Tuesday, May 08, 2007

David Basi's 6,926 wiretapped calls form part of huge evidence in BC Legislature Raid case

Basi-Virk case evidence massive, Crown says


Prosecutors defending their conduct in the breach of trust case against former provincial ministerial aides David Basi and Bob Virk yesterday outlined exactly how massive the evidence is.

Special Prosecutor Andrea MacKay told the B.C. Supreme Court about the challenges the Crown faces in disclosing evidence to the defence due to the scope of the investigation centred on the $1-billion privatization of B.C. Rail.

"There are 50,000 documents in the breach of trust case," MacKay said in response to a defence application for disclosure. "There were 6,926 calls intercepted on Basi's phone lines."

MacKay added that there are also 70,000 pages of additional evidence in a drug investigation that led police to put Basi under surveillance and ultimately prosecute him for allegedly leaking secret government documents. He is not charged in the drug case.


BC Mary said...


Today's information (sheesh, 6,926 wiretaps!) helps us figure out why the Crown seems to be dragging its feet so badly ... wonder why they couldn't have mentioned these things earlier?

Plus: don't you think the public is entitled to know why our experienced, reputable Special Prosecutor has vanished?? I mean, how onerous would that be to say: "He's got 'flu" or "He's quit" or whatever?

I guess what I mean is: MUST we all get naked and roll around on the floor of Studi ... err ... Courtroom 54 before the judicial team begins to note the public interest??


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks Mary - but given Bill Berardino's ongoing absence, perhaps you should be calling it Car 54, Where Are You? rather than Studio 54!

I specifically asked Janet Winteringham, the other Special Prosecutor, about Berardino's non-appearance and was told simply that he is "away from the office for a few weeks." I have not heard any other explanations.

Budd Campbell said...

Have all 6000 wiretaps been analyzed and transcribed?

How many of Dave Basi's phone calls were to Ottawa, to national Liberal Party HQ or to the offices of Federal Liberal Ministers and aides on Parliament Hill? Who did he talk with in Ottawa? What did he discuss with them? How much did the Federal Liberals know about Basi's activities?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the special procecutor is still sifting through all that evidence. You asked and got an anwser of sorts, as to why he has been missing. It's early days so far. But keep asking and you might learn more. The car 54 item will be over most folks heads except for those greying around the edges group. Or in some of our cases, nor much left to grey. But some folks have seen so many one hour on TV court cases they expect all to be solved between commercials.

Some folks would like to see a mistrial. dl

RossK said...

Two things....

To fully utilize the oft-used play-off hockey vernacular in this, our time, of need, perhaps the management should let us know if the SP has 'full body soreness' or some such thing.

And re: the mountain of wiretaps.....Just how money does it take to screw in a lightbulb anyway?

(thanks for leaving the 'Scribes in the Studio' update over at my place Mr. T.)


Anonymous said...

I have more questions Bill. Where is the SP? Doesn't make any sense for him to be away. Why is the crown dragging their feet? When you proceed by direct indictment that means you are ready to go, your case is strong and things can start right away. It has been 3 years and 5 months since charges were laid. I don't buy for one iota this bs about seperate investigations etc. etc. The prosecution is hiding something, so is the government.

Anonymous said...

7000 calls! What was the time period? A couple of months?

No wonder the Premier's office can't comment on the case. Remember, this is a Government that avoids emails and other written forms of communication in order to avoid FOI legislation
ie: Ken Dobell.

Who say's what about whom on the 7000 calls....??? I am sure that these calls keep plenty of political types awake at night.

Can't wait for the defence to introduce these calls as I am sure that the Special Prosecutor will not be trying to focus on the elected types and current staff in the Premier's office.

Anonymous said...

I have a straight forward question for the prosecutor. Please release all the calls that involved the premier/mike morton, lara dauphinee, martyn brown and basi. Public confidence in the adminstration of justice requires this! If thats really whats important!

Anonymous said...

Close to 7,000 phone calls to Gary Collins primary assistant. Clearly, this is evidence that MLAs need a pay raise. My goodness, think of the myriad of important decisions that would need to made amongst those phone calls! ;)

Anonymous said...

Some very insightful comments above. However, as a previous Deep Throat noted: Don't forget "to follow the money"! Don't forget the need for a forensic audit on Pilothouse and "Mr. Bormann" and "Mr. Kieran".

terry said...