goods and services - with all of the tax increase going directly to big business - not public services.

Here is information about the other rallies across BC:

100 Mile House organizer: Janet Derepentigny
Location: 100 Miler Gear Garage (across from Tim Hortons)

Kamloops organizer: Chad Moat
LOCATION: Spirit Square

Kelowna Organizer: Matthew Reed
LOCATION: The Sails, walk to First United Church
NOTE: Time is 12:30PM for this event.

Nanaimo Organizer - Janet Irvine
LOCATION: Maffeo-Sutton Park, Lions Pavilion
NOTE: Time is 1:00PM for this event.

Oliver organizer - Paul McCavour
LOCATION: Highway 97 near Super Valu
NOTE: This rally begins at 3:00 p.m.

Osoyoos organizer: Paul McCavour
LOCATION: junction of Highway 3 and 97

Penticton organizer: Wendy Dion
LOCATION: The front of MLA Bill Barisoff's office (Main Street)

Prince George organizer: Mike Summers
LOCATION: Pat Bell, MLA office - Central

Quesnel organizer: Martin Eastman
LOCATION: Lebourdais Park
NOTE: This rally begins at 1:00 p.m.

Revelstoke organizer: Vanessa Smith
LOCATION: Grizzly Book & Serendipity Shop

Vancouver organizer: Chris Delaney
LOCATION: Canada Place

Vernon organizer: Miles Lehn
LOCATION: Courthouse Steps

Victoria organizer: Brad Slade
LOCATION: Rear lawn of the Legislature.

Williams Lake organizer: Dave Ligertwood
LOCATION: Boitanio Park, at the Stage


DPL said...

I was listening to a radio station this afternoon and it seems the Finance Minister has suddenly become available for a number of interviews. The announcer said , it looks like the government is getting concerned about the protests around the province.

Gary E said...

We held a rally in 100 Mile House, Donna Barnets home Town. No one from the Liberal Riding Association here chose to attend. The rally was at 12 noon and get this. The riding association hel their AGM at 1 PM. One block from the Rally.

Ron said...

Keep up the good work Bill.

Jay from Vancouver said...

I wouldn't mind to pay the increased tax if the money was properly collected and given to those who really need it. But that's not really the case, is it...

Anonymous said...

Bill keep up the good work.

I have been increasingly disgusted by the Liberals.. Raising thier own salaries, while the rest of the nation was in contraction and just before summer break to avoid public out cry.

I still don't know what happened to the railways. If someone knows please tell me.

Until this last election i was a faithful liberal voter. I keep asking myself, Did i leave the liberals or did my party leave me.

I just want honesty, and integrity. Is this too much to ask? Have all political parties moved beyond the point of no return towards corruption.

We have no accountability in the system. the best lier wins after an election and then we we are rewarded with 4 years of dictatorship.. they do what ever they want, fearlessly, Canada deserves better. recall would be nice.