Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vision Vancouver mayoralty vote Sunday June 15 - I will be there supporting Gregor Robertson

UPDATE - Gregor Robertson wins on first ballot!

I will be at the Vision Vancouver mayoralty vote all day Sunday June 15 - working hard to elect Gregor Robertson as Vision's candidate in November.

If you are a Vision Vancouver member I encourage you to come out and vote for Gregor.

The vote is at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 16th and Commercial Drive (3250 Commercial Drive) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

If you need a ride or have questions call: 604-637-8800


Anonymous said...

I am not voting for or supporting anyone in the Vision or any other race but if it is run fair on Sunday. . . I think Gregor Robertson will win it.

That said, I saw so much Watergate style dirty tricks at nomination meetings between 1993-2003 by the Martinite and now Dionite power-teams . . . that anything could happen at the Croation Cultural Centre.

Until the Liberal Party of Canada and its BC minor league clean out the vermin that now run their parties, anything they touch is contaminated.


Anonymous said...

Can't vote as we live in the litle town of Victoria but wish Gregor well as he works to become the mayor of our old city.

Anonymous said...

anon isn't going to vote due to perceived dirty tricks. There is a very old saying. "If you don't vote, don't bitch." Support whichever party you want but at least go vote for the party or the individual. All parties come up with candidates, some better than others, to ignore the democratic vote puts one in the same place as some countries where to not vote is illegal. Personnaly I can't see the connection of the federal liberals to a candidate in Vision. But as another smart fellow once said" I disagree with your position entirely, but would fight to the death so you can state your opinon. I misssed a few words but the idea is there. Some folks go to great effort to get their votes counted and simply cannot go along with your thoughts on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I I want to draw your attention to something I the Vision Vancouver conference today. Raymond Louie had parked himself at the entrance to the building and was handing out his campaign leaflets.He asked a group of Indo-Canadian seniors if they knew who they were voting for? Raymond then showed the seniors the voting card and said "This is what it looks like".Unfortunately I could not see if he pointed to his name. No other candidate was doing this. Is this Vision policy? Shades of Gim Huey.

Anonymous said...

to: dl

Actually, I can't vote because I am not legally a resident of Vancouver.

So engage the brain before making rash statements.

But not being a resident never stopped any Grits I ever knew.

But I was there today and witnessed the bus-loads of Indo-Canadians arriving from Temple to "follow orders" and vote for Raymond and Al.

I also saw Mark Marissen, Billy Cunningham & Mike Hillman all of failed Martinite fame there too.

By the way dl, were you there ?


Whistleblowers BC said...

One step further, the Province gave Louie what could be seen as a big giant advertisement on page A19
of Sundays paper. Headline: "Louie says ballot baffles" with a huge picture of him standing in front of Vancouver city hall. First line of the story: "Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Raymond Louie wants to be No. 1 when voters turn out to cast their ballots today."

Hmm, haven't seen any other ads, er, stories about Robertson or De Genova. I guess the board has spoken at the Province. You couldn't pay for _that_ kind of media attention just before a sizable chunk of people head to the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Gregor won by over a thosuand votes(3600) over Louie(2200). The ex NPA guy had 900. 10:00 It's in the late edition of The Province

Anonymous said...

Raymond then showed the seniors the voting card and said "This is what it looks like".

Unfortunately I could not see if he pointed to his name. No other candidate was doing this. Is this Vision policy? Shades of Gim Huey.

Surely you don't think so low of Raymond. The voting cards were pre-marked with an X besides him!

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon. My brain is always engaged. No I wasn't there as I live a ferry ride away.If I still lived in Vancouve I sure would hve voted and for Gregor. But there are people there who's job it is to keep an eye on candidates helpers and the crowd of non voters as well. I am pleased with the results and the democratic process and unlike other I do at least use my initials, when posting stuff. I'm sure convinced some operatives show up but the people spoke and it was pretty clear for Gregor. He will be a great Mayor for Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Dear DL,

From your far flung Island post of Victoria have you forgotten how truly far away from Vancouver you are? Its not a ferry ride alone, there's the Deas Island Tunnel/Alex Fraser bridge and then its your choice of which bridge (Queensborough/Knight Street/Oak Street) which will finally get you off of Lulu Island. If you prefer, go via Surrey and use the suicide bridge of Pattullo or Port Mann bridge which is the safer of the two, to gain access to a Vancouver Vision voting booth.

Who's running for Mayor in Victoria, and who are you supporting there?

Damn Lucky

Anonymous said...

Sundaywas a strange day as far as ther Vision was concerned. In the morning thousandsof people turned out to vote. Line ups stretched around the block making the Croatian Centre seem too small for the teaming Vision membership. By the afternoon, voting lines were reduced to a trickle. The buses that had brought Louie/DeGenova supporters to the vote were nowhere to be seen. When you look at the voting results, Robertson got more that two thirds of his presumed support out to vote for him while Louis got less than half of his projected following out to cast their ballots. Did some of Raymond's buses get lost on the way to the Croatian center? It certainly looks like somebody on the Louie team screwed up big time when it came to getting the members Louis had signed up out to vote that afternoon.

Anonymous said...

to: DL

You assume I live in Victoria.

I have more than one abode on the West Coast, and travel a great deal.
Actually my model of urban government is Portland, Oregon . . . have you been ?
It is well worth the trip.

The political situation in Victoria is even more barren than Vancouver's and has been for a long time.
City Hall, Vancouver . . . maybe a zoo but Victoria's is a cess pool of failure.

Having known Victoria's last three mayors (and not being too impressed) I would welcome anyone of the calibre of the current NPA and Vision current leaders.

But for Vancouver, where the bar is set higher, I think at-this-time the citizens of Vancouver would be best served by Mr. Robertson.


Anonymous said...

Hey Satan I agree with you on your thoughts of Victoria mayors. Not for a moment did I figure you live over here. The present guy a architect is moving on leaving a lot of local problems. Dean Fortin is running,he has been a councillor for some time. As is some very young fellow who nobody knows. Last time around the left were so mixed up that the fellow most of the left wanted had to open his own campaign office as the executive wouldn't support him. His naem is Ben Afleck and I figure he will show up on the ballot somewhere. The local left association disbanded a few moths ago. City council is somewhere you go if intending to go higher in politics. Portland was a favourite spot when we lived in Vancouver. MAX was a light rail everyone loved. The lack of saels tax was pretty good as well. But this story is supposed to be about Gregor winning the spot for candidate for mayor. Not who was or is the person here in Victoria.

Anonymous said...

I think a whole bunch of senior Vision people should take un-official research trips (at their own expense)to Portland this summer.

They should spend a week there, walking around the downtown . . . without the usual political meet & greet B.S. and see how a city should be run.

As it sits now, "CHANGE" at the corrupt & ineffective Federal & Provincial levels in BC is decades off, so it is up the municipalities to get down and take charge of their own agendas.

And as for Victoria, let Mayor Alan Lowe, the Hon. David Anderson and Mr. Floatie eat their own sewage . . . they deserve each other.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday,Gregor announced he was giving up his seat in the BC legislature, which means there will be bielection. I wonder who the Liberals and NDP will run in Vancouver-Fairview.