Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thank you! More than 31,500 visits to Bill Tieleman's blog in first half of 2007!!

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog - it is greatly appreciated!

And even more thanks to the many visitors who have commented on the items posted here!

Google Analytics statistics show that from January 1, 2007 to June 30, 2007 this website has had more than 31,500 visits.

We have also had more than 10,000 unique visitors in that time period. And going back to October, 2006 when this blog started, there have been almost 40,000 visits and over 12,000 unique visitors.

I am honoured that you have visited my modest blog and will keep working hard to make it worthy of your attention.

Sincerely - Bill Tieleman


Anonymous said...

Maybe we show up Bill because you arn't here to support some wingnuts decisions. All parties see to have a few and some decisions made are simply not good ones. You have nu qualms thumping the leader of the Opposition for things she and her caucus does as well as some of the moves by Gordo and Company which in my view is what commentators are supposed to do.

Tell us and let us decide who is doing the right, and worse, the wrong things.

For example your position on the Tsawassen Treaty being bought and sold by removing ALR lands, which of course wasn't the origional policy of the province, and has gone back far before the treaty process started by Bill the Gardener. Used to be trinkets and a bit of gun powder and now cold cash. The BS that all provincial laws will apply is simply not true. ALR land was under provincial laws for its usage, but under this treaty effort, will no longer be under control so that statement alone is simply false.
Your position may not be policical correct but to any thinking person with even a smattering of knowlegde on such issues , is the correct approach. To take farm land and making a parking lot flies in the face of man Indians who claim the land is all important. The same group rents out a whole bunch of land then complains there is none left for their members. I'm no rocket scientist but when the total number of people being discussed is less tha 400 souls, I don't see the immediate need for wasting land that grows food to become a space for coal prt parking of equipment. If land is so sacred for the Tsawassen,for housing for members, why put it under a very long term lease? What happens at Tsawassen will snowball all over the province. BC provides the land and the fed provides the money, so we pay no matter what.

Keep up the good work Bill and we will keep coming back to read your stuff. Denis Love

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well isn’t interesting. The Premier’s last three "photo ops" on the Government of British Columbia website have him interacting with children. I wonder what that is all about!

Anonymous said...

Bill, what do you mean by "unique"?

Bill Tieleman said...

Here's the Webopedia definition of unique visitor:

When tracking the amount of traffic on a Web site, it refers to a person who visits a Web site more than once within a specified period of time.

Software that tracks and counts Web site traffic can distinguish between visitors who only visit the site once and unique visitors who return to the site.

Different from a site's hits or page views -- which are measured by the number of files that are requested from a site -- unique visitors are measured according to their unique IP addresses, which are like online fingerprints, and unique visitors are counted only once no matter how many times they visit the site.

Anonymous said...

Bill, any visitors who have ip addresses registered to the rcmp?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess I'm just not unique. Sigh...

Then again, isn't there some satisfaction for you Bill that some of us come back time and again because we learn from your work? Hope so and keep on, keepin' on...