Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tieleman praises BC Conservative MPs!

Rare Tieleman praise for some BC Tory MPs for voting in favour of Anti-Scab legislation

Congratulations to the following Conservative Members of Parliament who yesterday voted in favour in second reading of a private members bill, Bill C-257, which would prohibit the use of scabs - or replacement workers - in labour disputes.

While most Conservatives voted no - including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all BC Tory cabinet ministers - others stood up for workers, resulting in the vote passing by 167 to 101.

Next stage is third and final reading.

Here are the Conservative MPs who get a tip of the hat from me:

Ron Cannan - Kelowna-Lake Country
John Cummins - Delta-Richmond East
Nina Grewal - Fleetwood-Port Kells
Richard Harris - Cariboo-Prince George
Colin Mayes - Okanagan-Shuswap

I also salute all BC MPs from the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party who voted in favour of Bill C-257.

And congratulations to the Canadian Labour Congress and its affiliates who have worked so hard on this bill and the previous attempt that failed by just 13 votes in the last Parliament.

The use of scabs or replacement workers has been banned provincially in Quebec and BC for many years as a means of reducing the length and bitterness of labour disputes. Ontario had anti-scab legislation under the NDP government but it was repealed by the Mike Harris Conservative government.

For more information on the vote go to:

And for more info on anti-scab see:

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Anonymous said...

We all argued for anti-scab legislation, when I was in unions. Brian Mulroney scabbed us when I was a driver with Canada Post. A rather vicious strike. One of the Letter Carriers, a grandmother was crippled when driven over by a semi trailer driven by a scab.
One highlight was Denny Boyd's comments, who wasn't exactly left wing. He said" You leave my Letter Carrier alone. She shows up at our place same time every day , no matter how bad the weather.It was one of the good reasons the whole thing fell apart. Some provincial guys could never understand why we were having such problems. Hopefully the bill will pass.