Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bill Tieleman on CKNW AM 980 on BC Election night 7 p.m. on

I will be commenting on the election results Tuesday night from 7 p.m. on CKNW AM 980 with host Sean Leslie, Michael Smyth, columist from the Province newspaper and CKNW talk show host Christy Clark.

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Anonymous said...

Remember Bill to be respectful to Her Majesty tonight since she will be Canada's First Elected Woman Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Status quo ante results mean: issues didn't mean a damn thing. No Lib was punished. Oppal got away with obstructing justice in B-V-B. Coleman took zero heat for his disgraceful opposition to scrutiny of the Frank Paul cops. And Campbell coasted after handing the SG office back to Coleman.

What didn't happen? In 1972 Dave Barrett blasted the Bennett government for forcing pensioners to "eat dog food" at the end of the month. NDP members handed out pencils with the message: "The Socreds sell a ton of coal for the cost of this pencil." Barrett had the common sense to attach moral import to his policies, and attribute moral decrepitude to his opponent. Carol James and her darksider oligarchy - Jenny Kwan, Mike Farnsworth and Len Krog - forbade personal scrutiny of a government party.

Yah, there was oblique mention of Basi-Virk and Private-Dams, but nobody was blamed for it. The NDP policy looked hollow. Borderline voters must have thought: the Opposition isn't calling out the Libs for bad-government, therefore Campbell must be delivering the "strong government" that he claims.

Then there was the NDP gimme seat of Fraserview. Gabriel Yiu was hung out to dry by his party. Results suggest that he didn't get 1 of 5 of voters of his ethnic group. I heard him forcefully hammer Kash Heed for bleating about "public safety" after taking early an early retirement kiss-off from West Vancouver's far right government. The abandonment of our city, motivated by career interests alone, should have killed his chances. Frankly, party members sandbagged Yiu under the delusion that they would get more police votes if they wrote off a decent candidate.

Fortunately, Oppal has only a 13 point lead over an Independent in Delta. That means he loses, because vote counters are more likely to mishandle ballots for an Independent. Oppal will lose on recount.

Clearly James' success in 2004, was only incidental, and it would have happened without her. She needs to be dumped early and Mike Farnsworth can keep his Crimestoppers' act in his own riding. The NDP needs another Dave Barrett, and not another mere echo of the most corrupt government in the history of BC.

Hint: at long last the public is going to catch up with the scandalous wage-thievery of our 9-5 police services, and Canwest won't be around in 4 years to control public anger.

Damn the Lower Mainland media for not reporting the $47,000,000 costs of the RCMP vanity building in Prince George. Wake up, for f@#$ sakes.

Punchline: all the Lib pundits praised Carol James, and said she deserved another chance. I wonder why they want her around?

DPL said...

Anon sounds a bit bitter but much of what she or he says is correct. The party faithful not media pundits will decide if they want to give her her walking papers. But she will get a good pension if and when she goes. Media folk are always supportive when one person gets the boot by the voters. So for four years they can write snarky stories about the guy that won the most seats, and then support his party on election day. The object of the game is to sell papers and radio or TV time seats.
Must run and go see how bad the results are for the average person, many of whom actually voted Liberal. Just think, we can keep the distinction of the highest children in poverty rates in Canada, expect loss of more services and more costs for bread. Ain't BC voters a different breed of mortals?
Sometime later today the story will start to circulate. It's : "This is not a good time to be government". I've heard it off and on for many years. Lets not forget Dave B. worked hard supporting Ms. James.

Anonymous said...

Low Voter Turn-Out and a victory for the corrupt Campbell regime illustrate that the BC electorate has lost faith in all its leaders.

For more than half of British Columbia it was a NONE OF THE ABOVE election and for the rest it was the party-storm-troopers on both sides who fought the battle.

I have no doubt that rural areas of BC which should have gone NDP could not wrap themselves around "the stupid-sister-in-law image" that James offered for leadership of BC.

Combine this with a grossly misguided party affirmative action policy and the NDP just blew-it.

Campbell didn't win last night, Carole James and her minor-league campaign team lost it big time.

Hopefully for BC the NDP will review and "liquidate" its command apparatus.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "great satan" (why that nic?). The Crimestoppers Wing of the NDP edged Carol to play it safe. And they did it for career purposes. That is right: they put themselves above their party. And you can't build a winning strategy on disloyalty.

Watch what happens when scrutiny at long last falls on court administration and police services. When Don Brenner (CJ, SCBC) retires, he will take over $200,000 in pension money per year, plus a huge severance. And what does he deliver? Unaffordability to 99% of the general public. A near 100% victory rate for government parties in Motions Court. A paltry 425 trials per year out of over 30,000 filings. 9000 Barristers where the entire UK gets by with 1000. Court Masters who assess $840 costs for 1 hour pseudo-hearings. Sheriff briefings of judges on subjective CORNET database fictions, prior to every hearing, before which they are expected to be impartial.

Justice is a sick joke in BC. Officers of the court are not bound by law.