Friday, December 08, 2006

Who is polling about Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan if it's not the NPA, Vision Vancouver or COPE?

Sullivan at centre of mystery poll
December 8, 2006


Who wants to know what you think of Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan? And why?

That's the question after a Vancouver polling firm declined to identify who its client is in a survey of city residents that asks their opinion of Sullivan's performance, who his best political opponent would be and what they think of his policies.

The ruling Non-Partisan Association flatly denies any involvement in the poll, as does Sullivan's office. And the NPA's competition, Vision Vancouver and the Coalition of Progress Electors, also say it's not their poll.

But the questions being asked about Sullivan's leadership, possible opponents in the 2008 municipal election and reaction to key Sullivan policy initiatives make it sound like the poll could be an effort to see if Sullivan should be replaced as the NPA's candidate before then.

Could it be the work of someone like independent park board commissioner Allan De Genova, who recently quit the NPA in a dispute with Sullivan?

NPA President Mathew Taylor says the party is not responsible.

"It's definitely not a party poll - I can tell you that," Taylor told 24 hours. "I know the NPA hasn't commissioned it."

The polling questions, provided by two 24 hours readers who were phoned at home in late November for the survey, include:

- Would respondents vote for Sullivan or potential mayoralty contenders Vision Vancouver councilor Raymond Louie or former councilor Jim Green, who lost to Sullivan in 2005; David Cadman, lone councillor for COPE; or Tim Louis, a COPE councillor defeated last election?

- What party do respondents prefer - NPA, Vision or COPE and how would they briefly describe that party?

- What are the biggest issues facing Vancouver?

Barb Justason of Justason Market Intelligence confirmed Wednesday her firm is currently conducting polling in Vancouver but refused to identify the client.

"It's really not something that's mine to discuss. We're not done yet," Justason told 24 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of Sam's enemies - that could mean it's almost anyone!