Thursday, July 26, 2007

BC Green Party Interim Leader also supports Tsawwassen First Nation treaty which removes farmland from Agricultural Land Reserve

BC Green Party Interim Leader Christopher Ian Bennett applauds all involved in Tsawwassen First Nation treaty; does not object to removal of active Delta farmland

In response to an emailed question from me today about whether the BC Green Party has taken a stand on the Tsawwassen treaty, Interim Leader Christopher Ian Bennett replied that he "loves" and "applauds" the agreement ratified in a vote by the TFN yesterday.

Regrettably in my view, the Green leader's position brings political party unanimity to support for the Tsawwassen treaty and its removal of 207 hectares of prime farmland from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Premier Gordon Campbell is of course a signatory to the deal and BC NDP Leader Carole James today said her caucus supports the deal and its upcoming passage in the BC Legislature.

It appears that no political party is willing to champion protection of farmland in the face of treaty negotiations.

Here is that email correspondence with Green Party Interim Leader Bennett. No news release from the Greens had been received by time of this posting:

Tieleman: I can see no position taken by the Green Party on the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty or the vote in favour by the TFN yesterday. Does the Green Party have a position?

Bennett: We'll be issuing a statement on it shortly in fact, Bill.

Personally -- I love it and applaud it. Great work by all sides to work this through. I couldn't be more impressed with the leadership on all sides.

Our official party position will be posted online shortly pending our Aboriginal Affairs advisors/critics final notes.

We'll keep you posted!


BC Mary said...

Holy sufferin' catfish. Do these people just not understand what has happened?

Anonymous said...

This is all about Political Correct by the official opposition who has lots to lose by breaking their own policies. Which one will they break next? The Green's are trying really hard to get a seat, any seat, anywhere, and will say just about anyhting to get their foot in the door. Next up will be Dave Barrett, the guy who brought in the ALR Legislation. The fellow made a point by getting dragged physically out of the house for his convictions. Hey Dave, what do you think? Hey Mike, we hear you figure dropping the ALR Land to score a tiny treaty is OK.
I'm sad to have to admit I argued a long time ago with one of your regulal posters when she said the ALR land would not be used by the band for its origional purpose. I poo pood her by quoting from the treaty policy papers a few of us actually have read. Hell I'd have been better off to just ignore the whole thing. Dumb is the easiest way to accept just about anything either side of the house gets around to doing.
I'm out of here. Older and mybe a bit upset that the party I support appears to be no different than the one business supports. Should be fun and games in and around the coal port and the roads heading that way. China wants coal, the band wants revenue collection without even getting out of their chairs. Gordo wants to keep business happy and Carole wants? who knows what Carole wants? Nobody ever gave this person money for his signature but I guess it's the way things are done here in BC.

As an aside the federal NDP and the Federal Liberals are trying to stall Bill 44 which would allow sections of the Indian Act get removed. That would allow the Indian women access to Human Rights decisions. Funny world. One minute passing out dollars, next, prevent women and kids on reserves from using the act to keep from getting flung off reserve if a marriage break up occurs among other little gems. When the Libs were the federal government they tried to remove sections of the Indian Act and guess who fought it all the way. NDP and the AFN who had said the changes would be a good thing. Politicinas spend more time scoring points than doing real work. The wait lists get longer, the schools, hospitals and other stuff gets closed.DL

Anonymous said...

Our food security is already in jeopardy. There should be no exceptions to the ALR -- zero.

While I think we need to come to an accommodation with First Nations, this treaty vote has been a complete travesty of democracy. It is about as free and fair a that of a banana republic. The province bought the Tswassen. How utterly corrupt!