Monday, March 02, 2009

Alayne Keough - rest in peace

David Hopgood and Alayne Keough

I am very sad to report that my good friend Alayne Keough passed away from lung cancer this afternoon.

Many readers of this blog will know Alayne, or know of her. She was a fierce advocate for Vancouver's poor, a spirited New Democrat, a great cook and proud mother.

Alayne bravely faced a devastating cancer with both determination and realism.

Shirley and I just had a wonderful dinner with her and her husband David on Saturday night - we are shocked by her sudden loss despite knowing the cancer was taking her from us all.

I will post details of a memorial service when it is arranged.



BC Mary said...

Serious condolences on the loss of your friend, Bill.

It must be some comfort to remember her living her life so fully and unselfishly.


Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

This is so sad hearing of Alayne's passing. I worked with her at DERA in the early 90's and she was absolutely dedicated and committed to people in my neighborhood. With her passing there isn't a whole lot of classic NDP'rs left with the possible exception of Mel Lehan.

Unknown said...

I had the privilege of working with Alayne at BCPIAC, and she has always stood out in my mind as a mentor for anyone who wants to try and live and work according to their commitments and ideals. I have no doubt she will be greatly missed by her friends, and by her larger communities which benefited so much from her participation. Patricia Cochran