Friday, October 13, 2006

Ignatieff still the one to beat

MP Michael Ignatieff's comments on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and allegations of "war crimes" in the bombing of Qana and loss of civilian life make for good news drama this week but don't change a central fact - Ignatieff is highly likely to win the federal Liberal leadership.

What's equally newsworthy in my view is Prime Minister Stephen Harper's allegations that almost all the Liberal leadership candidates are "anti-Israeli" in their attitudes.

This from someone who said the Lebanese invasion was a "measured response" by Israel in reaction to the kidnapping of two of its soldiers!

Ignatieff is in the front-runner's spot and unless he makes major errors - this isn't one of them - he should win quite easily. All of the other major contenders - Dion, Rae and Kennedy - have serious electoral deficits - and the Liberal Party believes in nothing at all except electability!

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