Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Former BC president of federal Liberal Party Jamie Elmhirst's subpoena for Basi-Virk trial a surprise to federal Liberal Party President

January 30, 2007

Subpoena news for top Grit


The president of the Liberal Party of Canada says she had no idea the outgoing president of her party's B.C. branch had been subpoenaed to testify in the province's political trial of the century.
Ontario Liberal Senator Marie Poulin said she only became aware after 24 hours contacted her about the issue yesterday.

"I did not know," said Poulin. "He might have told the party and he might not have told the party. I am not aware that he has or hasn't."

24 hours first reported that Elmhirst was subpoenaed to testify at the breach-of-trust trial of former provincial government aides David Basi and Bob Virk on Oct. 4, 2006. He quit as president Jan. 15, but did not mention the subpoena in his letter of resignation, said Poulin.

Elmhirst told 24 hours the subpoena had nothing to do with his resignation.

Elmhirst was a former aide to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and former Liberal cabinet minster David Anderson. He was also partners with Erik Bornmann and Brian Kieran as part of the now-defunct Pilothouse Public Affairs lobby firm.

Bornmann and Kieran will testify as Crown witnesses against Basi, Virk and a provincial government communications aide Aneal Basi during the trial which begins April 2.


Bill Tieleman said...

The Vancouver Sun's Peter O'Neil has filed a story on the Jamie Elmhirst subpoena today - January 30 - which is on page B5 of the paper or online at:

Anonymous said...

Bill, you seem to be trying to make it out that anyone who is subpoenaed to testify on something is somewhow associated with it and guilty of something?

This is akin to unfair character assasination. If being subpoenaed is a crime, then the list of criminals in all facets of public life just increased 100-fold!

Bill Tieleman said...

I have never suggested Jamie Elmhirst is "guilty of something" in any way.

But the fact that the Liberal Party of Canada was apparently unaware of his upcoming role as a witness and that his two former business partners face serious allegations regarding the Basi-Virk situation would lead me to think that political due diligence was missing here.

See my story in today's 24 hours and on this blog for more information.