Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tieleman debates Single Transferable Vote on CKNW AM 980

I will be debating the Single Transferable Vote electoral system - which will be the subject of another province-wide referendum on May 12, 2009 - with Bruce Hallsor of Fair Voting BC on CKNW AM 980's The Sean Leslie Show at 3 p.m. today - Sunday January 11.

I am president of NO STV, the group that successfully fought STV in the May 2005 referendum under the name "KNOW STV". The new group is a registered non-profit society.

Tune in for a lively debate and the start of a new campaign against STV.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bill, I think without STV or any other fair voting, Canada and BC will wither away with current corrupt politic ans and politics.

The present system is no better than the 'show elections' of the old USSR.

BC and Canada are nothing more than oligarchic dictatorships, a benign dictatorship, where democratic rights wither from an onslaught of political/bureaucratic malevolence.

We must embrace political change or suffer, I'm afraid, the end of Canada in a few generations.

Canada is not a democratic country, but a country run by a cadre of elites, no better than the inbred monarchies of not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the debate, but I think your arguments are weak and contrived.

Anonymous said...

Only people with a vested interest in keeping power with political parties, not citizens, could be against STV.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary I thought Hallsor was all over the map and made little sense, if at all.

Only fringe fools support STV, or those with abslutely vested interests in extreme politics.

Anonymous said...

Those who favor the STV have ignored how each party's candidates will be selected. It appears that the STV means party officials or the party leader will determine a hierarchy of candidates to represent an area. This would mean more "top down" politics by political parties and less "grass roots" democracy. For real democratic reform we should enable greater scope for "citizens initiatives".