Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ignominious end - BC Liberal MPs Ujjal Dosanjh, Hedy Fry, Joyce Murray all ignored in Iggy's shadow cabinet

It's an ignominious end to the shadow cabinet careers of three prominent BC Liberal Party Members of Parliament, as new leader Michael Ignatieff cut loose Ujjal Dosanjh, Hedy Fry and Joyce Murray today.

All three MPs are conspicuous by their absence from an announcement today of the Liberal Opposition Critic roles by Ignatieff.

“This is a lean and focused line-up, with fewer critic roles and no associate roles,” Ignatieff said in a news release. “We will be a focused and disciplined Opposition with a single purpose: holding the Conservatives accountable.”

What he didn't say is that Dosanjh was a major supporter of Iggy's former Liberal leadership opponent Bob Rae, as was Fry, while Murray - who was first elected in the Vancouver-Quadra by-election in March 2008 - was one of the very few who backed Stephane Dion. Dosanjh and Fry joined the Dion side after the third ballot.

Dion's surprise win was seen at the time as a huge victory for backroom strategist Mark Marissen but obviously that success turned into an enormous failure when Dion showed he was a dud.

Their are only two BC Liberal MPs on the list - Sukh Dhaliwal and Keith Martin - shockingly,
both supported Ignatieff!

Here's today's list of Ignatieff's shadow cabinet choices:

Liberal Opposition Critics

Michael Ignatieff - Intergovernmental Affairs
John McCallum - Finance
Bob Rae - Foreign Affairs
Denis Coderre - Defence and Quebec Lieutenant
David McGuinty - Environment & Energy
Carolyn Bennett - Health
Marc Garneau - Industry, Science & Technology
Mark Holland - Public Safety & National Security
Geoff Regan - Natural Resources
Dominic LeBlanc - Justice and Attorney-General
Scott Brison - International Trade
Martha Hall Findlay - Public Works and Government Services
Todd Russell - Indian Affairs
Larry Bagnell - Arctic Issues & Northern Development
Joe Volpe - Transport
Gerard Kennedy - Infrastructure, Communities and Cities
Maurizio Bevilacqua - Citizenship & Immigration
Judy Sgro - Veterans Affairs, Seniors & Pensions
Yasmin Ratansi - National Revenue
Gerry Byrne - Fisheries & Oceans
Jean-Claude D'Amours - Atlantic Gateway and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Pablo Rodriguez - Canadian Heritage & Official Languages
Maria Minna - Labour
Dan McTeague - Treasury Board, Consumer Affairs and Consular Affairs Mike Savage - Human Resources & Skills Development
Anita Neville - Status of Women
Wayne Easter - Agriculture, Agri-food and Canadian Wheat Board
Sukh Dhaliwal - Asia-Pacific Gateway & Western Economic Development Ruby Dhalla - Youth & Multiculturalism
Keith Martin - Amateur Sport, Health Promotion and the Vancouver Olympics
Alexandra Mendes - Economic Development Agency for Regions of Quebec Glen Pearson - International Cooperation
Raymonde Folco - La Francophonie
Ken Dryden - National Outreach Advisor, Working Families & Poverty Special Liason, National Fundraising

Compare this list to the Critic Portfolios under former Liberal leader Stephane Dion, as announced on November 14, 2008:


Agriculture Hon. Wayne Easter Malpeque
Asia-Pacific Gateway / Sport Sukh Dhaliwal Newton – North Delta
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency / Atlantic Gateway / Official Languages Jean-Claude D’Amours Madawaska – Restigouche
Canadian Heritage Hon. Hedy Fry Vancouver Centre
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Borys Wrzesnewskyj Etobicoke Centre
Consumer Affairs and Consular Affairs Hon. Dan McTeague Pickering – Scarborough East
Democratic Reform Joyce Murray Vancouver Quadra
Economic Development Agency for the Regions of Quebec Pablo Rodriguez Honoré - Mercier
Environment Hon. Ken Dryden York Centre
Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor) Anthony Rota Nipissing – Timiskaming
Finance Hon. Scott Brison Kings – Hants
Fisheries and Oceans Siobhan Coady St. John’s South – Mount Pearl
Foreign Affairs Hon. Bryon Wilfert Richmond Hill
Foreign Affairs (Americas) Mario Silva Davenport
La Francophonie, Associate – Foreign Affairs Bernard Patry Pierrefonds – Dollard
Health Hon. Carolyn Bennett St. Paul’s
Human Resources and Skills Development Michael Savage Dartmouth – Cole Harbour
Human Rights Hon. Irwin Cotler Mount Royal
Indian Affairs Todd Russell Labrador
Industry Gerard Kennedy Parkdale – High Park
Intergovernmental Affairs Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua Vaughan
International Cooperation Hon. Mark Eyking Sydney – Victoria
International Trade David McGuinty Ottawa South
Justice Brian Murphy Moncton – Riverview – Dieppe
Labour Ruby Dhalla Brampton – Springdale
National Defence Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh Vancouver South
National Revenue Hon. Judy Sgro York West
Natural Resources Hon. Navdeep Bains Mississauga – Brampton South
Northern Development Hon. Larry Bagnell Yukon
Public Safety Mark Holland Ajax – Pickering
Public Works Hon. Denis Coderre Bourassa
Science and Technology Marc Garneau Westmount – Ville-Marie
Seniors Hon. Lawrence MacAulay Cardigan
Small Business and Tourism Hon. John McKay Scarborough – Guildwood
Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Martha Hall Findlay Willowdale
Treasury Board and Western Economic Development Hon. Anita Neville Winnipeg South Centre
Veterans Affairs Hon. Keith Martin Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca
Water Francis Scarpaleggia Lac-Saint-Louis
Women Hon. Maria Minna Beaches – East York


Anonymous said...

Maybe Iggy is smarter than I thought, since it appears he has no time for the BC Federal Grit LPC/BC Evil Empire.

These on-the-take mental defectives deserve everything they get after eleven years of treachery and failure!

Especially the thought of an out of a job and broke "Senator" Marissen working the night shift as intern-asst. manager of the Burrard Street/Hyatt McDonalds and Evil Queen Christy ultimately leaving him for a real bread-winner.

Bravo Iggy, you may be good PM material after all.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Fry will now have more time to look for the crosses burning in Prince George "as we speeak".

Anonymous said...

The only surprise there is that Dosanjh is not on the list. Otherwise... pffffffffft!

Anonymous said...

Note! Justin Trudeau also wasn't given a critics job.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals will be infinitely stronger without Joyce Murray than with her. She was instrumental in three key factors leading to October 2008 defeat:
i. the selection of Stephane Dion as leader
ii. the decision to commit to a quota of running 33% female candidates
iii.the carbon tax

Let's hope she stays in Iggy's doghouse a long time.

Anonymous said...

No, there is no surprise here. Ujjal's performance during the last campaign was shrill and embarrassing. He kept referring to George Bush, satellite missile tracking systems and something incomprehensible about AIDS funding...I think he's still stuck in the 80's.
Regardless, he really underwhelmed...

As for Joyce the Dunce and Hedy Fried...they are the two worst MPs in Canada. I state this knowing full well that Trudeau and Brison are also MPs...and that idiot Tory MP from Winnipeg, wgo wants to "relook" at abortion...

Of course, the fools in the local Tory cabal couldn't run a better candidate than Deb Meredith or get Lorne better support...

Anonymous said...

Not surprising - however, it is back to the old boys club and what Iggy believes to be his backers. At a moments notice - Gonzo!

G West said...

Considering Kennedy's role in bringing Dion the leadership I'd say the fact he's still included means more than the exclusions.

The real question is whether or not Marrissen is still pulling strings for Ignatieff; if he's not, that is news - if he is - pretty much more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Dosanjh is a former NDPer. I think Iggy is trying to bring the Liberals more towards the center.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that Ignatieff,a well read person would drop Mr.Dosanjh in favour of Sukh Dhaliwal because of leadership rivalries.

Mr.Dosanjh was a former Premier of BC and Health minister of Canada and the only true and honest Indo-Canadian MP who stands up against these extremists. Sukh Dhaliwal was the only MP to attend the Surrey parade where terrorists were hailed as heros. shame on Ignatieff.

It is a shame that someone of Ignatieff Statute will stoop to cheap leadership politics, but then what do you expect from the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Not an Iggy fan - too much of a policy chameleon, shifting his position on issues in accord with whoever happens to be US President at the moment, for my taste - but I'm glad to see the profiles of the three ousted members lowered somewhat. At the same time, he's replaced them with more bleeding heart capitalist war mongers so what the f***'s the difference?

caz said...

What about our dear Ralph Goodale?? Is it possible that we won't have to listen to this fool coming unglued every 5 minutes??Be still dear heart.

Anonymous said...

Ujjal is convention co-chair of the upcoming convention, which is a full-time job considering it will be held in Vancouver. I suspect this is the reason he was not given a critic portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Gooddale is the House Leader and is therefore not a critic - but still in the saddle - unfortunately I think I would have preferred to see Gooddale in finance critic's position rather than McCallum who always looks and sounds like someone who has just come off of a ten day drunk.

Bill Tieleman said...

No mention of Ujjal Dosanjh's convention role in the Ignatieff news release - we'll see if he or his people let that be known is the reason for his ouster.

Anonymous said...

I am not big expert on shadowy cabinets, but why focused on three BC Liberals? The main question is - Where is Jacko Layton? If it is a coalition, why not one of NDP is there?

Anonymous said...

Iggy concluded that the predictable Dosanjh monotone always starting with "All Canadians believe..." is tired Ujjal rhetoric that gets instantly toned out by most people. Ujjal was a spokesman for Dion because he was the only one who did not need a teleprompter. Unfortunately it was because Ujjal had memorized the only ten words needed for most Canadian journalists' needs. Hedy? Worn-out and very nearly whacko.

Anonymous said...

Forget the coalition's long dead.

Ignatieff will pull the Liberals to the right to win the election (a minority) and then Trudeau will screw it all up leaving about another three year window for Jean Charest to get his team together and finally do what he was meant to do: Sweep the Alliance vermin from the Tories and finally build a truly national coalition of Conservatives that will run this country with compassion and purpose.

I know NDPers that would vote Tory if Cahrest was leader, just for the way he has deftly handled unions alone...

You read it here first...

Anonymous said...

If Joyce Murray is in Iggy's doghouse, that means Peter Julian won't get a cabinet seat in the advent of a Liberal/NDP coalition.