Thursday, November 03, 2011

Will BC Liberals Friday afternoon "Take out the trash" time become "Take out the Kash"?

Will Kash Heed go the way of Gordon Campbell on Friday afternoon?
It's known as "take out the trash" time - Friday afternoon in Victoria is the tradition time for bad news from the BC Liberal government - hoping to reduce news coverage as the weekend starts and reporters disappear.

Will Friday November 4 become "Take out the Kash" time too?

Afterall, Premier Christy Clark will have conveniently departed BC Friday for her two-week trip to India and China - and be unavailable for immediate comment or interviews.

And surely the BC Liberal caucus has has enough of the Kash Heed Gong Show by now. 

Clark said it would be up to the caucus to decide - but how much longer do they want Heed stories to dominate the BC political news?

And after the release of a disastrous new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll showing the BC NDP at 40% vs the BC Liberals dropping to 31% and the rising BC Conservatives under leader John Cummins at an all time recent high of 18%, can Clark be expected to not cashier Kash Heed before his story takes on any new bad turns?

Clark has also for the first time been bested by NDP leader Adrian Dix in the approval ratings, with Dix at 40% vs Clark's 39%.

Stay tuned Friday afternoon!



Joe said...

Bill, Alise Mills has called for Kash Heed to be "rid of". Hope Heed goes... time to HIRE Alise Mills as MLA and Premier!

Anonymous said...

da.da .da da da da da da da da da da da da ......batman!these libs are a fu..king joke!

Ken in Victoria said...

I certainly enjoyed the article on the liberal caucus and Mr cash. I am so happy that Mrs Clark left the province. Hopefully, she will forget where she lives and never return.
As for Mr cash, I find it difficult to understand why he has not resigned. Did Mr cam bull not resign after being totally disgraced? I remember when Mr cash was reinstated as a cabinet member, however was immediately disgraced again. Perhaps the end of Mr cash is near as the end of the liberals is. Finally, the last poll suggests 40% plus 18% want an election but only 31% support liberals. Ken can read the tea leaves, can Mrs Clark.I would really like her to claim voters do not want an election.

Anonymous said...

BT, did you send AGT a box of Cubans?

"It’s been almost a decade and the only chap who can hold his head up high for the full on coverage he’s provided is Bill Tieleman of 24 Hours and The Tyee online." ... "Tieleman, although an NDPer, was the only one who provided broad, BUT FAIR, coverage." ... "Why wouldn’t all these committed media people take on the establishment that has clearly lied to the people. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? Cradling the public trust?

That no one else delivered what I did is untrue–I still maintain that Tieleman eclipses everybody in this regard."

While not on topic; some folks will want to read this from AGT too.

keith said...

Hi Bill,

you must have overridden spellcheck, should it read,

"take out the cash"?

Anonymous said...

If the Libs kick him out maybe he'd try to cross the floor to the NDP? Would the NDP take him or would Dix be afraid that Kash would be after his job?

DPL said...

Kash won't want to leave because he really doesn't have anywhere to go. Back to being a cop? Hardly likely. The NDP wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.Maybe the Conservatives could use him as their first MLA but I figure Mr Cummins is smarter than that. He can sit as an independent till his pension kicks in if MS.Christy holds off the election long enough

piker said...

As Heed was only elected in 2009, he would have to win re-election in order for his pension to kick in (six years in office). No soup for you!

Anonymous said...

@piker - count all the small blessings!

Has anyone else noticed that the PAB are cospicuously absent from all the Kash postings?

Was there a memo?

To Kash - spill the beans first - your cronies are about to ditch you!

Bill Tieleman said...

To Anon 6:23 p.m. - no cigars sent. I appreciate Alex Tsakumis' kind words on his blog and wish him well with his coverage of the Basi-Virk file.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the guy doesn't get kicked out actually. Not because I think he's any good, but its just such an inviting target to go after. It's astounding that this alleged super cop could be so super incompetent, arrogant, self involved and full of himself. As I said on a facebook posting, the lessons from $$$$ Heed's fall from grace are numerous to learn from.

It's almost a guide on what not to do once elected, how not to go about covering up misdeeds and dirty tricks. And why you should choose your friends and advisors with great care, when you're an arrogant self righteous full of hot air wanna be, like $$$$ is.

Not that Christy reads this blog, but please keep $$$$ around til 2013. He, like Harry Bloy are the gifts that just keep on giving.

The Poison Pen of New Westminster.

Ken in Victoria said...

There are eleven comments on this article regarding Mr. $$$$ Heed. ( I really like the term "$$$$" clever.)
Now, for an official comment.In a federal election, the Green Ms May was allowed to the debates as her party had one member in the Common House. Next election, no members, no debate. I feel that was a correct decision. The point is that Mr. Conservative Leader can be a debater in the next BC election by offering membership to Mr Heed. Would he became the new Mr. Gordon Wilson and leader of the second party. History can be repeated.
Of course, there are other liberals that considering the same choice in their political careers. Many could be elected under a different party. I will read the tea leaves for them but only if Crown Royal is added as my reward.

Anonymous said...

A Peek into Secretive Order of BC Decisions

Citizens can't see nomination documents; censored FOI gives mere glimpse of process.

Whoever nominated Gordon Campbell for the Order of British Columbia was not content to let the 27-year politician's qualifications stand on their own.

The nomination package for Campbell was 17 pages long ... The nomination documents were withheld in their entirety by the BC Liberal government.
- Bob Mackin, The Tyee

Norm Farrell said...

Can we start a lottery predicting what Friday "take out the trash" will bring us each week? Dumping of Kash Heed was a good possibility but this week the prize would have been shared by those who predicted an unconscionable severance package paid to an executive of a government agency removed for inadequate job performance.

Heed will be a good choice for next week but there are so many other possibilities.