Wednesday, June 04, 2008

FOI on Progressive Group and Patrick Kinsella now online regarding contracts with corporate clients

Documents regarding the activities of the Progressive Group, chaired by Patrick Kinsella - the BC Liberal Party election co-chair in 2005 and 2001 - which were obtained by 24 hours newspaper through a freedom of information request in Washington state are now online.

The Progressive Group's president is Mark Jiles, Premier Gordon Campbell's former constituency campaign manager.

The following are links to parts one, two, three, four, five and six of those documents.

Additional stories from today's paper are also online.


Anonymous said...

"An Office in the heart of Vancouver, a hand in BC capital of Victoria, a foot in Vanoc" is how the Progressive Group describes itself to the State of Washington's Trade and Economic Department Division.

Progressive comes across as though they ARE lobbyist, but are they registered?

Anonymous said...

It must be great to be on the inside group as tehy slime themselves across the floor. It seems that integrity is not part of their makeup. Dollars are the goal at all times

Anonymous said...

As much as the Neil Hall story changed overnight, what is with 24 hours newspaper story being different from what Patrick Kinsella's partner actually wrote to Washington State:

"The Progressive Group is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, while at the same time has a presence in the provincial capital of Victoria and a foot into the Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee," president Mark Jiles wrote in a Nov. 27, 2006, proposal to the Washington Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development."


Mark Jiles didn't use the word "presence", he used the word "hand".

Its right there on link #4 page 1

"As requested, here is some information about myself and my partner, Patrick Kinsella and our business in British Columbia. With an office in the heart of downtown Vancouver, a hand in British Columbia's provincial capital Victoria, and a foot into the 2010 Organizing Committee (VANOC) our organization is the only public affairs, Olympic affairs and sport marketing firm in the province."

Too bad the "head" is missing.

Anonymous said...


Aside from the references to "opening doors" and the like, my favorite is the memo from Jiles to Rose, dated April 30th, 2007 with the "Re" line: 2010 Program Update - check out the paragraph titled "Cabinet Meetings".

The paragraph can be found on page 23 in document set number 6.

Anonymous said...


As you can see from the paragraph entitled "Cabinet Meetings", these guys really aren't lobbyists in the true sense of the word. Actually and to ensure the public good, they just help the Premier's Office run the Government by setting some Cabinet agendas! Clearly and given their expertise, I can well understand why the Premier's Office would rely on them to help "educate" the Premier's sycophantic Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

June 5, 2008

To: Wally

From: Earth

Re: How business is conducted in the Banana Republic of British Columbia

…So you were told that I was the guy to see about your issue…the name is Kinsella with a K…yes I am sure that I can help but only if you follow the correct procedures which I can, of course, help you with…Hagen…yes he is a member of the Liberal “B” Team…loves the “trappings” of being a Minister…not the sharpest knife in the drawer…that’s why the Premier gave him that portfolio…yes I am sure we can “educate” him about the nature of your issue…can I make him jump…how high…Ha Ha Ha…you have a good sense of humour…however and to be serious for a moment, before we go see him there are a couple of things you and I need to do…to make you a “made man”…you are funny…how much should you donate…well I will leave that to you, Kelly and Lyle…let me know…then we should go see the Premier…you know to get his blessing…third world dictatorship…well, I didn’t think that was very funny…okay just keep your thoughts to yourself…yes…then I will let Hagen know that he needs to see you…so we can meet with him…couldn’t be simpler…no problem…glad to be of assistance…

Anonymous said...

Anybody read "Michael Smyth: Senior Liberal aides in new controversy" in The Province today (Thursday, June 05, 2008)?

"according to documents newly released by our neighbours in Washington state"

What a plagiarizer! MS does not once credit his source (Sean Holman / Public Eye Online)... really shameful behaviour.

And almost worse of all: Smyth added nothing new.

Bill Tieleman said...

Anonymous above - please read the full version of anyone's column! You are mistaken - Mike Smyth DID give Sean Holman credit - here is the relevant paragraphs from Mike's column:

"Kinsella and Jiles have been paid by the state government to help the Americans cash in on our Olympic Games by boosting cross-border tourism and business deals. They had to supply the state with a detailed resumé, obtained by hard-digging Internet blogger Sean Holman under Washington's freedom-of-information law."

To be fair - the column doesn't mention that 24 hours newspaper - where Sean and I work - broke the story, but Mike and the Province are competitors so sometimes that happens.

Anonymous said...

Mike Smyth rarely gives credit where credit is due.... does anyone remember Corky Evans standing up in the legislature last year and quoting Gordon Campbell from Hansard on the NDP Fast Cat Ferries, then made the comparison to the BC Liberals many times over budget target for the Vancouver Convention Centre?

It was reported in Vaughn Palmer's column, but when Mike Smyth wrote his article, not a word mentioned, not a credit given, as to where the story broke first......

So take Mike Smyth's column today for what it really is, a break through for sharing his source for at least one of his columns.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

True. The fine is a pittance for these kinds of unethical players.

I've only read as far as the first memo from the Progressive Group to 'Mary' in Washington, and the grammar and spelling of these mercenary friends of Campbell is amazing to me. I have drilled my kids to polish their written presentations in resumes etc., assuming that attention to proper English is essential for success. Apparently not.

I've hardly begun reading these documents, and I've already read the following embarrassments "Seattle Marnier Game"
"Now that the excitement of the 2005 Winter Games in Turin is over, the world has now began to shift its attention to Vancouver...."
"Currently there is $40 billion dollars worth of non Olympic projects proposed across the province."
What is the education level of these non registered lobbyists? It doesn't look very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Bill and Sean.
And to Mike Smythe, for riding the wave.

Can ya believe it?

Anonymous said...

Spelling???? keep reading and you will find that within one sentence of "Washington" state being mentioned it is quickly followed up with "Washing" state.

Anonymous said...

For a complete change of pace, I post this letter from the Vancouver Sun Saturday sept 07 2008 from Corky Evans daughter. If It would fit somewhere else on your blog , feel free to place it some where else. I feel its worth reading in any case.
Corky Evans's daughter goes public with her views


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Re: "Folksy Evans set to quit provincial politics, June 4

In light of the announcement by my father, MLA Corky Evans (NDP--Nelson-Creston), I find myself free to comment on things political.

I am relieved that in 2009 I will no longer have to associate my father with what has been the worst-led Opposition in recent memory. With incredulity, I have watched Carole James essentially cede the NDP's platform, through miscalculation and a complete absence of political sophistication, to the provincial Liberal and Green parties. Somehow, she has made 30 seats less effectual than the previous unrecognized opposition of two.

I find myself wishing my father would do upon leaving what he did when he ran for leader -- motivate his party to take a rigorous look at the road it is travelling and reassess its leadership.

Sandi Swanigan


© The Vancouver Sun 2008

Anonymous said...

For another complete change of pace. The residents of Tsawwssen who are living near the BC Hydro line righ of way are upset with wooden poles being replaced with 60M steel towers. The towers are not merely an eyesore cropping up in their backyards, but of greater concern is the effect upon ones health from the electromagnetic field.

"Not in my backyard" (NIMBY) individuals would say "So what, they knew when they moved there that BC Hydro had the right of way." Well there is that of course, but what about the portion of the Hydro line that is being laid down upon the "soil", not in a trench, on the bottom of Georgia Strait?

The facts are, that the electromagnetic field for a trenched hydro line on land is six times greater than an overhead line. Does this go part way to explain why our salmon stocks are dwindling? Our fish stock are getting zapped on the way out from their spawning grounds, and getting zapped again on the way in.

Where is our Minister of the Environment (Provincial and Federal), Fish too on this issue?

Anonymous said...