Sunday, June 08, 2008

Councilor Peter Ladner beats Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan for NPA nomination in upset victory

Vancouver city Councilor Peter Ladner has pulled off a stunning upset victory over incumbent Mayor Sam Sullivan to win the Non-Partisan Association nomination for mayor in November 2008.

Ladner received 1066 votes to Sullivan's 986, ending a tumultous and at times very bitter battle over who should be the NPA's mayoralty candidate.

It is believed to be the first time in Vancouver political history that an incumbent mayor has lost his own party's nomination.

Ladner used increasingly tough language against Sullivan in the closing days of the campaign, telling CKNW AM 980 listeners in a debate on the Christy Clark Show that "Sam Sullivan can't win" in the Vancouver municipal election.

Sullivan responded that he had the support of all the other NPA city councilors and most other NPA elected officials.

Sullivan said the same thing in an earlier CBC radio debate: "“Councillor Ladner has no one. Every single NPA councillor who sits with [him and me] at the caucus table every week, who knows our style, has endorsed me, and said that I am the one to lead them into the next election.”

But Sunday afternoon it became apparent that the mayor didn't have enough support amongst the most important group of all - the membership of the NPA.

The NPA will have a challenging 6 months ahead with a mayor who can't run for his own party for re-election and a mayoralty candidate on council who was not supported by any of his colleagues.

And the NPA faces two separate polls released by both mayoralty candidates that showed Vision Vancouver and potential nominee Gregor Robertson would beat either of them in a November vote.


Anonymous said...

So Sam is gone! Wonder if he will try to get elected as a council member? All the tralk about his money set aside didn't work. Now it's up to Vision to thump Ladner

Anonymous said...

Kudoes to the man who stuck it to the other man!

The revolution lives!

Anonymous said...

Is this were we have to start keeping track of another campaign manager eg. Mike Meneer for Peter Ladner?

Still locked up, Ladner team comes out with more optimistic message

After all this was the City where Gordon Campbell came from, and took his trusted Ken Dobell too, to Victoria.

Anonymous said...

"And the NPA faces two separate polls released by both mayoralty candidates that showed Vision Vancouver and potential nominee Gregor Robertson would beat either of them in a November vote."

NPA: 20%
VV: 15%
COPE: 13%

With a "49%" undecided rate?

Wayyyyyyyy to early to crystal ball as to what's gonna happen in November.

Public first has to have an impression of the two front runners and that won't really happen until after Labour Day.

Anonymous said...

"It is believed to be the first time in Vancouver political history that an incumbent mayor has lost his own party's nomination."

What about Phillip Owen losing the mayoral nomintion to Jennifer Clark?

Anonymous said...

Robertson's the man. If Sam does run for council, I am printing leaflets, denouncing his perverse opposition to the Frank Paul Inquiry. He was alone on that. When the Davies' report is issued, parties from ALL sides will admit the worth of same. Only Rich Coleman (an ex cop) and Mayor Sam stood in opposition. Bye bye.

Bill Tieleman said...

To answer and earlier posting: Philip Owen did not run for the NPA nomination for mayor after the NPA decided he had to contest it against Jennifer Clarke. He was forced out by the NPA but was not defeated for the nomination as Sam Sullivan has been.

Anonymous said...

The hot rumour swirling around in the aftermath or the NPA vote was the the federal Conservatives might recruit Sam Sullivan to run against Joyce Murray in Vancouver Quadra.

Anonymous said...

It's morning in Vancouver.

So what happens in Vision now Bill? Do they run Robertson, who is essentially Ladner, minus any experience, or do they run Louie and scoop the NPA's Chinese support.
Seems to me that this kills de Genova's chances, as there must have been some overlap between his supporters and Ladner's.
So, is it Louie's.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was an upset. The Summer strike was unnecessary and unpopular. Mismanagement of that Cambie ditch project, falls on the mayor. Then there was the arrogance factor; Sullivan acted like he owned the office. Ladner knew something when he ran. In fact, it is likely that he was pushed into the role.

RossK said...

At the top of the thread dl mentioned Mr. Sullivan's 'War Chest'....

Regarding that, there is a little tidbit over at FABula's blog which suggests that Sammy's men are now saying that all the moola might be gone:

"Ladner's campaign is also not going to have any big Sullivan war chest to lean on. The mayor's chief of staff, Daniel Fontaine, said tonight he thinks that most of that has been spent now....."

Me, I figure that all that green must have been Sammy's swallowed whole during the making of Smilin' Sammy's fabulous YouTube Channel.

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

Vision must be somewhat worried if they plan on anointing Robertson. After all, Robertson = Ladner Light.

Whistleblowers BC said...

Vision has nothing to be scared of, unless Gregor Robertson doesn't win the nomination, which I think he will quite easily.

It's the NPA who should be very, very scared and I think they are, especially now. When I talk my dear old mum, a lifetime small c conservative voter and she says she will vote for Gregor over the NPA, that speaks volumes. He appeals to a wide cross section of voters on many levels.

More on my blog:

Anonymous said...

As one can plainly see these ROBBINS polls reveal the deadly accuracy with which polls ought to be undertaken. Our Vision Vancouver numbers were nearly identical to those poll outcomes from the nomination. The poll you have cited is not remotely close.;

Anonymous said...

Please not that ROBBINS Sce Research (1998)was directly on the money with its Mayoralty poll-and in particular 'nailed' the Vision Vancouver side of the equation. The poll cited was way off the mark.

Anonymous said...

And Marc Emery will beat them all. Vansterdam at last!