Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Tieleman speaks at public forum on BC HST with NDP MLAs - TONIGHT - Thursday 7 p.m. at Vancouver Public Library

Tonight - Thursday September 10 - I will be speaking at a public forum on the HST from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Vancouver Public Library Central branch at 350 West Georgia Street hosted by NDP MLA and finance critic Bruce Ralston, and five NDP MLAs from Vancouver.

The meeting is in Alice MacKay Room, downstairs in the VPL.

NDP MLAs Adrian Dix, Mable Elmore, Jenny Kwan, Spencer Herbert, and Shane Simpson will all be in attendance.

Please attend and show your opposition to the BC HST!

And I will also be speaking at the major rally on Saturday September 19 at 12 noon outside Canada Place in downtown Vancouver with former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm, NDP Leader Carole James, BC Conservative Party Deputy Leader Chris Delaney, BC Refederation Party Deputy Leader Jordan Braun and others.


Anonymous said...

See you there!

Anonymous said...

you should talk about protests during the olympics ,that would make campbell worry wouldnt it?Also recall of new mla,s that way these mla,s could not get thetre pension right? Any one votes for HST,MIGHT AS WELL KISS THERE PENSION GOODBYE they have to be in govt 6 yrs i believe.

DPL said...

For those of us unable to go listen, it's hoped you will do a summary of the events on your blog soon.

Brad said...

Wish I could be there...too much water between here and there, and too much to do for the 19th.

Look forward to reading about it here, though.

Anonymous said...

Any chance this will be recorded and out on youtube?

Anonymous said...

Went to the forum last night. Very disappointing but hardly unexpected. None of the 4 speakers had anything worth listening to, 4 of the MLA's hosting were only there as spectators and the one who did, Mable Elmore as moderator, shut down the only person at the microphone that WAS worth hearing.

Why are people so easily fooled into thinking this is fruitful? This anti-HST frenzy is a sham. The Liberals don't care how badly they run the province for the next 44 months because they won't have to clean up the mess. The NDP think they will be able to take over, largely from this HST fiasco, and hey whadya know, it's not going away under them either.

They reap benefits while the Liberals take the heat. Great idea! Let's get rid of one major party that misleads the public so we can bring another major party that misleads the public.

Then when the NDP are portrayed as incompetent because the Liberal mess left will be worse than expected we can move on to the next major party, oops there are no more so back to the start (or middle) of the cycle.

We need to get off this roller coaster but nobody can agree where it should stop to allow us off safely. Maybe that's just human nature to be a thrill seeker. Seems to me like a pathetic reason to avoid wanting honest leadership.

Let's forget about the wasted effort too many people will put into the HST cause and concentrate on curing the disease instead of the symptom.

Those that support either the Liberals or their partners in crime, the NDP, are content with the way things are and should stop whining about the government. Remember, that's less than half the population.

North Van's Grumps said...

Maybe this HST thing isn't so much as what its being made out to be. I don't mean that its right, but rather, the reasoning as to why the BC Liberals, Hansen and Campbell, introduced it in the fashion that they did, after the election.

I look around your blog Mr. T and its looks like the HST is supposed to be linked to the overspending of taxpayers dollars on the Olympics, however we've all known that the Olympics have been coming to town ever since we won the bid, a bid submitted by the NDP.

No one could have forecast the subprime mortgage fiasco, they should have, but they didn't. The February Spring Budget was in .... February.....not quite sure when exactly but on February the 4th the Premier was making a $2.8 billion announcement on building a new Super 10 lane bridge to replace the five lane Port Mann Bridge making it another one of those Private, Public, Partnerships that the BC Liberals have embraced aka PPP aka P3.

Problem was that one of the advisors, the one that was involved with the Sea to Sky Highway project and many others, had their eyes set on the toll monies coming from the Port Mann via a subsidary....which never has been made public by the BC Liberals.

MacQuarie Group is the Parent; its subsidary is Transtoll Inc, but in the press release they are treated as separate entities.

However at Transtoll web site, on page 3:

"Transtoll is majority owned (98%) by MIT(II) Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Macquarie
Infrastructure Group, a listed public company on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Macquarie Infrastructure Group (MIG) ( is one of the largest developers and operators of toll roads in the world."

MacQuarie Group asked for a one month extension due to global credit crunch, and failed in their bid to be the financial backers for the Port Mann, and in steps Kevin Falcon, as the Minister of Highways, with $2 billion dollars; Hansen already had the budget set at just under $500 million and during the election his public servants at the Finance drop the bombshell that they're 2 to 300 million dollars further in the hole.

Two point Eight billion dollars is the new deficit in September, and all because the "world economy" is in a tail spin, or rather, the BC Liberals were still in spend mode.

The ace in the hole is the HST for the BC Liberals is Federal monies, without consultation with BC Voters.

North Van's Grumps said...

Surprise, surprise, Vaughn Palmer in this morning's Vancouver Sun column agrees with my theory, "BC Liberals were still in spend mode."

Correction: Are still in spend mode and the public can't make up their minds on who is best to lead the province out of our debt doubling every eight years. -

Eight years later, Liberals find fiscal shoe is on the other foot

By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun September 12, 2009

"The NDP doubled the debt," he complained in the New Era document, his 2001 election platform. "It's all borrowed money that will have to be repaid by tomorrow's taxpayers -- by our children and grandchildren."

The New Democratic Party government did indeed double the debt, from $17 billion to $34 billion. But the latest budget update shows the Campbell government is approaching a similar pace."....... $60 billion.

Anonymous said...

Angela said...

Hey Bill, what do you make of the link from Anon 10:18 ? Is there anything relevant there ? I didn't see anything outrageous and I doubt Campbell would have missed it if it was important.

Anonymous said...

OK Anon 10:18 I'll admit it: I'm not clever enough to know what I'm looking at. Can you help out the dummies?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29 the last mention of the above mentioned pdf file is over at the Legislature Raids...

It turns out that "the Premier is ultimately responsible for PAB", from his own speech to his adoring public.....

Ms. BC Mary writes:

About that Public Affairs Bureau ...
Thanks to North Van's Grumps for this 50-page reminder of how the revitalized P.A.B. was re-designed to serve specific objectives:

brad said...

Public affairs bureau should be renamed, I think. Seem to recall gordo calling for a revamp due to the 'bungled' communiciatons since the election. Here's my suggestion for a new name to go with the "new look"

Public Affairs Bureau of Liberal Ubiquitous Mumblings.

Of course, that's a mouthful and a little wordy, so I'd prefer the acronym PABLUM

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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