Thursday, March 26, 2009

BASI-VIRK - Thursday at 10 a.m. BC Supreme Court - the Patrick Kinsella email?

The Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing resumes this morning - Thursday - at 10 a.m. at BC Supreme Court.

It is expected that the controversial email mentioned at the last court session - with BC Rail executives asking why former BC Liberal campaign co-chair and insider Patrick Kinsella was hired for $297,000 - will be a major topic in today's session - watch this blog for a full report.


Anonymous said...

The Globe has a story about Gordo looking uncomfortable, this morning. The bit about Kinsella and the CN boss entering King Gordos office a few times was sort of neat. We await further developments.

BC Mary said...


The Comments are already closed on Gary Mason's story.

And the 25 comments already made, are locked down and inaccessible.

Did you comment? Did you see any of the comments?

Might be interesting to know if it was something readers said, which caused the early closure.


Anonymous said...

Good suggestion DPL - Gary Mason seems to be taking a somewhat 'different' approach than he did in the infamous Christmas Present to the Basi Boyz....but why did the Globe shut down the comments option on the story?

RossK said...



It appears that the MaceMan has now climbed aboard....

Bill - in addition to the details of the Emails, please let us know if the flavour of the press detail has changed in court today.


Anonymous said...

Hey I only mentioned there was a story. No I didn't write a comment and of course what the Globe does or doesn't do, is not in my power to affect. But I have noticed some stories are closed without any comments, or maybe one or two. But at least someone is noticing.