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GABRIEL YIU WINS! Why I supported Gabriel Yiu for the BC NDP nomination in Vancouver-Fraserview riding on Sunday November 6

Gabriel Yiu, on left, with residents of Vancouver-Fraserview riding
supporting Fight HST campaign, June 2011


Congratulations to Gabriel Yiu - he will be the next BC NDP candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview riding!

Gabriel won by a margin of 130 votes to 95 for Vancouver city councilor George Chow.


Why I supported Gabriel Yiu for the New Democratic Party nomination in Vancouver-Fraserview riding on Sunday November 6

By Bill Tieleman

The answer is in the picture above - it's that simple.

Gabriel Yiu has been an incredible activist in his community and home riding of Vancouver-Fraserview.  His work with me, Bill Vander Zalm, Chris Delaney and thousands of other activists for the amazing success of the Fight HST citizens Initiative campaign and referendum to extinguish the HST has been remarkable.

If Gabriel had done nothing else, I would be supporting him for the nomination.  But he has done far more than that.  Gabriel has been the voice of the NDP in the Chinese-Canadian community for many years - even when it was a very difficult time in the early period of the BC Liberal government of ex-Premier Gordon Campbell.

But there were even more hard challenges for Gabriel.

Gabriel was, in my view, robbed of being the Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC for Vancouver-Fraserview in May 2009 when BC Liberal MLA Kash Heed's campaign cheated and flagrantly broke the election spending rules.

Kash Heed has admitted this overspending on behalf of his campaign and been fined $11,000 - but unfortunately Elections BC did not take the appropriate action and remove him as MLA and call a by-election to replace him.

Since then, Heed's own campaign manager Barinder Sall has admitted his personal guilt for overspending on a vicious, outrageously inaccurate smear leaflet distributed throughout Vancouver-Fraserview.  That leaflet falsely accused the NDP of being in favour of legalizing hard drugs like heroin and cocaine and made many other scandalous claims.

Now Sall is alleging - and Kash Heed is denying - that far more overspending happened, as much as $40,000 in unreported spending.

Gabriel Yiu and the NDP are rightly requesting that Elections BC open a new investigation, as it should. Time will tell if that happens and there results.

Regardless of all that, on Sunday November 6 at 2 p.m. the NDP is holding a nomination meeting for Vancouver-Fraserview.

I am honoured to support Gabriel Yiu's candidacy to once again be the NDP's candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview.

I want to be clear - I very much respect Vancouver city councilor George Chow, who is contesting the nomination against Gabriel.  George has been an excellent councilor for Vision Vancouver and has made a valuable contribution to the city. If George wins the NDP nomination, he will have my backing in the next provincial election - or by-election - just as he has had in the last two municipal elections.

But Gabriel has my support for this nomination.  He has been a consistent and hardworking NDP activist, he has earned the respect of the riding where he lives and he deserves another opportunity to win this riding in a fair and democratic vote where the rules are followed, not violated flagrantly.

If you are an NDP member in Vancouver-Fraserview, I encourage you to vote for Gabriel - and for positive reasons, not in any way against George.

Below you can read Gabriel's news release announcing support for his candidacy.

* * * * *


Gabriel Yiu Receiving Wide Community Support
in Run-up to Vancouver-Fraserview NDP Nomination

With two weeks until the nomination meeting of the Vancouver-Fraserview NDP, Gabriel Yiu is attracting wide support from NDP members and Fraserview residents alike.

Yiu’s candidacy has been endorsed by leading members of several provincial and federal NDP riding associations. Two past presidents of Vancouver-Fraserview NDP are backing Yiu, as is the NDP’s candidate in 2005, Ravinder Gill. Yiu has also received expressions of support from former premier Glen Clark(簡嘉年), political columnist Bill Tieleman and Vancouver South NDP candidate in last May’s federal election, Meena Wong(王璐).

Yiu also enjoys the endorsement of community leaders like BC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, past president of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations Helen Qian(加拿大華人聯席會前會長錢華), chair of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC Michael Chung(卑詩省中醫及針灸學會主席鐘政哲), Multicultural Helping House Society treasurer Michael Cayetano and director Jose Ong, president of Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada Pius Chan(加拿大華商會會長陳若虛), activists Bill Chu(朱偉光), Thekla Lit(列國遠), Prof. Su-sing Chow(周士心), Prof. Diana Lary, Prof. Graham Johnson, John Price, Stephen Phillips, Burnaby Councillor Anne Kang(康安禮), Richard Chang(張境), Rev. Colin Kang(康榮發牧師), Richard Kurland and others.

Commenting on the nomination, Yiu said he is touched by all the support he has received in the past few months, “When I walk down the street, seniors I’ve never met before are coming up to me, offering to join the NDP to support me. I’m thankful that my commentary and community work throughout the years are being recognized and appreciated.”

Typical of the reasons cited by Yiu’s supporters is the extensive work he has done over the years to build support for the NDP in the Chinese community. As a regular commentator and broadcaster on public affairs, Gabriel Yiu is one of the most recognized and respected voices of the NDP in Vancouver-Fraserview and throughout the Lower Mainland. 

This track record of activism is evidently paying off, judging by media coverage of the nomination race in the Chinese press, which overwhelmingly favours the re-nomination of Yiu.

Yiu’s long record of activism in the NDP has also impressed many NDP members in the riding. Andy Serink, honorary life member of the NDP and former president of the Vancouver-Fraserview association, said of Yiu: “As a long-time member and activist, Gabriel has been unstinting in his support of the NDP’s efforts, both provincially and federally. He is no fair-weather New Democrat!”

That sentiment was echoed by Meena Wong, who ran for the NDP in Vancouver South in last May’s federal election. She thanked Yiu for having supported her recent campaign. Referring to Yiu’s rival for the Vancouver-Fraserview NDP nomination, Wong said: “I was surprised and disappointed that George Chow chose to publicly endorse my Liberal opponent in the riding.”

Wong said Yiu has tremendous respect in the Chinese community. She noted that of some 10 commentaries on the nomination published in the Chinese media in recent months, all are supportive of his candidacy.

Local residents and NDP members appreciate the fact that Yiu is the only candidate for the Vancouver-Fraserview nomination who actually lives in the riding. This is a sensitive issue with many residents, who are annoyed by the merry-go-round of politicians parachuted into the riding in the past decade by the Liberals, from Ken Johnson to Wally Oppal and Kash Heed, who had no prior connection to the riding but saw an opportunity. In contrast, Yiu has lived in Fraserview with his wife and family for more than twenty years. His children attend local public schools.

Dr. Margaret McGregor, physician, activist and long-time Fraserview NDP member said, “Gabriel lives in this riding and has worked hard for our community for many years. Alongside parents and teachers, Gabriel fought against the closing of Champlain Heights School Annex. Gabriel also spent many hours at Champlain Mall and visiting people door to door collecting signatures against the HST.”

Moreover, Yiu has been politically active in the community continuously since the last election. Earlier this year, he was credited by the Georgia Straight as one of the five most prominent campaigners against the HST during the referendum. Thanks in part to his efforts, Vancouver-Fraserview registered the highest anti-HST vote tally in the province.

The Vancouver-Fraserview NDP nomination will be held on November 6, 2:00 p.m., at Killarney Secondary School.

- 30 -

For further information, contact Gabriel Yiu at 604-889-0696

Gabriel Yiu's campaign for the Vancouver-Fraserview NDP nomination enjoys wide support among NDP members and supporters in our community. Here is a list of those who are endorsing Gabriel:

“Gabriel has worked hard, and to great effect, to build support for the NDP among new Canadians from Asia as well as among established members of the Chinese community. He has been a reliable supporter of the NDP cause for many years, both in good times and difficult times. Above all, I know he’ll be a strong voice for us in Vancouver–Fraserview and a tremendous asset to the next NDP government of BC”.
Glen Clark
Former Premier of BC

“Gabriel Yiu was robbed as the NDP candidate in Vancouver–Fraserview in 2009 – cheated out of becoming the MLA by dirty tricks that are now the subject of criminal charges. Gabriel is a hard-working advocate for the NDP in the Chinese-Canadian community and beyond – he deserves another chance to represent the riding and become an MLA all residents can be proud of.”
Bill Tieleman
Political commentator

“I heartily endorse the candidacy of Gabriel Yiu. As a Vancouver-Fraserview resident and NDP member, I feel it is important that we nominate a candidate with a proven commitment to the community, to the NDP, and to the cause of social justice.  Gabriel is that candidate—a long-time resident and NDP member who has worked tirelessly as an advocate for ordinary people and small businesses. He is well known in both ethnic and mainstream media as a voice for the NDP and for our community.

I was proud to have Gabriel’s support when I was the NDP candidate in Vancouver South during the recent federal election. In contrast, I was surprised and disappointed that George Chow chose publicly to endorse my Liberal opponent in the riding.”
Meena Wong
Federal NDP candidate, Vancouver South, 2011 

“Gabriel is hard working and has the highest of integrity.  He has the capacity to galvanize new supporters to be part of the NDP team.  That's why Vancouver Fraserview is amongst the first ridings to put up the anti-HST lawn signs.  Gabriel’s team has also distributed 10,000 flyers to Fraserview households explaining why we’ve to vote YES to scrap the HST.  I am supporting Gabriel to be our NDP candidate in the next provincial election.”
Andy Serink, NDP Life Member, former Vancouver Fraserview NDP Riding Association president

"Gabriel Yiu is a great political commentator and community activist. His hard work ethics, integrity and commitment to this community are second to none. Having worked with Gabriel over the past few years on projects such as the Anti-HST Campaign and others in the Fraserview community, I support Gabriel Yiu to be the NDP candidate for Vancouver-Fraserview."
Trevor J. Harris
Past President, Vancouver Fraserview NDP Riding Association

“Gabriel lives in this riding and has worked hard for our community for many years. Alongside parents and teachers, Gabriel fought against the closing of Champlain Annex school. Gabriel also spent many hours at the Champlain Mall and visiting people door to door collecting signatures against the HST.”
Dr. Margaret McGregor
Clinical assistant professor, activist & long time Fraserview NDP member

“Gabriel is a great political analyst and is an important asset as we move forward in building a multicultural society. He nearly knocked off Kash Heed in the last election and I have no doubt he can win this time around.”
John Price
Fraserview resident, Associate Professor, University of Victoria
Resident of Vancouver-Fraserview

"I have worked with and admired Gabriel for a number of years. He has a long standing and credible reputation within the riding and beyond. He was and remains the right candidate for Vancouver Fraserview. Vancouver Fraserview should unite behind Gabriel, a candidate who knows the issues that concern the many diverse communities within this riding.”
Bev Meslo
Federal NDP candidate in Vancouver South, 2004 & 2006
Candidate for leadership of the Federal NDP in 2003

“Gabriel is connected to the residents of Fraserview.  He has been a part of this community for over 20 years.  He knows our neighborhood, our concerns, our hopes and dreams.  He has the best interest of the Fraserview community at heart.  I am supporting Gabriel Yiu. ”
Surinder Dhadli, Realtor and Vancouver Fraserview resident

“I volunteered for Gabriel Yiu in the last election and I will volunteer for him again.    He recognizes the historical injustices and is respectful of all cultures.  He will be a excellent addition to Adrian Dix's team.  My family and I are supporting him to be the NDP candidate for Vancouver Fraserview.”
Gurmit Singh Gill, Vancouver Fraserview NDP member

“Gabriel Yiu is a very principled person.  Without Gabriel's timely and articulate intervention in the Chinese language media about the absence of an apology in the federal Liberal government's offer on Chinese Head Tax Redress, the community would not have realized that Chinese community leaders were willing to accept an incomplete redress package.  Any settlement without an apology would have been incomplete and unacceptable.”
George Jung,
Former convenor, BC Coalition of Head-Tax Payers, Spouses and Descendants
Resident of Vancouver-Fraserview

“When Gabriel ran in Vancouver-Fraserview, where he currently lives, in 2009, I was the financial agent for the NDP candidate in Vancouver-Langara.  I often found myself in Fraserview as I travelled back and forth between Langara and my work place in east Richmond.  I caught the momentum as support for Gabriel in Fraserview mushroomed everywhere, from the co-ops in Champlain Heights to the vibrant multi-cultural neighbourhoods throughout the constituency.  I was convinced he would win.

Then the disgraceful pamphlets perpetrated by some of Kash Heed's campaign workers (some of which were also delivered west of Fraser in Langara) virtually stole the election from Gabriel Yiu.  Now that the substance of the pamphlets has been firmly discredited, Gabriel deserves a second chance to win Vancouver-Fraserview for the NDP.  He is well-known in the community and can easily build a winning campaign.  He will be a hard-working NDP MLA and a strong representative for the people of Vancouver-Fraserview.”
Anita Romaniuk
COPE Park Board Commissioner (2002-2005)

“In May 2013, the NDP, for many reasons, is going to win in Vancouver-Fraserview. So do you want a strong voice for Vancouver-Fraserview in Victoria? Gabriel Yiu speaks with clarity and focus. His many articles are well researched and well written. Do you want to see an NDP MLA who combines a progressive voice and a business community background? Gabriel owns three flower shops in Vancouver and campaigns for social justice, democracy, planetary survival and peace. You want a local representative who lives here and who knows well and works with his local community organizations?  He will bring a great combination of skills and attributes to the MLA job. He’s tireless, ethical, thoughtful, smart, progressive, tough and most importantly in this day and age, kind.”
Jim Edmondson – Past-president Vancouver-Kensington NDP

“Gabriel Yiu has long impressed me as a forceful and committed spokesman for the NDP and as a tireless champion of progressive causes. He's well recognized in the community and widely respected. Gabriel is just the kind of energetic and articulate candidate the NDP needs to win Vancouver Fraserview.”
Stephen Phillips,
President, Vancouver Kingsway Federal NDP Riding Association /
Political Science Instructor, Langara College

“As president of Burnaby-Deer Lake NDP, I wish to join the many other NDP presidents and NDP members endorsing Gabriel Yiu as the NDP MLA candidate for Vancouver Fraserview.  There are many reasons why I believe he would be the best candidate. They are:
1.    Gabriel has served the NDP for many years and has done the most outstanding work in communicating NDP values and policy to the Chinese community throughout B.C.
2.    He also is one of the most articulate and powerful writers in both Chinese and English exposing the shabby Liberal record for what it truly is. More importantly, he is able to clearly communicate why the NDP would offer the best governance for the citizens of B.C.
3.    He is fearless and tenacious in exposing and condemning those members of the Liberal party who think they can lie and cheat their way to getting elected.  He also is unafraid to speak out against those Liberal policies that reward the very rich and corporations who want to propagate their selfish and greedy agenda at the expense of regular B.C. families. 
4.    Gabriel is a highly intelligent, warm and talented man.  He is an astute small businessman and communication expert who would bring considerable depth and experience to his next job as an NDP MLA.  Most importantly Gabriel exemplifies by his behavior the importance of decency and integrity in politics.”  
Dave Myles
President, Burnaby-Deer Lake NDP Riding Association President

“I am proud to support Gabriel Yiu as the Candidate for the next provincial election in Vancouver - Fraserview. Over the six years I have known him, Gabriel’s keen insights into government mismanagement of the economy,  pro-Liberal and pro-Conservative media bias, and political smoke and mirrors, and his  calls for political watchdogs like Elections BC to do their duty in holding politicians accountable all demonstrate his passion for fairness, and his talent for asking the right questions at the right time. Clearly Gabriel has earned the right to represent the voters of Vancouver Fraserview as their next MLA.”
Ren Morley, President, Surrey Tynehead NDP

“One of the things about Gabriel that I really like is that his writings make eminent sense regardless of what language they are written in, and fortunately in his case it is in several languages. But the main thing is he can make simple sense of complex issues, and he has proven to be insightful and progressive on a broad range of issues especially including business and government finances.”
John Twigg
Past President, North Island NDP Riding Association
Independent Journalist and former press secretary to Premier Dave Barrett

"Gabriel Yiu has all the qualities to be a great MLA for the community of Vancouver Fraserview and a star in the NDP caucus. His background in media and small business will provide the Party with some excellent resources. But most important is his commitment to people. Gabriel has demonstrated deep concern for organized community action all the while promoting greater
fairness and equal opportunity in society so that every citizen can reach their full potential." 
Joe Barrett
Long-time NDP organizer and activist
Federal NDP candidate in Skeena 1993

"Gabriel Yiu is a man of principle with a demonstrated commitment to social justice and to the community in which he lives and works. Given the disgraceful conduct of the BC Liberals in the 2009 election, the people of Vancouver Fraserview need and deserve a person of Gabriel's character to be their next representative in Victoria. Please join me in supporting this outstanding candidate."
Peter Prontzos
Federal NDP candidate White Rock, 2008
BC NDP candidate Vancouver Langara, 2001

“Gabriel Yiu has a great ability to bridge gaps between Canadians and immigrants from Hong Kong and China. This ability stems from his deep commitment to societal and family values, values that emphasize what people share rather than what divides them. His clarity and directness give his views the convincing ring of truth.”
Prof. Diane Lary, UBC department of history

“Gabriel has worked tirelessly as a progressive force in furthering understanding between Vancouver’s diverse cultural groupings. He writes well in both Chinese and English for the print media and is forceful and knowledgeable in both languages in the electronic media. He does not pull his punches and has exposed Liberal policies without fear. He worked hard to win in Fraserview and was denied by shabby tactics and dirty tricks. He deserves a second chance – and will win!”
Graham E Johnson
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of British Columbia

“The excessive regulation of Bill C-51 introduced by the Conservative government threatened the survival of the natural health products and Traditional Chinese Medicine profession.  Gabriel Yiu help organized the TCM practitioners in a successful fight back campaign that forced the government to reverse its decision.  I am very grateful to Mr. Yiu’s continuous effort to support the TCM profession.”
TCM Dr. Weidong Yu, former President of BC Qualified Acupuncturists & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association

“I was beaten by the Vancouver Police at my house in the middle of the night with no reason. In our most desperate time, it was Gabriel Yiu and his friends who have been helping my family. You can count on Gabriel to fight for you and your community’s interest.”
Yao-wei Wu, victim of police violence

“Gabriel is a well-known media commentator who has been an active and hardworking NDP member for many years. As an advisor for BC NDP, Gabriel has significantly helped the party to raise its profile in the Asian community. I am sure Gabriel can help us to win the riding of Vancouver-Fraserview. He will definitely make a great MLA.”
Katrina Chen
Community organizer

"This is just a short note to say that I believe you have done a remarkably good job in raising public awareness of some of the most important public policy issues facing British Columbia.  I have been particularly impressed by the work you have done to try to stop the incremental privatization of our electricity system.

You have systematically documented the current Government's mismanagement of BC Hydro and have warned of the huge liabilities ratepayers will face as a result of the government's policy of forcing BC Hydro to source its new electricity from private power developers.

For all these reasons I believe that you are well suited to be the next candidate for the NDP in your riding.”

John Calvert, Member of the board of Citizens For Public Power
Adjunct professor of Political Science, Simon Fraser University
Author of "Liquid Gold - Energy Privatization of British Columbia”

Stewart Phillip
BC Grand Chief

Anne Kang 安康禮
Burnaby City Councillor

Richard Chang 張境
Burnaby City Councillor

Allan Wong 黃偉倫
Vancouver School Trustee

Chak Au
Richmond School Trustee

Richard Kurland
National Executive Life Member, Canadian Bar Association (Immigration Section)

Prof. Johnson Chow 周士心
Scholar and painting master

Dr. Francis Ho 何仲偉醫生
Medical professor, philanthropist

Michael Chung 鐘政哲
Chair, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists of BC

Bill Chu 朱偉光
Founder of Canadians for Reconciliation

Thekla Lit 列國遠
Peace activist

Michael Cayetano
President, Chinese Mental Wellness Association of Canada
Treasurer, Multicultural Helping House

Jose Ong
Director, Multicultural Helping House

Charlie Wu 吳權益
Organizer, Vancouver Taiwanese Cultural Festival

Pius Chan 陳若虛
President of Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada

Helen Qian 錢華
Past President, Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations

Tatsuo Kage
Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadians Association Human Rights Committee

Rev Colin Kang 康榮發牧師

Michael Ng 吳明林
Senior journalist, founder of Fairchild Radio

Gigi Leung 詠琪
World renowned pop singer and actress

Ravinder Gill
BC NDP Vancouver-Fraserview candidate, 2005

Marg Nelson
Past President, Vancouver South NDP Riding Association

Frank Cosco
Treasurer, Vancouver South Federal NDP Riding Association

Les Brown
Past President, Vancouver Kensington NDP Riding Association

Andrew Walker
Treasurer, Vancouver-Kensington NDP Riding Association

Nancy Gayongala

Salinder Rana

Kulbir Singh Chawla

Tamara Marshall
Business agent TWU, parent of Champlain Annex student

Nestor Antonio

Ken Lee

Janet Andrew
PAC member IAM&AW LL764

Diane Kage

Jean Lawrence



Bill Tieleman said...

Bill Tieleman - Note to Kam Lee - I had to reject your comment on 2 grounds - description of a person and also because it appeared to refer to someone else - by accident I'm sure.

Here's what I can safely post:

"Mr Yiu is a man of honour, and would make a great MLA. ..... Time for an election there Cristy. I dare you. - Kam Lee."

Anonymous said...

Good grief Bill, as a "journalist" as some bloggers say you are, the best thing is just to stay out of these nomination meetings.

Yiu may be good, but this is more of getting back against Heed and his silly egomanic Fall Out Boy.

Is anyone else running against Yiu?

Bill Tieleman said...

If you read my post you would know who he is running against! I get into nominations all the time - endorsed Adrian Dix for BC NDP leader etc. I am an opinion columnist very part time - not a full time reporter.

Anonymous said...

Elections BC is just another lapdog of the BC Liberal Corruption Party.

Best of luck getting any justice down that road.

Anonymous said...

Elections BC is just another lapdog of the BC Liberal Corruption Party.

Best of luck getting any justice down that road

Sure. and what was Elections BC when the NDP was in power??

Anonymous said...

Sure. and what was Elections BC when the NDP was in power?? says Anon at 1:02pm

Well, the issue here is the BC Liberal Corruption party and their very own Kash Heed. So why are you trying to deflect? You can't come up with anything better than that?

DPL said...

seems to me that if Bill has a blog, he can support anyone he wants, and he has decided to support Gabrial Yui. And I might add, it seems a lot of others support Yui

Anonymous said...

seems to me that if Bill has a blog, he can support anyone he wants, and he has decided to support Gabrial Yui. And I might add, it seems a lot of others support Yui.

Its the NDP's fault! Its all the NDP's fault! Stop victimizing me NDP!!

Anonymous said...

So now that Gabriel Yiu has won this nomination (voting shows a bit of a low turnout, surely the riding association has far more than 225 members), it is time now to him show the voters that he is much more than a victim of the silliness with Heed.

Want to see far more deeply Yiu is in terms of subjects rather than focus on his 2009 outcome against Kash Heed. In other words, exactly how would Yiu represent his constituents? What would he do differently? What does he intend to do to work WITH and FOR constituents if he is elected? I mean every constituent, not just NDPers and the like.

I gather Bill here will win some PR work from Yiu, but not hoping too much that would happen. It shouldn't. Bill would be in a bit of a conflict, and so would Yiu.

Anonymous said...

"Well, the issue here is the BC Liberal Corruption party and their very own Kash Heed. So why are you trying to deflect? You can't come up with anything better than that"

The poster said previously:

Nove 4 1.02 PM:

"Elections BC is just another lapdog of the BC Liberal Corruption Party."

Elections BC has nothing to do with the BC Liberals OR any other political party's governance of the people.

It answers to the Legislature as a whole not to the BC Liberal government. In fact The NDPers on the committee to find a new Chief Returning Officer did not at any time indicate their opposition to the person being appointed. None.