Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More stunning allegations in Basi-Virk case - BC Liberal Party asked RCMP not to lay dirty tricks charges against David Basi

UPDATE ON THE BC LEGISLATURE RAID CASE - filed 2 p.m. Monday May 15, 2007

The defence in the David Basi-Bob Virk trial made more stunning claims today - alleging that the BC Liberal Party asked the RCMP not to press charges against David Basi over his involvement in dirty tricks when he was on a contract with the Liberals in addition to his full-time government job.

And there were new details on those dirty tricks, including an allegation that Basi was involved with dumping a load of manure on the front lawn of the home of Jim Sinclair, BC Federation of Labour President and organizing phony protestors outside the 2003 Federation of Labour convention.

Defence lawyer Kevin McCullough alleged that BC Liberal Party Executive Director Kelly Reichert was consulted by the RCMP and told Premier Gordon Campbell that criminal charges were being recommended.

The allegations come from a previously undislosed document provided by the Special Prosecutor to the defence, an RCMP report titled: "Kelly Reichert - Do Not Disclose".

McCullough read into the court record some of the June 24, 2005 document, saying a tape recorded interview with Reichert was stopped but a conversation with RCMP investigators continued.

"After the tape was turned off Mr. Reichert was asked if the Liberal Party would be harmed by the disclosure that a load of manure was dumped on Jim Sinclair's lawn and protestors sent to the BC Federation of Labour Convention," McCullough read.

"Mr. Reichert replied that any benefit to the Liberal Party would be outweighed by the harm of embarrassment," he added.

The RCMP report continued, McCullough said: "Careful consideration will have to be given to the wishes of the victim. The likelihood of successful charges versus the embarrassment to the victim."

Presumably McCullough believes the BC Liberals were being described as the victim by RCMP because Basi was under two $10,000 private contracts to conduct "media monitoring" for the party, activities that have previously been alleged in court to include stacking radio and TV talk show call ins and organizing phony protestors at other events.

McCullough alleged that Reichert told Campbell that day that the RCMP was recommending charges be laid against Basi.

"When the tape was turned off, he [Reichert] didn't want charges approved against Basi because it would be embarrassing that manure was dumped on the lawn of Jim Sinclair and protestors were sent to the BC Federation of Labour," McCullough alleged.

"The wishes of the Liberal Party and Mr. Reichert, the same day he notifies the Premier, all came true," McCullough concluded, noting that charge were indeed never approved against Basi for those activities.

"We have the effort by Reichert to not have the charges approved. That reeks of political interference," McCullough alleged.

When contacted today, Jim Sinclair said he was unaware of a manure attack on his home in 2003 but was aware of organized protestors outside the BC Federation of Labour Convention.

And Sinclair said it was very unusual that Campbell was informed about possible RCMP charges but not himself.

"I've was never informed by the RCMP about the protests or manure allegation but I understand Premier Campbell was informed that charges were being considered. And I was never consulted when charges were dropped," Sinclair said in an interview.

"This just seems to be getting dirtier and dirtier. I don't think the public would be impressed that a full-time public official is allegedly involved in organizing dirty tricks," he said.

Outside the BC Supreme Court room NDP MLA Leonard Krog, attending the hearing today, called for a complete investigation.

"If the allegations are true, political interference is the only conclusion. The government at a minimum should be committing not only to a full public inquiry into BC Rail but into the whole affair, from top to bottom," he said.

The defence has also made other allegations regarding Basi's involvement in manipulating media, allegations that include an RCMP investigation into possible charges against Basi.



Anonymous said...

Was Stuart Chase in court this morning Bill?

I was somewhat sorry his little drama didn't have a longer shelf life.

SO many embarrassing things for the AG these days – just watched question period – he’s starting to show the strain and the Premier is still on walkabout.

Budd Campbell said...

Let me be clear. Is McCullough charging that the RCMP bent to political persuasion and influence from Reichert and Campbell, or that Berardino bowed to pressure in not laying charges against Basi???

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
The Question Period today Tuesday was quite a spectacle. Wally took most of the heated questions and as usual it was pure speculation and so on. There is a judge, he even mentioned that sometimes there is a jury. The opposition members are just awful and don't undertand the system. Mike Dejong now dubbed The Minister of Defence was in high flight , indignation and all that sert of thing. Mike sure can run down the clock. Better that your readers either watch the rerun of question Period later today on TV or read the blues. It's starting to smell a bit. No doubt Krog will be saying a few things tomorrow as well Wally loves to mention who the lawyers are on the opposition side and how they should know better,dl

Anonymous said...


I thought that the whole point of the Special Prosecutor model was to PREVENT POLITICAL INTERFERENCE!

Question: How did the RCMP know that the Premier was briefed by Reichert?

Question: Why did the Special Prosecutor not lay any charges against Basi for these "media monitoring" contracts?

Question: Did the RCMP wait until after the Provincial Election campaign to recommend charges?

Question: What else have the RCMP have in their possession that is labelled "NOT FOR DISCLOSURE"??

I am outraged that the Special Prosecutor is not available to answer questions that the public deserve answers to.

Anonymous said...

Manure? A new low for the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

You are doing an excellent job, keep up the good work/ Without competition in the vancouver media, these allegations would never have seen the light of day/Your coverage is excellent and ensures that people get a chance to read the entire story,,,,times have changed.
B Bell

Anonymous said...

Bill I can't believe what I am reading on your blog. Do we live in some third world banana republic! The rcmp not wanting to embarass the government so they don't lay charges. The rcmp steer the bc rail investigation away from the government because they don't want to involve cabinet ministers! Whats next unexplained gaps in the wiretaps!! If you didn't write this stuff on your blog I wouldn't believe it, you can't even invent this stuff!!

Anonymous said...

unbelievable story and yet what I find even more amazing is the conspiracy of silence and the media blackout on the stinkiest poltical scandal ever to grace BC.

Thank you for your coverage Mr. Tieleman and thank goodness for the web blogs of Gazetter, BC Mary and an independent news source, the Tyee. And 24 hours too.

The truth will out . . . unless there is a mistrial, as BC Mary has often referred to as the real desired outcome.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for the many kind comments.

Yes, Stuart Chase was on the job today, keeping to himself - no Wally, he does not assist the media - but I feel a bit badly for him, as he's just doing the job he was hired for.

As to some of the questions, McCullough is alleging political interference but not being specific, in my view.

But others I can't answer - not yet.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to see the "door" being pushed so slightly ajar today.

But as I and a previous "Deep Throat" have advised: Don't forget to follow ALL the money.

Don't forget about Bormann, Kieran AND the ALR bribe.

Anonymous said...

I find the allegations absolutely beyond disgusting. NO GOVERNMENT AIDE, regardless of political stripe should be engaging in any activities even remotely similar to what is being alleged. Stacking phones with your pals is one thing, but being paid while on the public dime? Dumping shit on peoples lawns!!!!!! I never in my worst nightmares would have ever thought I would end up on the same side of an issue as a blowhard reactionary like Sinclair, but going to someone's home is just beyond the pale. I remember how this all got started, many moons ago.....the "occupation" of Grace McCarthy's lawn during the lead up to "Transpo" was the genesis of this idiotic and hurtful nonsense. Basi supposedly shovelling manure, the APC whackjobs preparing to hurl urine and the Mayor...what have we become??????

I am embarrased for all of us. This is something for all to condemn. It's not about politics. It's about human decency.

And the allegations about Reichert are astounding.

It is high time the Premier called a press conference and addressed all these issues. They will not prejudice the case. These are political matters which are well within the public's right to question...if this continues, regardless of the uselessness of Carole James and the NDP, I'd be very interested to see next poll results.

Then again, if those who would presumably lose there jobs don't care...why should I?


Anonymous said...

"Jim Sinclair said he was unaware of a manure attack on his home in 2003..."

While I can imagine JS being a very busy person, and thinking many deep thoughts - I can't see how somebody can miss a big pile-O-poop on their front lawn.

Q: Does anyone know who dumped a big pile-0-poop on Campbells front lawn ? (around 2001-2003, when he still lived in a house) ?

RossK said...

Mr Tsakumis--

I too am very surprised to see you on the same side as Mr. Sinclair.

However, as someone whose myriad comments do indicate that you believe in decency and the concept of a level playing field for all, I can understand how this has come to pass given recent developments in the BC Railgate pre-trial hearings.

However, one thing I was not entirely clear upon was the following:

Have you also, like Mr. Sinclair, also reached the point where you feel that a public inquiry is in order?


BC Mary said...


Public Inquiry: yes! The minute the Basi, Virk, Basi trial ends - no matter how it ends.

And off-the-radar, it's not I who thinks a mistrial is the real desired outcome ... it's those Pile o'Poop spreaders I've been reading about. I'd like to see a fair, thorough trial do its appointed task.

Then comes the challenge of ensuring that there's also a PUBLIC enquiry and that we hear all about that, too, findings and all.

About that Pile o'Poop which Jim Sinclair didn't seem to know about ... I slowly [duh] got it figured ... it was a PLAN to deliver a Pile o'Poop which never got off the ground, so to speak.

And I'm with Alex Tsakumis on this one ... what has the Legislature come to?


Anonymous said...

In answer to gazeteer: I would like to see Gordon answer some of these questions and address some of these issues. It's his job as Premier to do so. The idiots telling him to keep a lid on it are the same guys who told him to ease back on the pedal against Carole James in the last election--both cases of extremely bad advice.

I want to see some answers. I'm not quite there, but a call for a public inquiry is certainly not off the table if this disgraceful ducking and weaving continues.

The only person arranging to dump shit on your lawn should be your landscaper.

BC Mary is right on the money. I'm glad to see we all agree that that we, in no small part, as a society, have lost our way in having civilized discourse. Resorting to attacking someone's home is just so far beyond being a garden variety low-life. I often get frustrated with some of the morons who post on Public Eye and act in such a juvenile manner. When I thump them, they scream bloody murder. Oh well, I digress...this whole episode is a sad reflection on our loss of dignity. I have many friends who are NDP, Tieleman chief among them, and I could careless about their politics when I know their heart is in the right place.

The personal attacks must stop.

But does anyone care except a few posters here?

Collins should be ashamed if he new about any of this nonsense and condoned it. Mind, defense counsel was reading from a police report!!!!!!

Kinda hard to discount that.....