Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mark Marissen denies Justin Trudeau in Vancouver-Kingsway rumour

Mark Marissen, Stephane Dion's leadership campaign manager, has just contacted me to deny rumours posted here this morning that Justin Trudeau, eldest son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was being recruited to run for the Liberals in Vancouver-Kingsway.

In an email sent from his Blackberry, Marissen says in response to my question whether there is any truth to the rumours he is trying to recruit Trudeau:

"No truth. We have a candidate in Vancouver Kingsway," Marissen wrote.

That candidate, of course, is Stephane Dion supporter Wendy Yuan, who was nominated in July amid some controversy. Bob Rae supporter Mason Loh lost that nomination and also an appeal to Liberal Party HQ based on the meeting being held on short notice. Yuan will face turncoat Liberal, now Conservative cabinet minister, David Emerson.

Dion said in August when Yuan endorsed his leadership that: “Wendy is an outstanding leader in the community, a successful entrepreneur, and a tireless worker for the party. I am glad she joins my campaign for a more prosperous, more just and greener Canada.”

Fair enough. But imagine what he'd say about Justin Trudeau.


Budd Campbell said...

So Marissen denies it. So big deal.

Wendy Yuan is a Marissen affiliated Liberal. She could have been told to seek the Kingsway nomination as a place-holder to be extracted when the time comes for the next Star to appear.

Anonymous said...

Big Deal

Although I like Justin Trudeau, this riding is still smarting from a betrayal by it's most recent Liberal "star" (now Tory cabinet minister) David Emerson. Wendy Yuan will stay and the Grits won't waste another star in a riding that will go NDP. Justin should run in a winnable Richmond riding that needs a credible candidate.

Now if the NDP could only find its own credible candidate who lives in the riding, and is not associated with the 'fringe'. Sheesh

ZZ said...

oops, really no idea what to say. maybe just wish u good luck with the blog:)

first time here. nice job:)

Michael said...

Having Justin Trudeau vs. Emerson in Kingsway would certainly be fun for BC, but why the heck would he run here when at least one (Paul Martin), probably two (Jean Lapierre), much safer Liberal ridings will be opening up in Montreal?