Friday, November 14, 2014

Special endorsement of Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs

Bill Tieleman with Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs, Erin Coward
I have endorsed all of the Vision Vancouver candidates - from Mayor Gregor Robertson to the City Council councillors and School Board Chair Patti Bacchus and the Vision candidates and Park Board candidates.  I am confident they will do a fine job.

But I want to make a special endorsement of Vision Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs - because of the very nasty, defamatory and unfair attack he has been under from the Non-Partisan Association and mayoralty candidate Kirk LaPointe.

Politics is a tough game and I play and accept hardball.  Attack ads, negative campaigning and other challenges to your opponents are to be expected.

But accusing a sitting Councillor and the Mayor of "corruption" is below the belt.  And patently untrue.

Robertson and Meggs have filed a defamation lawsuit that has been discussed here previously in some detail and I won't rehash that.

What I will say is that Geoff Meggs does not deserve this attack and the negative publicity it has created.

I have known Geoff for over 30 years through our mutual work in the labour movement, progressive politics and important causes.  He is a person of integrity.

At Vancouver City Hall he has been a tireless worker for many issues, including improving public transit, the plight of low-income workers, the disadvantaged, homeless and those who often do not have a voice.   As BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair put it recently: "We need to have strong, clear voices that support working and middle class people on Vancouver city council.  Geoff Meggs is that guy."  

Geoff is also one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful and well-prepared politicians I've met at any level - he takes his job and responsibilities as an elected representative extremely seriously.

Regardless of your political persuasion, I encourage all Vancouver voters to keep Geoff Meggs on City Council - and to send a message that there must be limits to the attacks on public officials.



Anonymous said...

First, there's isn't any surprise here. Geoff Meggs was in the Clark government as was Bill here.

Second how do you explain Megg's presence at the union meeting.

"Contribution" is generally meant to mean financial and not tangible based on how one reads the word in a context.

Have yet to see any civic union supporting someone who is not NDP or from The Left.

Face facts. Go back to a phrase that was used by your BCGEU once.

"Vote to Protect your job".

Bill and Meggs have been NDP for decades and both supportered COPE and later Vision in addition to the long gone "Civic Independents" led by Mike Harcourt.

Anonymous said...

And that is corruption how, Anonymous? how is it different than meeting with the leaders of Kinder Morgsn? Or accepting money from a union busting local businessman?

Anonymous said...

Anon never said it was corruption. It is a bit not so odd that Meggs would meet with CUPE locals that are employees of the city.

Who says someone met with the leaders of Kinder Morgan? KM has no facilities within the city of Vancouver and the city does not have jurisdiction on ship movements in the harbour.

Vision accepted developer money.

Bill Tieleman said...

Congratulations to Geoff Meggs on being re-elected!!

Anonymous said...

No surprise there (this hugging between NDPers). The CUPE workers will also be happy happy.

DPL said...

Meggs does a good job for the folks in Vancouver no matter how hard anons try to discredit him, and the rest of the Vision group

Anonymous said...

What specifically has Meggs done in way of achievement for the City?

Other than support the idiotic concept of bike lanes downtown.

Does Meggs use the bike lanes himself? Does Bill?

Meaning this time of year, not in the middle of summer to pedal to Kits Beach.

Anonymous said...

Looks like DPL took a bit of time to think of a response.

Must have been a short circuit in memory caused by being overwhelmed of Vision winning over the NPA.

Not Anon DPL said...

Sorry for the delay in sending a comment that as usual you do your best to cut up. Both of my computers were down.
Vision, including Meggs will work hard for the citizens of Vancouver

Anonymous said...

"Sorry for the delay in sending a comment that as usual you do your best to cut up. Both of my computers were down."

It takes two computers to compose a message? How is it a "computer is down" and the message gets through anyway? Not even a nice try. Either that or a very slow means of thinking.

Obviously one's mind was short circuited because one could not handle the realization that Vision is a dictatorship over Vancouver once again.

"Vision, including Meggs will work hard for the citizens of Vancouver:

Yeh right they will. For the citizens that are CUPE and developers. No else matters.

DPL said...

Anon is at it again.My my, he or she can get nasty at times.
But the last post by her or him, and myself is really not much good to Bill's blog

Anonymous said...

"Anon is at it again.My my, he or she can get nasty at times.
But the last post by her or him, and myself is really not much good to Bill's blog"

DPL is right. If he would re-wire to prevent short circuiting like last time, we would be better off here at Bill's Whinery.