Friday, January 05, 2007

Christy Clark will definitely not run for federal Liberals in next election, despite rumours, encouragement

Clark won't dance with fed Libs

By Bill Tieleman, 24 hours

Former B.C. Liberal Deputy Premier Christy Clark will definitely not run for the federal Liberals under Stephane Dion, even with her husband Mark Marissen as national campaign manager.

Clark was unequivocal when a caller predicted on air Tuesday on CKNW radio, where she is filling in as host for Bill Good, that she would be a candidate for the Liberals.

“Christy Clark is shaking her head vigorously on that one. Not a chance. No Dave, Christy Clark is not running in the federal election, I can confirm that here and now,” Clark said.

Commentator Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, encouraged Clark on air to reconsider.

“I’m very disturbed and disappointed to hear your statement Christy, because that was going to be my prediction too. I think you should run,” Spector said. “I think you would be a tremendous asset to the Parliament of Canada.”

But Clark wasn’t convinced.

“The reason – I’ve got a five-year-old Norman – I don’t want to get back into politics yet,” Clark responded.

Marissen was national campaign director in Dion’s upset leadership win in December. Clark left provincial politics in September 2004 to spend more time with her son but attempted to win the Non-Partisan Association nomination for Vancouver mayor the following year, losing to Sam Sullivan.

[NOTE: An edited shorter version of this story was published today in 24 hours newspaper]

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Sam Sullivan should be afraid, he should be very, very afraid.