Monday, May 25, 2009

Attorney General Wally Oppal defeated in South Delta but absentee ballots still not counted; Charlie Wyse losing in Cariboo-Chilcotin

UPDATE - Absentee ballots now counted by Elections BC show Wally Oppal defeated by 32 votes - judicial recount still to come. Donna Barnett has also defeated Charlie Wyse by 88 votes.

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Attorney General Wally Oppal now stands defeated in Delta South - Vicki Huntington ahead by 13 votes after recount but before absentee ballots counted

Wally Oppal has at this point lost his bid to become the BC Liberal MLA for Delta South and Vicki Huntington appears to have made history by becoming the first independent MLA elected since 1949.

That's the result of a recount today of all election day and advance polling ballots by Elections BC, which reverses Oppal's narrow two vote lead reported late May 12.

But there are still 918 absentee ballots remaining to be counted and following that, the probability of a judicial recount.

A recount has also cost New Democrat MLA Charlie Wyse his seat in Cariboo-Chilcotin, also reversing an election night win by 23 votes over BC Liberal candidate Donna Barnett and instead placing her ahead by 59 votes.

In that riding absentee ballots are also still to be counted.

Below is a news release from Elections BC issued this afternoon:

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May 25, 2009

VICTORIA – The interim voting results in Delta South changed following a recount today.

Independent candidate Vicky Huntington now leads Liberal candidate Wally Oppal by 13 votes, with 918 absentee votes still to be counted in Delta South.

Oppal held a three-vote lead on election night May 12, but as a result of calculation errors made by voting officials, the results now stand at Huntington 9,626 votes, Oppal 9,613 votes.

In Cariboo-Chilcotin, the election night result also changed today after a recount. Liberal candidate Donna Barnett leads NDP candidate Charlie Wyse 5,791 votes to 5,732 votes, reversing a 23-vote lead Wyse held on election night.

Final count of absentee votes continues today in Delta South, Cariboo-Chilcotin and the 83 other electoral districts in the province.

Following final count, a judicial recount must be held in an electoral district if the difference between the votes received by the candidate declared elected and the second-place candidate is less than 1/500 or .2% of the total ballots considered.

An application for a judicial recount may also be made by a candidate in any electoral district on the basis that the votes were not properly counted or ballots were not correctly accepted or rejected.




G. Sidhu said...

Has a young indo cdn growing up in a large SIkh community trying to get into Law, I really admired the work of Mr Oppal and Chief Heed but the scum bag Cam"drunkass"pell used their life long hard work of success for his advantage. Gorden new the area where chief won was highly liberal favoured and gave Mr Oppal the seat in that particular riding, now when time was clicking again for more stardom, Campel moves Mr Oppal and places another strong, hardworking member of the indo cdn and known all over BC in that riding. Now the question is will he send chief somewhere else at the next election abd ruin another intelligent persons career for a hat trick

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reasoning behind the first recounts. They counted on May 12, then recounted because it was close, okay. But then after counting a few hundred absentee ballots, they are facing another recount ? of several thousand votes again ? Please tell me they are only going to recount the absentee ballots.

Also does it concern anyone except me that there was an error of 82 votes made in the Cariboo-Chilcotin ? Was that all one very poor counter and what if there were one of those people in every polling station in a district ? That could easily add up to some number that would bypass the threshold for recount.

Anonymous said...

who counted these the first time??!!

BC Mary said...


Hope springs eternal ...

We may have missed throwing Gordo out on his ear; but next best would be sending Stonewally off into the sunset.


DPL said...

It ain't over till the fat lady sings.
Hopefully the eventual result is Wally can pack his bags and go where failed politicians go.
Charlie has done a lot of good work and I do hope he gets the nod, and remains as a MLA.

Who says their vote doesn't count.

And should a judicial count be needed Stone Wally can say he can't comment as its before the court.

Norm Farrell said...

Wally should ask Gordo to arrange appointment to the Senate. Then he could spend his retirement at least triple dipping in pension funds.

Anonymous said...

Having seen Stone-Wally up close during the very recent election I found the "Honourable Gentleman" as the CanWest butt-kissers portray him to be a out an out phony.

He was no gentleman during the debates with the other candidates, he was no gentleman to the press who dared to ask specific questions and he was no gentleman to some of his volunteers.

Wally was, is and always will be a Carpetbagger serviced by a mercenary army of scribes so far up Dennis Skulski's dark cavity they need mining lights just to find the water cooler.


Anonymous said...

I live in South Delta and if the "goon squads" hired by the Liberals are any indication of the Wally Awful's morals, we are best rid of him.

We had 8 years of a Campbell puppet or a corpse walking and I hope we sent a message to Gordo and his con-men.

Anonymous said...

Wally's legacy as the AG for the province of BC 2005-2009 is the unfortunate nickname "Stonewally".

I wonder what he thinks of the BC Liberal polling numbers now?

DPL said...

Elections BC today stated that wally and Charlie are out of a job. Too bad for Charlie as he worked his buns off. Glad StoneWallys last hope is a judicial recount He listended to Saint Gordo and look what happened. From Appeals Court Judge to Attorney General, to being laughed at my many, to unemployeed. Some poor choices Wally. This defeat has nothing to do with race but all about a guy who was fronting for Gordo too many times. The people spoke and he is gone. The new Delta MLA designate will be worth watching

Anonymous said...

Bill, I see your column made it onto Bourque.

Unfortunately they made a mistake on the Headline. Where it read "Oppal's awful recount nightmare" it should have read "Awful Oppal's recount nightmare"

Your welcome.

Horny Toad